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General Department of Technology following Uncle Ho’s instructions on weapon and equipment management and exploitation

Thoroughly grasping President Ho Chi Minh’s viewpoint on building the Vietnam People’s Army: Manpower first, weapons later the two are main factors that build up our Army’s combat strength; manpower is decisive while weapons and equipment are very important

They do not see the wood for the trees

Basing on information about limitations and weaknesses of our economy in 2016, a number of people deliberately attribute them to the Party’s economic guidelines. This is an unilateral fallacy with evil plots

Vietnam National Assembly and the cause of strengthening national defence and Homeland protection in the new situation

Over the past 71 years, standing side by side with the nation as the supreme representative agency of the People and the most powerful state organ of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the National Assembly has ceaselessly grown and matured, contributing significantly to the national liberation cause as well as the present cause of national construction and defence.

Ho Chi Minh researching style – content and value

Ho Chi Minh’s researching style is one part of his style manifested in his thinking and writing, and most importantly, his practicing in reality. His conducting research style represented a process starting from rational awareness, conceiving the ideological and theoretical values of the previous generations to form his theses and apply them reasonably into practice.

Lao People’s Army - a credible force of the Lao State - a reliable friend of the Vietnam People’s Army

Sharing the same goals and requirements of Indochina’s revolution and the viewpoint “Indochina is one battlefield”, Pathet Lao troops always fought shoulder to shoulder with Vietnamese volunteer soldiers during the struggle against colonialism and imperialism to gain and maintain national independence and freedom

Nha Trang to host 2017’s first APEC Senior Officials Meeting
The first Senior Officials’ Meeting of APEC (SOM1) and related meetings in 2017 will be organised in Nha Trang city, the south central province of Khanh Hoa, from February 18 to March 3

Vietnam’s tsunami warning system

Vietnam’s tsunami warning system

According to scientists, tsunami is a series of extremely huge waves originated from seabed caused by earthquake and huge geological movement (volcanic eruption, collision among oceanic crusts, etc.). When tsunami wave is offshore, the waveheight is rather low, but the wavelength is extremely long, possibly hundreds of kilometres