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Chemistry Corps promotes innovation to improve training quality

After 5 years of implementing Resolution No.765-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission on "Improving the training quality in the period of 2013-2020 and beyond", the order and quality of the Chemistry Corps' training work have remarkably been improved. That is an important premise for the Corps to continue innovating to improve the quality of implementing the Resolution in the coming time, meeting the requirements and tasks of building the Corps and protecting the Fatherland.

Recognizing the particularly important role of the training in the improvement of the overall quality and combat power of the Corps, since the Central Military Commission’s issuance of Resolution No.765-NQ/QUTW, the Corps Party Commission has promoted collective intelligence in building Resolution No.174-NQ/ĐU on “Improving the training quality in the period of 2013-2020 and beyond”. At the same time, it has directed the Party committees and organizations, agencies, units, and schools within the Corps to thoroughly communicate Resolution No.765-NQ/QUTW and Resolution No. 174-NQ/ĐU to all cadres and soldiers. In the positive, proactive, and creative spirit, agencies, units, and schools within the Corps have endeavored to overcome all difficulties to complete the targets, requirements, and tasks of training combat readiness. Notably, the awareness of the Party committees, commanders, cadres, and soldiers of agencies and units on the training task has been raised, while the direction, management, and administration of training activities have been conducted closely, uniformly, and scientifically with innovated contents, organization forms, and training and drill methods. The agencies and units have strictly observed the military work orders of the Chief of the General Staff, the training orders of the Corps Commander and have adhered to the motto of “Basic, practical, and solid” to do well the preparation work and training practice. The quality of the division training and capacity of commanding organization and combat coordination of the commanders and agencies have been improved. In particular, the units have focused on combining training with performing the tasks of counter-terrorism, hazardous toxic and radiative environment treatment, post-war toxic residual processing, environmental detoxication, disease prevention, etc. In 2019, the Corps organized a drill on cross-border nuclear radiation incident response and participated in monitoring, analyzing and effectively handling the fire and environmental pollution at Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask Joint Stock Company and COVID-19 prevention and control exercises, etc. which was highly appreciated by the Prime Minister and local Party committees, authorities, and people.

Maj. Gen. Cu inspects preparation of troops before training

To promote the achieved results and overcome limitations and shortcomings to further improve the training quality in the spirit of Resolution No.765-NQ/QUTW, in the coming time, the Corps Party Committee and High Command advocate to promote the comprehensive innovation of training with a focus on renewing the contents, programs, and organizations of training methods and chemical drills and incorporate combat readiness training with task execution, ... to create a breakthrough in overall quality and combat power of the Corps.

Due to the specific nature of operation in hazardous environments containing toxic radioactive, and nuclear chemicals with potentially high exposure, to improve the quality of training, the Corps has attached importance to the innovation and improvement of leadership and direction capacity the Party committees and commanders at all levels for the task of training and combat readiness. The agencies and units, firstly the Party committees and commanders, have continued to thoroughly grasp the Party's defense and military views and lines as well as the resolutions and directives of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of Defense on the training work, especially Conclusion No.60-KL/TW issued on 18/01/2019 by the Central Military Commission on continuing the implementation of Resolution No.765. On that basis, the political and ideological education and task grasping have been strengthened to create a stronger transformation in awareness and sense of responsibility of cadres and soldiers. The whole Corps has agreed on the concepts that training is a central and regular political task under the leadership and direct guidance of the Party committees, commanders, and political commissars at all levels; training is not only to meet the requirements of the tasks of combat readiness to firmly defend the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Fatherland, but also to fulfill the functions and tasks of the Army in peacetime, be ready to deal with non-traditional security challenges; and improving the training quality is the responsibility of all organizations, cadres, and soldiers.

Along with that, the Corps has strengthened the implementation of the 4th Central Resolution (the 12 Tenure) on Party building and rectification, focusing on building clean and strong Party committees and organizations at all levels as a basis for strengthening the effectiveness of leadership and direction of the training work. Especially, basing on the results and experience drawn from the preliminary review of five years of implementation of Resolution No.765, the Party committees and commanders of agencies, units, and schools have quickly renewed their thinking in leadership and direction of the training work; focused on breaking through key and new issues and weak stages and dimensions; and resolutely overcome manifestations of leadership laxity, hardship deterrence, and "credit-driven practice” in training. At the same time, they have continued renovating and improving the quality of Party and political work in training and promoting the emulation movement on building “Good training units” associated with the Determination-to-Win Emulation movement to improve the quality of training and drills.

From the practice of building and defending the Fatherland, the functions and tasks of the Chemistry Corps have highly developed with new and modern vehicles and weapons. To meet the requirements of tasks, the Corps has strengthened the innovation of contents, programs, organization, and methods of training and drills. Based on the directions, goals, and requirements of Resolution No.765-NQ/QUTW, military work orders of the Chief of the General Staff, and the functions and duties assigned, the agencies and units have continued researching and perfecting the Project on innovating and improving the training quality, focusing on improving the capacity of commanding organization, directions, and incident response techniques for the subjects, especially the commanding officers who directly perform the task of toxic and radioactive chemical rescue, and specialized training for the task forces (Counter-Terrorism Company, Center for Emergency Response to Toxic, Radioactive, Nuclear, and Environmental Remediation) to be the core forces, capable of handling complex situations nationwide and ready to participate in regional and international tasks when required.

To make a comprehensive transformation and improve solid training quality, the Corps has continued renovating the mechanism of leadership, management, and direction of training towards "concentration, unification synchronism, and effectiveness without overlapping" through orders, plans, and a system of documents on directing and guiding the annual training work, promoting training decentralization, and assigning the responsibilities of agencies and commanders at all levels in advising, directing, and administering the training work. The General Staff, directly the Military Training Department, has closely followed the units' tasks and training instructions and actively cooperates with the functional agencies to direct, administer, and guide the training work within the entire force. It has also promoted the innovation of inspection organization forms and methods towards increasing unexpected inspection to substantially assess the training results and promptly draw experience and take measures to overcome limitations and strive to complete training contents and programs with the highest quality and efficiency.

Along with the contents and solutions above, the Corps has also focused on improving the quality of work of training assurance with a focus on researching and perfecting the system of training documents and curriculum, especially documents on training organization and methods, weapons, and equipment; promoting planning and investing in construction investment and upgrading of general mockup training fields, specialized multi-functional classrooms, and mobile specialized classrooms at counter-terrorism units; and investing in purchasing new training equipment and simulation software to meet the requirements of training tasks of the Corps.

Major General HA VAN CU, Commander of the Corps

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