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Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company improves production and business capacity

Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Limited Liability Company (Z173 Factory) is a military enterprise, under the General Department of Defence Industry, being tasked with building and repairing military ships for national defence missions; shipbuilding for domestic and foreign enterprises; importing and exporting materials and equipment for shipbuilding; and producing metal structures.

Inaurugation ceremony of the TT400 patrol vessel for the Coast Guard

During its production and business process, besides the favourable conditions, the Company faces many difficulties and challenges. To cope with this situation, the Party Committee, Board of Directors decided to focus on technological innovation, production expansion, human resource development, and process synchronisation to reduce costs; moving from building small tonnage ships to large ones, from simple ships to complex ones; from river ships to marine vessels. In addition to short-term products, the Company focuses on researching, proposing and introducing medium and long-term products, especially the serial products in accordance with the demand of the units; regularly pays attention to developing repair products. In addition to maintaining defence products, the Company also focuses on developing economic products, in which priority is given to selecting reputable and reliable partners for long-term cooperation. As a result, the Company has not only overcome difficulties and challenges, but also gradually improved production and business capacity; its annual output and turnover exceed the target, ensuring safety in all aspects; its employees’ life and job were guaranteed and improved day by day. The company has become one of the market leaders in the country's military and shipbuilding industry. Many topics of the Company participated and won prizes, such as: the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Awards (WIPO Awards), the VIFOTEC Award, the Creative Youth Award in the Army, etc. For many consecutive years, the Company’s Party Committee was rated clean and strong, and the Company was rated comprehensive strong. With the past 55 years' achievements, the Company was awarded the title of Labor Hero in the Doi Moi Period (2000), Hero of the People's Armed Forces (2014), First Class Independence Medal (year 2020), Second Class Independence Medal (2010), First Class Victory Medal (2020), Third Class Labor Medal (2016) and many other noble awards.

Achieving the above results, first of all, the Party Committee of the Company always attaches great importance to improving the leadership and direction capacity of the party committees and commanders at all levels for the task of production and business. The Party Committee of the Company focuses on consolidating and improving leadership capacity, fighting strength of all levels of party organisations in accordance with its structure and payroll and put all production and business activities under the close, comprehensive and unified direction and leadership of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors, the Party Committee, the heads of the departments, factories, the workshops; focuses leadership on implementing two breakthroughs: “Increasing the proportion of exported products, improving economic production efficiency” and “Improving the efficiency of corporate governance”. Promote political and ideological education, make officials, employees, and labourers fully aware of, and highly agree on the policy of arranging and converting the operating model of the Company. Thoroughly grasping the above directives and resolutions, directly: Resolution No. 520-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission on “Leading the task of production and economic and defence combination in the Army to 2020”; Resolution No. 425-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission “On arrangement, renewal and improvement of the operational efficiency of Military enterprises to 2020 and beyond”; Conclusion No. 299-KL/ĐU of the Party Committee of the General Department of Defence Industry “On continuing to implement the Thematic Resolution on stable leadership and quality improvement of defence production”, ... Party Committee and Board of Directors of the Company have adopted many guidelines and measures of leadership and direction to consolidate the organizational structure; transform the management mechanism; develop production and business strategies; implement investment projects to improve production capacity; market expansion and research; brand products suitably and effectively; well implementing the view of combining defence with economy, economy with defence, considering defence production as a central political task, economic production as an important task, the Company prioritizes resources on successfully completing defence production tasks. At the same time, it sets out sound orientations, targets, solutions for efficient economic production in accordance with the State law and the regulations of the Ministry of National Defence in production and business activities.

In order to improve its competitiveness and product quality, the Company enhances investment, technology innovation, modernisation of equipment, and encourages technical innovation; promotes initiative and creativity of leaders and commanders at all levels; actively mobilises resources and invests in the construction of synchronous and advanced infrastructure, equipment, and production lines; timely ensure technical documents and technology for production; efficiently exploits and applies technological softwares in production to improve production capacity; applies new modular construction to save construction time and improve product quality; perfects and puts into operation weapon workshops to build new artillery ships. The company strives to be capable of building and repairing warships and transport ships with large tonnage by 2025.

The movement of promoting initiative and technical innovation has been actively responded by its staff. In the period 2010 - 2020, the Company has applied nearly 500 topics, solutions and initiatives into production, bringing about high economic efficiency. Many topics were awarded at the State level, won the VIFOTEC Second Prize and the WIPO Third Prize. Notably, the Company has proposed to the Ministry of National Defence and the General Department of Defence Industry to implement the plan of not transferring technology, only buying preliminary designs from Russia and Ukraine, the factory will build the technological integrated design for weapon and equipment on board, thereby contributing to shortening production time and saving nearly 10 million USD for the National Defence budget.

Trial cruise of the company's cargo ship

Diversifying products, building a sensitive and flexible market development strategy, improving professionalism and efficiency in business management are general development trends of businesses when participating in the market economy. Therefore, the Company promotes trade promotion; market research and development; diversifies economic products; prices its products appropriately, especially its exports; mobilises collective strength in marketing, promoting and searching for products at home and abroad; actively selects products in accordance with technological capacity; diversifies products for domestic and export ships; attaches importance to building new types of ships with high technology and economic value, suitable to the trend of international economic integration; drastically implements solutions to improve quality, reduce the cost of economic products and export to improve their competitiveness and the ability to respond to market circumstances; focuses on copyright and trademark of export products; constantly improves the system of regulations, mechanisms and policies; drastically applies information technology to management, administration and supervision of the unit's activities; restructures the functions and duties of some departments, enterprises, and workshops; at the same time, applying many specialised methods of organisation and production to improve efficiency and reduce management costs, such as: applying the European-standard ISO 9001:2015 quality management system; promoting administrative reform and maintaining the good implementation of the 5S - Kaizen Program; the ISO 14001 environmental management program; occupational health and safety management system according to OHSAS 18001 standards, etc. The company constantly takes care of and improves the material and spiritual life of its staff, making them enthusiastic and committed to the unit.

The quality of human resources is decisive to the existence and development of an enterprise. Therefore, the Party Committee of the Company synchronously deployed many solutions to develop high-quality human resources to meet the task requirements. Strictly complying with Resolution No. 1204-NQ/ĐU, dated November 15, 2019 of the Party Committee of the General Department of Defence Industry on “Leadership to build a contingent of cadres, especially the heads of agencies and units and leading staff in engineering and technology to meet the requirements of the mission in a new situation”, the company thoroughly makes plan for personnel development in order to nurture the next generations of cadres; promptly consolidates the contingent of commanding and managerial cadres at all levels; proposes to mobilize, recruit and select technical staffs specialised in shipbuilding and skillful managerial staffs to meet the requirements of both short and long terms; offers favourable regimes and policies to attract, recruit and retain good staffs; encourages the self-study movement to improve professional qualifications and skills; regularly organises management training courses to improve skills for the contingent of cadres, engineers and workers; promotes contests, sports festivals, together with the emulation movement of “Excellent and creative labourer” in all sectors and trades. Up to date, most of the company's officers, engineers and workers have been trained in prestigious and qualified schools inside and outside the Army. This staff has been promoting well their capabilities, meeting the requirements of sustainable development, enhancing the production and business capacity of the Company.

With the spirit of initiative, creativity, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility and the will to rise, in the coming time, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company will continue to strive to improve its production and business capacity; steadily develop, affirm its brand name, contributing to the cause of building and defending the Fatherland.

Senior Colonel TRAN THE SON, Secretary of the Party Committee and  President of the Company

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