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Ly Son island in a nutshell

Being an island district of Quang Ngai province, Ly Son is situated about 15 nautical miles from the mainland to the northeast, with an area of ​​more than 10.39 km², a population of over 22,000 people. It is considered an outpost island which is valuable for marine economic development, and at the same time, holds an important position in defence and security for the province and the central coastal region.

According to scientific studies, Ly Son was formed by volcanic lava eruption. This is evidenced by the remaining vestige of an inactive volcano with 05 craters - which are the main fresh water supplies for the island. It is the eruption of lava that has created spectacular natural landscapes, and the fertile basalt soil layer on the southern surface of the island which is very suitable for the cultivation of many types of crops.

Regarding the residential conditions on the Island, recent archaeological excavation results show that this place was inhabited by prehistoric inhabitants of the Sa Huynh culture. Then, it was followed by the Cham Pa culture with traces found in Xom Oc and Suoi Chinh sites, and these were also the place where Viet residents came to reclaim land and live very early. Accordingly, right from the 17th century, Ly Son was chosen by Lord Nguyen as the place to deploy Hoang Sa Fleet, employing people from An Vinh commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai to Hoang Sa Islands to collect goods and capture seafood, measure navigation, plant trees, set up landmarks and conduct patrol and protect the islands, etc. Every year, around the third lunar month, Ly Son residents hold the “Hoang Sa troops commemoration festival” to pay tribute to the seafarer soldiers who went offshore to exercise sovereignty over the sea. When invading Vietnam, clearly realising the particularly important position of the island, the U.S. Navy set up a radar station here to observe and monitor activities along the coast of Vietnam.

Occupying the North-South sea route - the gateway of Dung Quat Economic Zone, Ly Son becomes the front-line administrative unit, playing an important role in the defence of the sea and islands of Quang Ngai province and the Central region. At the same time, it has many advantages for socio-economic development. Currently, Ly Son is focusing on exploiting its potentials and advantages to develop tourism, and striving to turn tourism into a spearhead economic sector of the locality with the conservation, preservation and promotion of heritages in the area together with the long-established fishing tradition of fishermen. Despite its small area, Ly Son is home to beautiful beaches, surrounded by many magnificent lava cliffs, which is an attractive destination for tourists. Besides, Ly Son also focuses on sustainable agricultural development associated with new rural construction. Thanks to the fertile basalt soil layer, every year people on the island harvest thousands of tons of onions and garlic, with special flavours, bringing about high economic value, contributing to improving people's lives. At the same time, Ly Son is also gradually modernising its fishing industry with modern vessels for offshore and long day voyages. It also invests in upgrading fishing ports, fishing wharfs, anchoring areas, and  develops fishery logistics service.

As part of the national marine spatial planning, in the coming time, although there are still many difficulties and challenges, with the patriotic tradition, the unyielding will of the homeland of "the mighty Hoang Sa Fleet", the dynamism, creativity and development aspirations, the Party Committee, government and people of Ly Son are determined to build the island really strong in economy, firm in defence and security, forever deserving to be a symbol of national sovereignty and a fulcrum of fishermen on their journey to conquer the sea.


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