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Division 2 promotes exemplar in observing military regulations and regularity

Regularity is an important factor that creates the combat power and overall quality and contributes to building a comprehensively strong unit. Practice shows that the more strictly the regularity building is led, directed, and organized, the better results of the unit's task performance are and vice versa. Recognizing that, the Party Committee and commanders of the Infantry Division 2, Military Region 5, have determined that building an exemplary Division in terms of military regulations and regularity is an important, basic, and urgent task. Therefore, the Division has focused on promoting the building of regularity and acting on military regulations with multiple practical and effective solutions.

The starting point to create a breakthrough in building an exemplary Division in terms of military regulations and regularity is to raise awareness and sense of responsibility of the Party committees and commanders at all levels as a premise to change those of cadres and soldiers for the work. With the determination to make a fundamental change in the observance of disciplines and regularity building, the Division Party Committee and commanders have discussed the issue at several meetings and conferences to find remedies and assigned each Party commissioner to be responsible for surveying and monitoring the situation and characteristics of tasks of each agency and unit to identify objectives, directions, and solutions in leadership and direction. The Division Party Committee and commanders have also directed agencies and units to thoroughly grasp resolutions, directives, plans, guidelines, and regulations of the Ministry of Defense, Military Region 5, and Division on regularity building as a basis for effective implementation of education to raise awareness and sense of responsibility for subordinate cadres and soldiers. The Division has built and implemented plans to disseminate the superiors’ documents, including: Circular No.16/2020/TT-BQP issued on February 21st, 2020 by the Minister of Defense regulating the application disciplinary forms and order, procedures, validity, duration, and competence for discipline handling within the Ministry of Defense; Directive No.07/CT-TM issued on March 10th, 2020 by the General Chief of Staff on the implementation of the “Discipline Year 2020” within the Army; Directive No.271/CT-BTL issued on March 8th, 2012 by the Military Region Commander on the implementation of the “Five exemplariness in Military Regulations and Regularity”, etc.

Division's commandant inspects the observance of technical day regulation

The Division Party Committee and commanders have request the Party committees and organizations at all levels to determine the building of exemplary units in terms of military regulations and regularity as a central content of the resolutions on leading the performance of annual, quarterly, monthly tasks, of which it is required to assess the true situation and identify guidelines and measures to closely follow the practices to concentrate on resolving the weak stages and aspects. Every individual in charge should be assigned and attached with responsibility, and the results of the work should be taken as criteria for evaluating cadres and Party members and commenting for emulation and commendation. At the same time, the inspection and supervision of the Party committees and commanders at all levels should be strengthened, while cadres and soldiers who still lack the sense of training and sense of responsibility in task performance should be strictly regulated and critiqued in front of the collectives. As a result, the awareness and sense of responsibility of the Party committees and commanders at all levels on the building of exemplary units in terms of military regulations and regularity have been raised, creating an unity in the awareness, action and effective implementation.

As regularity building is always closely linked to the military regulations, the training of military regulations, strict maintenance of daily and weekly regular regimes and rules of the day, and correction of the military manners and etiquettes have been paid much attention by the Party committees and commanders at all levels. In training of military regulations, the Division has determined that “Training must be in parallel with exemplariness”, and it must start from the smallest things, such as: addressing, greetings, dressing, etc. to create a solid change in building an image of cadres and soldiers of the exemplary and regular Division in the new period. Agencies and units have built and maintained regular rules and practices from arranging orderly neat accommodation and working places to unifying the training contents, programs, and methods and soldier management as well as well performed soldier training in a comprehensive way. Along with that, the Division has also focused on promoting the military administrative reform and exemplariness in the observance of resolutions and directives of the Army and the State laws, in the implementation of the Soldier Management Regulations and the Military Orders, and in the advisory, training, and combat readiness associated with learning and following Ho Chi Minh thoughts, morality, and style.

However, for the contents and measures in building an exemplary Unit in terms of military regulations and regularity to be truly effective, every individual must hold a high sense of self-awareness. Therefore, the Division has attached great importance to promoting the role of orientation and modeling responsibility of the cadres and Party members in observing disciplines, regulations, and rules of the units. Cadres and Party members must not only commanders and leaders at work but also instructors and brothers of the soldiers in daily life. The proper direction, education, and orientation of the Party committee members and commanders at all levels are the basis for the soldiers to voluntarily act on the military regulations. In particular, importance should be attached to educating and orienting the soldiers in important times, such as new recruit training, out-of-barrack task performance, mass mobilization, etc. so that they can be proactive and self-conscious in overcoming difficulties and preserving the qualities “Uncle Ho's Soldiers” and the image of the Division 2 soldiers. The Division commanders have directed agencies and units to regularly organize and maintain the activities in all aspects to form a regular habit and solid way of life for the soldiers. An important factor that positively influences the soldiers’ sense of self-awareness to act on military regulations is the exemplariness in all aspects of cadres, especially their personality, competence, lifestyle, and working style, etc. To achieve that, the Division has strictly implemented the working and training regimes under the unified plans and decentralized responsibilities and required each cadre and Party member to cultivate and train themselves and build strong political stuff, ethical qualities, clean and capable lifestyle to have increasingly high qualifications and exemplariness in terms of military regulations and regularity, and sense of organization and discipline and to be close to the units.

Regularity building is also the building of cultural values ​​with specific characteristics of military activities in performing tasks and promoting the tradition of the Division. Therefore, the Division has always attached great importance to building a cultural environment that is regular and acting on military regulations. The rules on costumes, squad formation, addressing, greeting, etiquettes ...have been strictly maintained to create a unity in the unit. Along with disseminating and propagating laws, ordinances, and military regulations of the Army under the defined political learning military regulation training programs, agencies and units have combined flexibly and creatively political activities and other forms of propaganda for the soldiers to grasp and understand the beauty of the observance of military regulations and implementation of regularity. The Division commanders have directed that the education and dissemination of regularity building, the training and practice of military regulations, and discipline education must be conducted regularly and continuously in association with all activities of the soldiers. The role of mass organizations and military councils in the implementation of military regulations, rules, and regular rules must be promoted with diversified topics suitable to the characteristics of each agency and unit. Thanks to that, cadres and soldiers have been always self-conscious in regularity building and discipline training at anytime and in anywhere. The implementation of military regulations, rules, and the military manners has become the daily routine of each soldier.

The above results are the prerequisite and important motivations for the cadres and soldiers to continue their efforts to build the Division 2, Military Region 5, to be exemplary in terms of military regulations and regularity to fulfill the political tasks in the new situation.

Senior Colonel PHAN VAN TUAN,  Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Division

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