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Promoting the role of the political and spiritual factor of the Air- Defence Missile in modern warfare

The political - spiritual factor is the fundamentals that build up the combat power of the Vietnamese People's Army in general and the Air Defence Missile in particular. In modern warfare, the spiritual factor of the Air Defence Missile becomes more important in determining the combat power of the soldiers. Therefore, the research to promote this factor in the current situation is a necessary work.

In order to create the power to make the Air Defence Missile’s victory, it is required to have different factors, both human and military hardware; however, the decisive one is the political - spiritual factor. That factor stems from the Party's correct policies, the superiority of the socialist regime, patriotism, the belief in the Party's leadership, the tradition of the nation, and the determination of the soldiers. Recent wars in the world show that air strike with high-tech weapons is one of the main modes of future wars, so political - spiritual factor should be more valued. As the core force in air-to-air combat, the Air Defence Missile is tasked with directly countering the enemy air attacks and protecting our airspace and strategic objectives. To complete the task of winning the very first battles, right from the early days, the Air Defence Missile should be built comprehensively, especially the political - spiritual factor.

Besides, the political - spiritual factor is also the basis for the Air Defence Missile force to thoroughly grasp their tasks and form their positive sentiment and determination to fulfill the requirements set out in training and fighting to help them become more aware of the issues of quality, competence, scientific knowledge, and the art of air-to-air combat which should be studied and comprehended. As the Air Defence Missile’s operations are associated with the use of modern weapons and joint-force combat, human factor is highly demanding. To complete its tasks, the Air Defence Missile should be active in learning, working, and training with a passion for researching to master modern weapons, equipment, and military techniques; brave and cunning in training, combat readiness, etc. In addition, it is necessary to actively study and master the enemy's conspiracies, tricks, capabilities, equipment, operating rules, tactical skills, and weapons to find creative ways to neutralise their modern weapons.

The history of our resistance war against the U.S engraved the heroic victory of “Hanoi - Dien Bien Phu in the air” which defeated the U.S imperialist’s large-scale strategic air raid in the North and forced them to sign the Paris Peace Accord to end the war and restore peace in Vietnam. To make that victory, the role of the Air Defence - Air Force in general and the Air Defence Missile in particular was of paramount importance. In particular, the promotion of the political - spiritual factor of the Air Defence Missile was clearly shown, that contributed to the creation of synergy, belief, determination to fight and win, self-reliance, creativity to surmount difficulties and fierce challenges of the war. That spirit remains intact today, especially in the context of complicated developments in the world and the region, when air-raid and high-tech weapons will certainly be the norm in the event of war. The task of managing and defending the Fatherland’s airspace, therefore, sets high and comprehensive requirements, requiring our efforts in all aspects, especially political - spiritual factors. To ensure that this factor be promoted in new conditions, in this article, the author would like to suggest the following measures:

Firstly, to strengthen political education to meet the requirements of the development of the political - spiritual factor of the Air Defence Missile. In the new situation, the task of protecting the Fatherland’s airspace is heavy and complicated, requiring that we develop the Air Defence Missile towards “revolutionary, regular, elite, and modern” with new political, ideological, and organizational requirements to ensure that it has required political zeal, spirit and determination to fight and defeat the enemies in any circumstances. To realise this issue, first of all, it is necessary to improve the quality of education of the Marxist-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh thoughts, the Party's political and military guidelines, the Army’s situation and revolutionary missions and those of the Air Defence - Air Force and the units. It is also necessary to do well the education on traditions and fostering of patriotism and revolutionary spirit and impart the Air Defence Missile’s combat experience during wartime. At the same time, to clarify the enemy's conspiracies, tricks, weapons, equipment, and air combat methods. Thereby, to make cadres and soldiers deeply aware of task requirements, motivated, responsible, determined, united, vigilant, proactive, ready to fight and fight victoriously, and self-confident regardless of difficulties and hardships of wars.

Secondly, to build confidence and strong will for the Air Defence Missile. To win war, it is important to build the soldiers’ strong belief in the leadership, command, art of combat, weapons and equipment in service, and combat power. At the same time, to avoid subjectivity, willpower disregarding the enemies or feeling panic at the enemy's strength. To closely combine education with strict maintenance of disciplines, training regime, combat readiness, and drills to involve soldiers in relevant hypothetical situations that are close to requirements of air combat and improve knowledge, techniques, skills, and the master of weapons and equipment in service. Research to firmly grasp the enemy's ways of operations, supplement and conduct thorough practice of the combat plans of the units.

Finally, to develop the art of air defence combat to meet the requirements of protecting the Fatherland’s airspace in new conditions. Currently, if war happens, the Air Defence Missile’s adversary would deploy modern equipment and new tricks, measures, and combat methods. As a result, it is necessary to creatively and appropriately research and develop the art of air defence warfare, especially the development of enemy combat methods, tactics, weapons, means of attack, etc. Based on firmly grasping the situation, building a solid air defence posture, and choosing combat tactics suitable with the art of air defence warfare and each type of missile; to actively intercept the enemy from afar; and at the same time, prepare different measures to cope with the enemy's electronic warfare. Furthermore, it is necessary to actively improve and upgrade weapons and equipment of the Air Defence Missile towards modernity and improve the mobility of weapons and equipment; build the strong air defence posture and solid, complicated, continuous, and flexible missile battlefield systems to meet the requirements of air defence warfare to protect the Fatherland airspace.

Lieutenant Colonel DAO HOANG DUC, Political Academy, Ministry of National Defence

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