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Tan Cang Pilot Company renews and develops itself

Tan Cang Pilot One-Member Limited Liability Company is a defence-economic unit of the Saigon Newport Corporation under the Naval Command. The company is tasked with navigating naval ships into and out of ports, conducting military diplomacy programmes, guiding ships into the ports under the Saigon Newport Corporation’s management and the oil port terminals, ensuring maritime safety and security, carrying out search and rescue operations, participating in environmental protection, undertaking researches on scientific-technological development and waterway economy, and providing training courses on maritime professional knowledge and skills training.

After more than 10 years of construction and development (established on October 27th, 2008), the company’s cadres, employees and workers have constantly strived to overcome difficulties, successfully fulfilled all assigned tasks, and built up the tradition of "being regular, safe, united, and effective" and the brand of "Tan Cang Pilot - National Defence Pilot - Vietnam’s leading Pilot." Particularly, in recent years, the company has achieved tremendous developments in its sustainable strategy, based on “3 platforms” (top quality service towards customers; advanced management, professional human resources, modern technology; military discipline, corporate culture, and social responsibility). The annual turnover has always reached or exceeded the assigned targets. In the first 6 months of 2020 alone, the company’s revenue was 248.6 billion VND, up 16.5% in comparison with the same period in 2019; its profit before tax was 78.4 billion VND, with 48.6 billion VND being submitted to the state budget, up 27% in comparison with the same period in 2019. The company has consolidated its firm position in the national pilot industry, contributing to turning the Saigon Military Port into a typical defence-security enterprise of the Military, successfully fulfilling the two tasks of national defence and production. With its recorded achievements, the company was given the Third-Class Labour Order (2013) and the Second-Class Labour Order (2018) by the State and many other noble rewards by the Ministry of Transport, the National Committee for Natural Disaster Response and Search and Rescue, and the Naval Command. In 2019, the company was in the Top 20 services with the perfect quality for the benefits of consumers.

Guiding a large ship into the Cai Mep port

The above-mentioned achievements are the result of the fact that the Company’s Party Committee and Board of Directors have synchronously implemented a number of solutions, with a focus on building cadres, soldiers, labourers’ strong political will and determination to surmount difficulties and challenges. Doing so has given an incentive to improve the overall quality and capacity of Tan Cang Pilot. To be more specific, the Company’s Party Committee and Board of Directors have strengthened their leadership over the work of political and ideological education, introduced tasks to cadres, soldiers and employees, combined political education with the training of ethics and lifestyle, and upheld a sense of responsibility and working method and style to meet the assigned tasks. Attention has also been paid to actively renovating forms and methodology of education, combining basic education with task introduction and cultural and legal education, and propagating the tradition of the Navy and heroic unit in order to arouse pride and promote a sense of responsibility for building and preserving the typical culture of "Saigon Newport Family."

In addition, the Company’s Party Committee and Board of Directors have always heightened the role model-setting responsibility of cadres and party members, while regularly and proactively assessing, anticipating and settling staff members’ ideological situation and issues to avoid passivity. Emphasis has been placed on promoting the Determination to Win Emulation  Movement in association with the study and following of Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style and the Movement of promoting tradition, dedicating talents, deserving to be "Uncle Ho's soldiers - Naval soldiers” in the new era. Importance has been attached to strengthening internal political protection, protecting military and economic classified information, preventing the possibilities of being infiltrated and connected by the enemy, acutely detecting, preventing and resolutely fighting against degradation in political ideology, morality, and lifestyle as well as the signs of "self-evolution" and "self-transformation." Consideration has been given to bringing into full play the Grass-Roots Democracy Regulation and the role of mass organisations in performing the tasks. As a result, 100% of officers, party members, workers and employees are deeply aware of their duties, promote their roles and responsibilities, and dedicate themselves to the success and development of the company.

To meet the ever higher requirements, the Company’s Party Committee and Board of Directors have focused on making the organisational structure compact, strong and effective and building high-quality human resources. To that end, attention has been paid to closely directing the enterprise’s restructuring process, associating it with standardisation of the management and administration system, building the ISO system and the enterprise resource planning system (ERP), and step by step implementing the strategy to standardise training and education. Emphasis has been placed on raising the quality of training  and improving cadres, party members and employees’ capacity, effectively implementing the motto "being specialised, substantive, and professional - building Tan Cang Pilot into a learning enterprise," enhancing the quality of recruiting and arranging labour, especially staff members in charge of piloting ships, improving maritime pilot services, developing a sustainable and harmonious contingent of pilots with good military knowledge, regularity, discipline, responsibility, diligence, and friendliness. In addition, the company has concentrated on training its staff’s professional skills and knowledge, foreign languages, and information technology application to meet the requirements set by military missions, production, business and international integration. Importance has been attached to improving the quality and efficiency of training a contingent of marine pilots as the core force of the company.

Currently, the company is cooperating with STC Corporation - Vietnam and Tan Cang - STC in developing simulation software for the navigation routes in Cat Lai, Cai Mep, and Hiep Phuoc and executing both theoretical and practical training programmes for large ship manoeuvre. The company has regularly opened internal training classes and invited top lecturers from the Ho Chi Minh City’s University of Transport and the Vietnam Maritime University and exceptional pilots to deliver lectures. In the past several years, the company has organised 12 delegations with 89 pilots to attend training courses at the world's best pilot centres in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands, while cooperating with the STC - Vietnam Corporation in holding 5 training courses on cockpit personnel management and trialling ship rotation via simulation software in Ba Son and Cai Mep.

Due regard has been paid to sharing skills of ship manoeuvre with the Navy’s pilot and surface ship units and actively collaborating with units in the Service in organising professional training courses to update new maritime knowledge and the system of electronic navigation information display for marine officers from the 125th Brigade, the Naval Zone 4, and the Naval Academy, thus making contributions to improving their qualifications to meet the task requirements.

In the context of a fierce competition, for the sake of development and integration, the company has been drastically renewing itself, improving professionalism in command, administration, and corporate governance, and building corporate culture. First of all, the company has focused on administrative reform, actively exploited resources, upgraded its equipment and facilities, and used state-of-the-art technologies as the basis for development. Great weight has been attached to ensuring the safety of ship navigation and effectively applying information technology in business administration and unit construction. With the spirit of initiative and creativity, the company has invested in and implemented many solutions to improve maritime safety, applied electronic charts installed on Ipads and Iphones to support ship navigation at night and in narrow routes, employed the method of towing and docking submarines without interacting on their hulls, and operated the simulation software to navigate large ships into and out of ports.

Over the past years, the company has piloted thousands of our military ships and hundreds of foreign submarines, aircraft carriers, and combat ships during their visits to Vietnam, organised hundreds of trips to transport our military officers for rehearsals and inspections with the absolute safety. It has cooperated with the Border Guard Force and port authorities in conducting anti-piracy patrols and search and rescue operations in seaport waters. Besides, it has realised the breakthrough in "Building standard order and corporate culture," regularly reviewed, amended and supplemented its regulations, strengthened management measures, strictly upheld discipline and law practice, and built "three-typical unit" and "comprehensively strong, exemplary and typical unit”, thereby creating a positive change in standard order construction and law-abiding awareness amongst its cadres, party members and employees.

In production and business, the company has promoted the application of information technology and technical management software, while standardising its operating software. Attention has been paid to investing in software on customer, finance, labour, and wage management, planning to adopt the ERP system, and ensuring security and safety for production, business and management. The company has actively maintained cooperation with state agencies, the Vietnam Maritime Pilots’ Association, and fellow pilot units, and raised its reputation and confidence with shipping companies and agents in terms of service quality. Currently, the company is the first and the only unit in a system of 12 maritime pilot agencies all over the country that has signed a pilot service contract with 100% of shipping agents and companies at the "price ceiling” in accordance with the price bracket issued by the Ministry of Transport.

In the coming time, to implement the Project of restructuring and improving the efficiency of military enterprises and to actively and comprehensively integrate into production and business activities of the Saigon Newport Corporation, the Company’s Party Committee and Board of Directors have determined to build and develop Tan Cang Pilot into the number one maritime pilot company in Vietnam, make it a top brand reputation and quality of service on the basis of abiding by the law, and turn "Tan Cang Pilot - the National Defence Pilot" into a strong domestic and international brand with a contingent of diligent, responsible and compassionate officers, employees and workers. At the same time, significance will be attached to taking advantage of available resources to maintain and increase the revenue of existing services and business, expanding the marine pilot service market, and effectively participating in defence-security and marine economic activities in accordance with the direction on building the Saigon Newport Corporation into a leading economic-defence group in the field of marine economics and logistics.

With its high determination and the spirit of being proactive, creative, and innovative, daring to think and daring to do, Tan Cang Pilot Company will continue overcoming difficulties and challenges to foster integration and development and successfully fulfill all military-defence, production, and business missions

Sr. Capt. HOANG THANH BINH, Director of the Company

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