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146th Brigade’s Party Committee leading the enhancement of combat readiness

146th Brigade, under the 4th Naval Region, is tasked with remaining combat readiness and protecting the waters and islands of the Spratly Islands in their areas of operation. In recent years, the East Sea situation has been seeing complications hence its mission has become more challenging. Fully aware of the situation and its assigned tasks, the Party Committee and Command of the Brigade have deeply grasped the strategic policies to protect the Fatherland of the Party, the State, Directives and orders of the superiors and focused on leadership, direction and comprehensive implementation of its duties with a view to building an all-strong unit, in which emphasis is placed on improving its combat strength, combat readiness in all situations, firmly protecting the sovereignty over the sacred sea and islands of the Fatherland.

Implementing field training

First of all, the Party Committee and Command of the Brigade lead the building of a politically strong unit, serving as the basis and premise for improving its combat readiness level and capability. To realise this goal, the Brigade focuses on building organisations, especially the party organisation, pure and strong, and a contingent of high-quality staff to meet the requirements of the mission. Basing on the Resolution No. 5863-NQ/ĐU, dated July 8, 2008 of the Party Committee of the Navy on improving the comprehensive leadership capacity, the combat strength of the party grassroots organisations and the quality of the cadres and Party members, Party Committee of the Brigade attaches special importance to building party organisations; regularly consolidating committees and the command organisations at all levels. In particular, the Brigade focuses on fostering Party members who are qualified and capable cadres for the Party organisations and units performing important tasks, especially those operating on the islands. In addition, the Party committees at all levels always attach great importance to the management of cadres and party members, linking the work of political and ideological education with the work of fostering and training. The Brigade Party Committee also strengthens its leadership in the implementation of internal political protection, military secret preservation, etc. Thereby, the leadership and fighting strength of organisations, especially party organisations, in combat readiness, are strengthened.

With the attention of the Party, State, all levels, branches and the entire people, over the past time, there have been investments in the unit and islands, enhancing its defensive and combat readiness capabilities and improving significantly its troop’s living conditions. However, its area of operation is large; most of the units are stationed and operate on the islands of the Spratly in extremely harsh environmental conditions, requiring high alert level; its officers and soldiers stay far from their families for long time span; the developments on the field are complicated with potential unexpected and unpredictable factors. Therefore, to meet the requirements of the mission, the Brigade focuses on strengthening political and ideological education to make the officers, soldiers and people on the islands always have proper awareness of the situation, tasks, and build political steadfastness, and eager to sacrifice for firmly protecting the sovereignty of sea and islands of the Fatherland in any circumstances. The Brigade’s Party Committee and Command have focused on improving the efficiency of party work, political work; opened classes and briefing to make its troops thoroughly grasp the views, undertakings, policies and measures to handle situations on the sea and islands in accordance with the views of the Party and State, and increase information briefing for the army and people so that they are fully aware of the situation, objects, partners, enemy’s intrigues and tricks. In addition to education and propaganda, the Brigade promotes the Determine to Win Emulation movement, the Campaign of “Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, deserving Uncle Ho's soldiers - Naval soldiers”, to motivate and encourage cadres and soldiers to strive to overcome all difficulties, stick firmly to the front line, and be ready to receive and accomplish all assigned tasks, deserve the trust of the people nationwide.

Training is the central permanent political task, an important measure, directly raising the combat level and ability of the unit. Realising that, the Brigade’s Party Committee and Command focus on leading, directing to promote its training and discipline management to maintain high combat readiness in all situations, not to be left passive and unexpected. Over the past years, the brigade has thoroughly grasped and strictly implemented the resolutions and orders of combat training of the Region and the Navy, and has worked out many guidelines and measures to improve its training quality. Adhering to the training motto of “basic, practical, solid”, the Brigade actively innovates the contents, training methods, performs comprehensive and intensive training, takes practice as the core, closely follows the combat plan, “take the battlefield as its training field”, take the task of firmly protecting the Truong Sa seas and islands as the training target. In order to improve the combat level and ability on remote islands, the Brigade directs and organises its units to focus training on independent combat and combat in difficult conditions in terms of forces, weapons and supplies; at the same time, training is also aimed to make its troops proficient in new and modern weapons, technical equipment, joint-force combat in modern combat environment and in the sea and island defence posture. In particular, basing on the prescribed programs and plans, the brigade focuses on training the plans to counter the enemy's secret ambushes and land attacks on islands, to meet practical requirements. At the same time, it actively directs the association of training with contests and sports festivals. Therefore, in the past 5 years, 100% of the results of its annual training tests are satisfactory, in which 80-85% are good and very good; over 80% of live-firing results are good and very good with absolute safety, which was highly appreciated by the superiors.

Together with training, the Brigade attaches importance to building the regularity order and discipline management. Thoroughly grasping and implementing the directives and instructions of higher echelons on regularity building and discipline training, and directly Decision No. 3535/CT-BTL-HQ of the Commander of the Navy on strengthening troop management, regularity building and safety assurance; Regulation No. 911/QC-V4 of the Commander of 4th Naval Region on ensuring safety for troop operating on the Spratly Islands, the brigade strictly maintains discipline, especially the regulation on combat readiness; at the same time, promoting the propaganda and implementation of the “Legal Day” order for all subjects. 100% of its troops are required to write commitment to strictly abide by the law and disciplines prior to their deployment to the islands. Games and group activities are held at weekends; activities on sea are registered and managed strictly; One seminar entitled “Youth of the 146th Brigade with the law, discipline and traffic culture” was held, thereby making its officers and soldiers fully aware of and raising their responsibility in strictly observing the law, discipline and orders of their commanders.

The brigade leads and directs the strict observance of combat readiness regulations at all levels; in which, units on the islands are required to actively cooperate with relevant forces, strictly conduct observation and watch, forecast, early detect, and grasp all moves and activities of foreign ships to promptly advise and report to headquarters at all levels, not to be left passive and surprised, and not to be tempted by provocations; handle accurately, promptly, effectively in accordance with military foreign policy, sea policy to contribute to maintaining national sovereignty, peaceful environment in the areas of the Spratly Islands. At the same time, it conducts practice of combat plans thoroughly; ensures smooth, timely, accurate, confidential, and safe communication, serving the leadership and direction of commanders at all levels.

Besides the above solutions, the Party Committee of the 146th Brigade focuses on leading the implementation of logistics and technical supply; attaches importance to receiving and exploiting logistics supplies for units on the islands, maintaining the synchronicity of weapons and technical equipment, ensuring that the units have enough combat strength and are ready to fight in all situations, firmly protecting the country’s sovereignty over the sea and islands of the Spratly Islands.

 Colonel Luong Xuan Giap, Brigade’s Political Commissar

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