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Scope of operation, working measures and international cooperation of the Vietnam Coast Guard

The Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG) is part of the people's armed forces; the core and specialised force in law enforcement and protection of national security, order and safety at sea. It is placed under the absolute, direct and all-round leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the domination of the President, the unified management of the Government and the direct direction and command of the Minister of National Defence. VCG is to comply with the Constitution and laws of Vietnam, international treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party. It is organised and operates under the provisions of the Law on Vietnam Coast Guard.

Accordingly, VCG shall operate in Vietnam's waters to perform its functions, tasks and powers. For humanitarian and peaceful purposes, and to fight against crime, VCG may operate outside Vietnam's waters. However, when operating outside Vietnam’s waters, it must comply with Vietnamese law, international treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party, and international agreements related to the functions, tasks and powers of VCG. During its task performance, VCG shall take measures to mobilise the masses, law, diplomacy, economy, science - technology, profession, and arms to protect national security. ensure order and safety at sea in accordance with law. The Commander of the VCG shall decide on the use of working measures according to regulations and hold accountability before law as well as to his superiors for his decisions.

When performing international cooperation tasks, VCG must comply with Vietnam law, international treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party, and international agreements within its competence; respect for the fundamental principles of international law; ensure national independence, sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction; protect the national interests, the legitimate rights and interests of entities and persons at sea; promote the internal strength as well as the support and assistance of the international community in the process of law enforcement at sea.

In order to fulfil the task of law enforcement in Vietnam’s waters as well as in international waters, VCG closely cooperates with maritime law enforcement forces of relevant countries, and implements: preventing and combating piracy and armed robbery against ships; prevention and control of crimes, namely: drugs, human trafficking, weapons, terrorism, illegal entry and exit, illegal cross-border trade and transportation of goods, illegal fishing and other law-breaking crimes at sea within the scope of their duties and powers. At the same time, it is to prevent and control pollution, response to marine environmental incidents; conservation of marine resources; protect marine biodiversity and ecosystems; natural disaster prevention, combat and warning; humanitarian assistance, disaster response; search and rescue at sea, etc. In addition, in order to improve the capacity of law enforcement at sea, VCG needs to closely coordinate with specialised law enforcement forces at sea of other countries in organising training, retraining and professional training, experience exchange, science and technology transfer and other international cooperation contents in accordance with Vietnam and international laws as well as documents, agreements, Memorandum of Understanding that Vietnam has signed with other countries and international organisations.


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