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Some issues on developing high-quality human resources for the defence-economic combination

Economic-defense and defense-economic combination is a consistent view of the Party. In the new situation, the demand for building and defending the country under the impact of the fourth industrial revolution makes the development of high-quality human resources an urgent and important issue.

Inheriting traditional values of the nation and selectively applying the experiences of other countries on over the world and under the leadership of the Party, the policy of combining economy with national defense and national defense with economy has been effectively implemented through the revolutionary periods. This is an important task which is important to the Party, the people and the Army both in the short and long term.

Entering the period of Doi Moi, this task has been implemented in a more serious manner to meet the objectives and requirements of socio-economic development and strengthening of the country's defense power. Grasping and implementation of the task have been carried out in all stages, steps, levels, and branches from the central to the local levels. Noteworthy in the implementation, the Ministry of Defense has coordinated with the local Party committees and authorities in strategic locations and key positions in building 26 economic - defense zones to ensure the uniformity of infrastructure and planned redistributed population to create jobs for tens of thousands of households, contributing to poverty reduction, production development, and strengthening of the local defense potentials and posture, especially those in border areas, seas, and islands. Military enterprises have successfully performed their tasks of engaging in economic development and production in combination with enhancing national defense, serving the people's daily domestic needs, as well as social activities and army rear policy, contributing to building cultural life in the stationing areas​​. The Army has actively trained, fostered, improved comprehensive knowledge and capacity, especially economic management, for staff, outsourced economic officials who have been provided with military and defense training. In general, however, the development of high-quality human resources in the ministries, central sectors and localities to meet the requirements and tasks of socio-economic development and national defense and security is still limited and inadequate. At the same time, the Army fails to attract highly-qualified and capable personnel to work in dual-purpose fields , serving the task of economic development associated with defence and security enhancement.

In order to develop high-quality human resources to meet the requirements of combining economy with defense and defense with  economy in the new period, it is necessary to focus on major solutions as follows.

Firstly, thoroughly grasp the Party's viewpoint on combining economy with national defense and national defense with economy in the new situation. The Party's policy on "closely combining economy, culture, and society with defense and security and defense and security with economy, culture, and society in each socio-economic development strategy and plan, attaching importance to deep, remote, border, sea and, island areas" should be understood. Moreover, special attention should be paid to the close and effective economic-defense and defense-economic combination in development plans of each branch and locality. Thereby, appropriate and feasible plans on training and fostering high-quality human resources should be developed to meet the requirements and tasks of socio-economic development in association with national defense tasks.

Secondly, the work of fostering, training, and re-training of high-quality human resources should be well performed to meet the requirements of economic-defense and defense-economic combination. Thanks to the use of digital technology and the integration of all smart technologies to optimize processes and production methods, the 4.0 industrial revolution combines the technologies together that blurs the boundaries between physics, digital, and biology. Its core elements include artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data. Therefore, only when training and fostering, including retraining are well performed, can the requirements on the quality of human resources for civil developments in general and the economic-defense and defense-economic combinations in particular be met. In the long run, each level, branch, and locality needs to have strategic plans on training and using high-quality human resources to meet the requirements of national construction and defense in the new situation. In the short term, branches, sectors, institutions, and localities directly involved in the task of economic-defense and defense-economic combination may organize training courses and send cadres to training and retraining courses in academies and schools inside and outside the Army. Concurrently, staff of science and technology, leading cadres, or young officials should be effective used. It is necessary to renovate the contents and diversify forms of training and fostering such as practical, extracurricular, or social activities, etc. Other important work should also be implemented, including promoting the application of information technology and foreign languages ​​(especially English) in teaching and learning and updating new information and knowledge in fostering, training, and retraining programs to ensure that the output "products" have high quality and qualifications to meet the criteria of political qualities, ethics, knowledge capacity, and practical ability and the requirements of the assigned tasks.

Thirdly, enhance international cooperation in the development of high-quality human resources for the task of economic-defense and defense-economic combination. Under the strong impact of the 4.0 industrial revolution and deepening international integration, international cooperation to develop high-quality human resources for the development of areas of social life in general and the task of economic-defense and defense-economic combination in particular is objectively indispensable. Therefore, branches, institutions, and localities, especially military enterprises, are required to actively participate in international cooperation in human-resources development. It is necessary to thoroughly implement the guideline of "developing the technology development, attracting external technology, and transferring technologies from FDI enterprises operating in the country; strengthening cooperation on science and technology, especially high technology, must be a priority in international integration". Thereby, it is possible for us  to approach and learn experiences from developed countries, attract and transfer modern foreign technologies. One of the current big advantages is that Vietnam’s prestige and position in the international arena is enhanced. Especially, the successes of APEC-2017 and the 26th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF-26) have opened up several chances for international cooperation in all aspects and fields. Military enterprises should actively take advantage of opportunities to cooperate with developed countries to develop high-quality human resources for the task of combining economy with national defense, security, and foreign relations of the Party.

Finally, there should be appropriate mechanisms and policies to attract high-quality human resources for the task of economic-defense and defense-economic combination. In the face of drastic competition of the market economy, nowadays, most good managers, highly-skilled workers, and those who have good practical abilities, are always welcome by large corporations with superior incentives. Therefore, in addition to fostering, retraining, and training, branches and organizations directly involved in economic-defense and defense-economic combination, especially military enterprises, should have appropriate mechanisms and policies with incentives worthy of the qualification and capacity of the laborers and create an favorable environment to attract high-quality human resources, contributing to increasing productivity and competitiveness in all fields and sectors.

Bui Chi Hieu, Ministry of Construction

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