Be proactive in preventing and controlling natural disasters in the new situation

Vietnam is among the countries heavily impacted by climate change and natural disasters. Thus, importance has been attached to natural disaster prevention and control by the Party, the State, sectors and forces to make contribution to stabilizing people’s life and the country’s development

The role of the “three-type armed force” in the August 1945 General Uprising

During the August 1945 General Uprising, in spite of being infant force, the “three-type armed force” clearly performed the role as the vanguard that led and strongly supported the masses in the revolution

Speeding up the Strategy for Education and Training Development in the Military

The Strategy for Education and Training Development in Vietnam’s People’s Army (VPA) for the period of 2011-2020 has been realized for two-thirds of the total time and recorded fundamental achievements. On such a basis, the whole military will continue to strive for the fulfillment of designated goals, making contributions to building the VPA and safeguarding the Fatherland in the new era

The military’s active participation in production activities and economic development in line with the Party’s lines (*)

Participation in production activities and economic development to contribute to national socio-economic development represents a fundamental function of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA), strongly reflecting its nature and traditions. Over the past 70 years, under the Party’s leadership, on top of effectively fulfilling its functions as “an army ready for fighting and work”, the VPA has actively performed its function as “an army ready for production”

Successfully implementing the work of invalids, martyrs, revolutionary contributors and the military rear policy

President Ho Chi Minh once told us that “Invalids and families of soldiers and martyrs are the persons having meritorious service to the Homeland and the people. Thus, we must be grateful for, love and assist them”

Building a combative and humanistic journalism
At present, Viet Nam has more than 18,000 journalists who received the press cards, working in nearly 900 press agencies, including: printed newspapers, online newspapers, and broadcasting agencies, etc. With numerous volume of information in Vietnamese and foreign languages, their articles and news have become lethal weapons of the Party on the ideological and cultural fronts in the revolutionary cause.