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The Party Organisation of the Coast Guard Reconnaissance Unit No.1 focuses on leading the Unit to successfully fulfil the task

The Reconnaissance Unit No.1 (hereafter the Unit) is a specialised one under the Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG) Command. In recent years, under the direct leadership and direction of VCG’s Party Committee and Command, with the coordination and assistance of agencies and units inside and outside the Military, the Unit has well performed its assigned functions and tasks, provided numerous pieces of important news for commanders of the VCG, and actively fought against crimes and violations of law at sea, thereby contributing to maintaining the Motherland’s maritime security and sovereignty.

However, in the waters under the Unit’s responsibility and related areas, foreign fishing vessels have been accelerating their activities of sovereignty infringement and illegal fishing. Besides, crime rates, smuggling, trade frauds and violations of law have intensified together with increasingly cunning artifices. Meanwhile, the Unit’s technical equipment and facilities for reconnaissance are still limited. There is a lack of staff members in charge of reconnaissance together with a big gap in cadres’ and personnel’s qualifications. Therefore, the Unit’s Party Committee and Command have proposed measures to promote internal strength, cope with difficulties, and successfully fulfil the assigned tasks.

First of all, the Unit well performs the reconnaissance task to firmly grasp the situation at sea. Based on higher echelons’ resolutions, directives and instructions, the Unit’s Party Committee and Command issue leadership resolutions, develop plans and synchronously implement specialised measures in accordance with the Unit’s characteristics and tasks. Forces and means of transport are organised to collect, verify, evaluate and recap the situation at sea, especially the operation of foreign ships, crimes and violations in the Unit’s areas and surrounding waters. Simultaneously, the Unit maintains close collaboration with other forces, including the Navy, the Border Guard Force, the Customs, and provincial police offices in exchanging information, grasping the situation, and promptly detecting violations of political security and sovereignty as well as operation of foreign fishing and exploration ships. Coordination is also encouraged to collect information, make general and thematic reports, give advice and proposals to effectively handle situations, especially in key points, and ensure maritime security and safety1.

Cooperating with the PCO3 Office of Hai Phong Municipal Public Security Department in the case of illegal transportation of 30 containers of copper ore

Moreover, the Unit’s Party Committee exercises its leadership over the fight against crimes and violations of law at sea. To this end, the Unit attaches great importance to improving basic investigation techniques and closely cooperating with other forces in getting hold of criminal activities, smuggling, trade fraud, and fake and illegal goods at sea. At the same time, reconnaissance force is deployed with the use of professional and technical measures to track and oversee acts of violation as well as make arrests. In particular, the Unit has detected and arrested many large-scale, organised and foreign-related cases of smuggling, commercial fraud and fake goods as well as transferring these cases to functional agencies.

The Unit’s Party Committee requests party committees and commands at all levels to thoroughly grasp and strictly comply with higher echelons’ directives on combat readiness and maintain the order for 24/24 unit, command, and combat duty and guard to ensure safety. Besides, the Unit regularly adjusts, supplements, and practises combat plans and projects on fire, explosion, natural disaster prevention and control, and search and rescue to avoid passive and unexpected situations. The Unit strictly complies with regulations on payroll and decisions on personnel appointment, closely manages the quantity and quality of staff members, arranges its strength reasonably with priority given to reconnaissance teams, receives and puts into use specialised equipment in strict compliance with procedure and regulation, hence preventing loss, damage, and breach of safety. In training process, the Unit grasps and seriously implements the Resolution 397-NQ/DU by the VCG’s Party Committee on “improving the training quality in the period of 2013-2020 and beyond,” while closely adhering to the motto of “basics, practicality, and thorough grasp.” Significance is attached to organising comprehensive and specialised training. At the same time, reconnaissance and the task of detecting, preventing and combating crime, violations of law, smuggling, and trade frauds are seen as the training targets. The Unit proactively renews the contents and methods of training, retraining and competitions and improves the capability in handling real-life situations to raise the efficiency of training. Emphasis is placed on building the military standard order and maintaining discipline to create a profound transformation in cadres and soldiers’ awareness and responsibility, task performance and military etiquette. Due attention is paid to closely managing personnel, weapons, equipment and facilities. As a result, the Unit has ensured the absolute safety, without any violation of discipline to be handled.

The Unit always attaches great value to political education, ideological management, and the Party building. Focuses of this work is placed on enhancing the understanding of missions, partners, objects, and hostile forces’ “peaceful evolution” strategy amongst staff members, especially those who work independently in distant areas and waters. Moreover, consideration is given to building up troops’ political zeal, belief, determination to overcome difficulties, willingly accept and successfully complete all missions. The work of emulation and reward and the “Determined to win” emulation movement are well organised and effective, with strong emphasis on conducting the key political task, multiplying typical examples and correcting shortcomings. The Unit strictly implements the 12th Politburo’s Directive 05-CT/TW, the Directive No.87 by the Central Military Commission Standing Board on accelerating the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics and lifestyle, the Directive 202/CT-BTL by the VCG Command on realising the “Four-good, four-no, four-against” Movement associated with the Campaign titled “promoting tradition, dedicating talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s Soldiers” in the new period, thus practically contributing to raising cadres’ and soldiers’ awareness in the performance of their task. The Unit strengthens the work of internal political protection and infiltration prevention, combines crime prevention and fighting with internal political management, prevents and effectively combats conspiracies and plots of law violators to keep cadres and soldiers away from bribery or enticement. Moreover, the Unit actively collaborates with authorities, party committees, and socio-political organisations in effectively carrying out the mass mobilisation work. The movement entitled “the Coast Guard with ethnic minorities and religious adherents” is well organised and closely combined with law propaganda, dissemination and education for fishermen, officials, locals and students in the area, thereby cementing the people’s confidence in the Party and firmly building a “posture of people’s hearts and minds” and the “people’s security posture” at sea.

The Unit’s Party Committee always places emphasis on building a clean and strong Party Organisation, while strictly implementing resolutions, directives and regulations on Party building, especially the Resolution of the VCG’s 5th Party Congress and the 12th Party Central Committee’s Resolution No.4 on the Party building and rectification, maintaining party meetings and supplementing leading and working regulations. The Unit regularly consolidates all-level party committees both quantitatively and qualitatively, enhances the work of managing, educating, training cadres and party members and actively initiate new members into the Party. It effectively performs the work of annual personnel assessment. It aligns cadres’ responsibility, working method and task performance with the work of personnel planning, training, and appointment. The work of inspection and supervision is focused on party organisations and party members with the signs of violation. Doing so enables the Unit to promptly promote its strengths, rectify its shortcomings, raise the awareness and responsibility of party committees, party organisations, cadres, and party members as well as improve the Party Organisation’s comprehensive leadership and combativeness.

The Unit’s Party Committee concentrates on leading the work of logistics and finance for regular and unexpected tasks, particularly for combat readiness and reconnaissance to ensure national security and combat crimes and violations of law at sea. To step up the Emulation movement titled "the Military Logistics Branch follows Uncle Ho's teachings," the Unit proactively surmounts difficulties, gradually improves troops' living and working conditions, strictly manages and saves fuel as well as promptly completes payment. Health care for soldiers, especially during the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, is seriously ensured with over 98.5% being healthy. Due attention is paid to maintaining regulations on the Unit Party Committee’s leadership and the financial work, ensuring transparency, avoiding losses and shortage to better serve mission.

The Unit synchronously applies technical solutions to fully and promptly ensuring weapons and technical equipment for its missions, with a focus on reconnaissance at sea. Besides, it effectively carries out the Campaign on “managing, exploiting, and using technical weapons and equipment properly, durably, safely, economically, and ensuring traffic safety” and the two breakthroughs of the Military Technical Branch, namely "building technical regularity and mastering weapons and technical equipment.” Furthermore, the Unit actively repairs and maintains weapons and technical equipment and uses them effectively, economically without damage or degradation. As a result, the annual technical coefficient always meets and exceeds the set target for the task of training, combat readiness, reconnaissance, and the fight against crimes and violations of law at sea.

Sr. Col. DAO NGUYEN TU, Commissar of the Coast Guard Reconnaissance Unit No.1

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