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Measures to renew the leadership methods of provincial military party committee

Over the past years, thoroughly grasping resolutions, directives and guidance of the Central Party Committee, the Politburo, and the General Political Department on renewing the Party’s leadership methods, provincial military party committees have actively conducted it, thus making comprehensive change in the military and defence task of localities.

However, the process of renewing leadership methods of provincial military committees has still exposed limitations. Several military party committees have not paid enough attention to renewing the methods of leadership yet, the implementation has been slow, the identification of the content of renewal somewhere has not been proper and relevant to the requirements, tasks, and reality. The above-mentioned weaknesses have directly affected the quality and the effectiveness of the military and defence work of provinces (cities).

To renew the leadership methods of the Party over military organs, it is necessary to focus on the following measures:

First, raising awareness of the importance of renewing provincial military party committee leadership methods. Reality shows that for every task, without a thorough, sound and consistent awareness and responsibility, the task performance would be under expectation. There is no difference in the task of renewing leadership methods of the Party in general and provincial military party committees in particular. Only a sound awareness could make changes in the responsibility of party committees and party committee members. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on enhancing party committees and commanders’ awareness of their functions and tasks in the process of renewing military party committee leadership method. Through regular meetings, party committees and organizations conduct propagation to make all party members and people fully understand the position, role, functions and tasks of military party committees and the necessity of renewing military party committee leadership methods, then identify the responsibility of individuals and organizations for the task. Moreover, through leading and directing the implementation, party committees of the regions and provinces inspect and reassess the contents and measures for renewing leadership method of military party committees, find out limitations and reasons to continue raising awareness and clearly assigning responsibility to collectives and individuals.

Second, renewing the implementation of resolutions of provincial military party committees. This is an important step in the leadership process of provincial military party committees in order to realize guidelines of the Party, the Central Military Commission, the party committees of the military regions and provinces, first and foremost concrete targets and measures of the military party committees. In this regard, party committees, party cells and military organs at levels should thoroughly grasp resolutions of the military party committee. Secretary of the military party committee must assign the work specifically and promote the role of key cadres and party committee members to thoroughly prepare; using various forms and measures to bring the contents of resolutions to belonging party organizations, cadres and party members. Moreover, it is necessary to concretize resolution into plans, programs and tasks of commanders, political commissars, organizations and units; assigning individuals and units the responsibility towards common activities of the party committee to ensure consistency in the implementation of resolution.

Third, renewing and completing the regulations on the leadership of the provincial military party committee over its military organs. The regulations on military party committee leadership are conditions and firm foundations for military party committees to successfully fulfil their functions and tasks, enhancing the quality of leadership, contributing to the improvement of operation efficiency at grass-roots organs and units. Thus, the supplementation, completion and successful implementation of the regulations on military party committee leadership must ensure that every activity of the military party committee conform with principles and better quality, being the foundation to bring into play the responsibility and knowledge of party committee members in the process of evaluating and classifying the quality of the party committee and its members. Military party committees must frequently review the existing system of regulations and the observance of regulations of their members to identify contents to which are no longer relevant, then supplement and adjust them. In addition, it is important to disseminate the regulations to party committees, party cells, cadres, party members and mass organizations in organs and units to make them fully understand the significance and the requirements of the regulations, thoroughly grasp and successfully implement the contents of the regulations, particularly the ones on functions, leadership authority and solutions to the settlement of relationships among the military party committees, organs and units. Military party committees should periodically review and draw lessons on supplementation, completion and implementation of their regulations.

Fourth, renewing methods of inspection and supervision of provincial military party committees over party committees and party organizations of military organs. Party committees at level continue to enhance the quality of inspection and supervision of party members and organizations according to Item No.2, Article No.30 of the Constitution of the Communist Party of Vietnam; associating inspection and supervision of party organizations with those of party members who are party committee members and key cadres. The Inspection Commission of the provincial military party committee and that of grass-roots party committees should actively perform the task of supervision, timely detecting and inspecting junior party members and organizations that appear to show signs of violation. Also, it should give the military party committee advice on successfully carrying out the task of inspection and supervision, completely solving violations of discipline, letters of accusation and complaint related to party members and organizations. Actively improving party committee members and inspectors’ professional competence in inspection and supervision. Focusing on inspecting and supervising the implementation of the Party’s viewpoints, guidelines, and principles of organization, and the implementation of democracy within the Party, maintaining the internal solidarity, managing, educating and training party members; taking the result of political task performance of military organs as a measure to assess the quality and the effectiveness of inspection and supervision.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Thang, MA. 

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