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Hoan Kiem District with the work of military recruitment

Being thoroughly aware of the position, meaning, and importance of  the work of military recruitment to the building of the people's armed forces and the all-people defence, over the past years, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, has developed several guidelines and measures for close and uniform leadership and direction in line with the characteristics of the area as the central district of the Capital to promote the overall power of the political system and people in fulfilling the task. Accordingly, the District has always completed the assigned military recruitment targets to ensure the observance of the Military Service Law, democracy, transparency, and fairness. The quality of recruits has been increasingly high. Since 2015, the rate of enlisted citizens having university, college, and vocational training degrees has reached an average of 72.8%. 100% of the recruits have been self-conscious and active in training without any cases of army desertion and discipline violation, that have been highly appreciated by receiving units and the Capital High Command.

To get such results, first of all, the District paid special attention to the work of leadership and direction that has been considered as the most important solution and prerequisite for military recruitment. At the same time, thoroughly grasping the Military Service Law, directives and instructions of the City People's Committee and the Capital High Command on recruitment and enlistment, the District Party Committee and the Military Service Council have issued leadership resolutions, while the District People's Committee has issued instructions and decisions to assign military recruitment targets to wards and direct the District Military Command to develop plans, issue guiding documents, and organise the implementation. Besides, the District has clearly assigned responsibilities and power to the Party commissioners and authorities at all levels and assigned the Party members to adhere to the grassroots, inspect, and urge the stages and steps of the military recruitment. The recruitment results have been taken as criteria for assessing the completion of political tasks of the collectives and leading officials. It has also regularly consolidated the Military Service Councils at all levels and promoted the operational efficiency and the role of the Fatherland Front Committee, departments, sectors, and unions, especially the central and core role of the District Military Command - the Military Service Council Standing Agency in participating in the advising, guiding, directing, and organising the implementation. Before every “recruiting season”, the District has directed the Military Command to organise training courses on guidelines, contents of instructions, procedures, and experience in the previous year's recruitment for relevant objects for uniform implement.

Youth of the district enlisted in 2020

Firmly grasping the characteristics of the locality, population situation, and quality of citizens, the District has promoted the propagation on the military recruitment via different forms and rich and vivid measures towards in-depth, practicality, and effectiveness. The propagation contents that are short and easy to understand have been focused on the main contents of the Military Service Law, entitlements and obligations of citizens concerning the task of protection of the Fatherland, glorious traditions of the People's Army and the People's Public Security, and regimes and policies enjoyed by soldiers and their families while in service or discharged from military service, etc. At the same time, the District has mobilised all forces to participate, launched peak propagation campaigns before and during recruiting seasons, delivered leaflets to every object, and integrated the contents of recruitment in the activities of agencies, organisations, unions, people's conferences, etc. Along with the direct propagation on military recruitment, the District has actively directed the propagation on the noble image of “Uncle Ho's soldiers” and organised for the recruits to visit historical relics, such as: National History Museum, Vietnam Military History Museum, … to indirectly educate and foster the spirit of patriotism and national pride and build motivation and civic responsibility, to encourage them to strive to become revolutionary soldiers. Through practical, appropriate measures, awareness and sense of responsibility of the Party committees, authorities, and people in the District for the implementation of the Military Service Law and the recruitment task have been changed clearly with increasingly number of young people voluntarily enlisting for military service.

Due to the local characteristics with households temporarily residing in other areas, while renting their permanent houses in the District for economic development, especially those in Hanoi Old Quarter and people who are often absent from home for working in different organisations, to perform well the recruitment work, the District has strictly maintained the steps in the recruitment process and directed wards to do a good job in registering sources for military service, especially the first-time and additional registration of citizens who have graduated from universities, colleges, and vocational schools to return to their residence. Under the motto of preventing unqualified citizens from entering the armed forces, the District has attached special importance to the review and selection work. It has directed the implementation of serious, public, fair, democratic, and lawful steps at all three levels. The list of citizens eligible for enlistment and those eligible for temporary exemption or suspension of obligations have been announced and publicly posted at their neighbourhood to avoid negative phenomenon and create confidence and high consensus among the people.

Implementing the goal of recruiting proper objects, along with reviewing and carefully assessing the standards of political quality, ethics, and qualifications, the District has paid special attention to the health examination work. The District-level Military Health Examination Council has been carefully selected and provided with the best facilities and equipment. Before organising the recruitment examination, the Council has conducted training on the contents, methods, and plans to strictly observe the regulations on military recruitment and enlistment. Therefore, the health examination work has been conducted strictly and seriously to ensure accuracy, objectivity, and quality. Over the years, the District’s recruits have had no cases of being disqualified for health reasons. All cases of using measures and tricks to cheat or evade obligations have been discovered.

To perform well the military recruitment work, the District has also paid attention to the army rear policy. The wards have organised task groups with a full range of members from Military agencies, Fatherland Front, Veterans, Women's Union, Youth Union, ... to meet and mentally and physically encourage families and enlisted citizens and held exchange activities and meetings to present gifts or commend etc. The District has also coordinated with agencies and businesses to encourage and commit to receive citizens after completing their military service duty to return to work, that has created spiritual motivation for citizens to join the army with peace of mind. On the other hand, the District has directed the functional forces, especially the Judiciary and the Public Security to handle violations of the Military Service Law to improve the effectiveness of education and deterrence and ensure fairness in fulfilling citizen obligations. At the same time, it has done well the preparation and organisation of the recruit handover ceremony to ensure solemnity and build confidence, honor, pride, and sense of responsibility for all classes of people, especially the young generations for the task of protecting the Fatherland.

The results are also the experiences in the selection and enlistment of citizens that have been implemented by Hoan Kiem District to strive to successfully complete the military recruitment work in soldiers in 2021, contributing to improving the quality of recruits and making achievements to welcome the 13th Congress of the Party.

PHAM TUAN LONG, Chairman of the District People's Committee

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