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Preventing the manifestations of “Self-evolution” and “self-transformation” in the Military today

Speaking at the 11th Congress of the Military Party Committee (2020-2025 term), General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong asked: “Resolutely not to let wrong views appear or exist in the Army”. In order to meet that requirement, it is necessary to resolutely eliminate all causes leading to “self-development” and “self-transformation”.

“Self-evolution” and “self-transformation” is the process of changing thinking and awareness of political ideology, morality, and lifestyle of cadres and party members. They doubt and deny Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought and gradually lose ethical standards of the communists that they have been striving for; easily accept capitalist ideology, and believe in wrong and reactionary points. Then, they not only disobey but also misimplement the Party's guidelines and lines, the policies and laws of the State. They may even become dissidents and ready to turn to hostile forces when being praised. Thus, “self-evolution" and “self-transformation” have both internal and external causes, in which the former are decisive. These manifestations can occur in all areas of social life, with every individual, organisation, and there is no exception for the Army. It is the deterioration of political ideology, morality, and lifestyle of cadres and party members that leads to “self-development” and “self-transformation”. Therefore, to prevent and thoroughly combat the manifestations of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation”, it is necessary to eliminate the internal causes and minimise the impact of the external causes.

Recent practice shows that, there are some expressions of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” such as: soldiers use social networks to smear, reduce the reputation of leaders, agencies and units in the armed forces; some retired military cadres write articles, distorting the history, fabricating and defaming leaders of the Ministry of National Defence. There are also some high-ranking officers who have been disciplined both in the Party and the government, even sentenced for criminal liability. That fact once again affirms the urgency of preventing the deterioration of political ideology, ethics, lifestyle, if we want to prevent and completely repel the expression “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” in our Army.

The root cause of the deterioration in political ideology, morality and lifestyle of a part of cadres and party members is individualism. President Ho Chi Minh said: “Individualism is a very poisonous bacterium that produces very dangerous diseases”; “Individualism gives birth to indiscipline and disobedience” and “Individualism produces other wrong thinking.”, “Individualism requires enjoyment and treatment”, etc. He considered individualism as the third enemy (after imperialism and backward traditions) and observed: “There are still some members bound by individualism and become egoistic. They like criticising others but dislike being criticised; they do not self-criticise or just do it not in an honest, serious way”; “They ask for favourable treatments, they ask for honor and position. They demand enjoyment. If not satisfied, they will blame the Party” and “gradually leave the Party, even undermine the Party's policy and discipline”. The cases occurred in the Military recently are vivid illustrations. So, if individualism is eliminated, our Military will be completely healthy, and immune to the attack of the “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” viruses. To be effective, it is necessary to synchronously conduct the following solutions:

Strengthening political, ideological and theoretical education for cadres and soldiers. This is the most important solution against individualism, because “In order to get rid of that disease, it is necessary to raise the level of awareness”. When the stance is firm, the mind is clear, individualism won’t have a chance. As for the Military, Uncle Ho taught: “As a people's army, you must learn the Party's policy”. He requested that: “Studying the principles and policies of the Party to understand and implement properly means practicing Marxism - Leninism”.

In order to well implement this solution, the party committees, political commissars, politicians and leaders at all levels should strengthen leadership and direct the effective implementation of Directive No. 23-CT/TW, dated February 9, 2018 of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee (12th tenure) “On continuing to innovate, improve the quality and efficiency of learning, research, application and development of Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought in the new situation”; Directive No. 124-CT/QUTW of the Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission on strengthening leadership and direction over the political education at military units in the new phase and the Project of “Renovating political education at military units in the new period”. Focus on renewing programs and contents associated with comprehensive reform of forms and methods of political, ideological and theoretical education, so that cadres and soldiers are easy to understand, absorb, eager to learn, thereby, improving their political zeal.

Continuing to promote the building and rectification of the Party according to Central Resolution 4 (11th and 12th tenures) associated with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo (12th tenure) and the Movement of promoting tradition, dedicating talent, deserving “Uncle Ho's soldiers” in the new period. This is a comprehensive solution, contributing to building pure and strong party organisations, thereby preventing radical expression of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” in the Army.

In the implementation, the party committees and party organisations in the entire military should continue to synchronously and effectively implement plans and action plans to implement Central Resolution 4 (11th and 12th tenures), Directive No. 05 and the Campaign of promoting tradition, dedicating talents, deserving “Uncle Ho's soldiers” in the new period on a regular basis and in a practical manner with various forms suitable with the reality of agencies and units; promptly overcome shortcomings and weaknesses with the motto of “self-check, self-correct”, “self-criticise and self-correct daily like  washing face every day”. At the same time, increase the inspection and supervision of Party members and party organisations in the observance of the Party's Platform and Charter, State’s policies and laws; resolutions, directives, and regulations of the Party; promptly rectify and handle mistakes to avoid degradation in political ideas, morality, lifestyle, and expression of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation”.

Promoting the role and responsibility of press agencies, specialised forces in the prevention and control of “self-development” and “self-transformation”. Currently, given the rapid development of Internet and social networks, it is very likely that Army's officers and soldiers may receive multi-dimensional, fake and distorted information. Therefore, more than ever, press agencies and the core force in defending the Party's ideological foundation, fighting against wrong and hostile views, and political opportunists in the entire army should raise their sense of responsibility; promptly have articles with scientific basis to refute; criticise misconceptions, vices, bad habits, social evils; proactively grasp information and orient public opinion to hot issues that the society as well as military cadres and soldiers are paying attention to. In some cases, it is necessary to closely coordinate with relevant ministries and agencies to identify, prevent and handle anonymous violators on social networks; even, ask service providers (Google, YouTube, Facebook, ...) to block or remove information that violates the law, or is contrary to Vietnamese fine traditions. At the same time, actively propagate the role models in self-criticism and criticism, the examples of “good people doing good deeds” in the implementation of Directive No. 05 and the Movement for promoting tradition, dedicating talents, deserving “Uncle Ho's soldiers” in the new period. In addition, the party committees and commanders of agencies and units should focus on thoroughly implementing internal political protection in order to prevent negative external phenomena from penetrating into military units.

The above solutions can both strengthen “resistance” and prevent exposure to “epidemics”. If they are thoroughly implemented, there will be no room for viruses of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” and false views to emerge and exist in the military, ensuring that in any conditions and circumstances, our Army is always an absolutely loyal and reliable political force and fighting force of the Party, State and People with strong will and determination to overcome hardships, sacrifice, and successfully accomplish all the tasks assigned by the Party, State and People.

Lieutenant Colonel, MA. HA SON THAI, Political Academy, Ministry of National Defence

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