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K866 Depot speeds up the studying and following of Uncle Ho’s example

Under the 12th Politburo’s Directive 05-CT/TW, the K866 Depot (Department of Military Weaponry, General Technical Department) enhances the study and following of Uncle Ho’s ideology, ethics, and lifestyle with specific, practical deeds, thereby greatly contributing to its successful fulfillment of political task.

Perceiving the importance of the Directive 05, over the past years, the Depot’s Party Committee and Command have always grasped the Directive’s goals and requirements, actively renewed the methods of implementing the Directive, improved the effectiveness of studying and following Uncle Ho’s ideology, ethics, and lifestyle, and considered this a routine task of each person and organization. Grounded on the Directive 05, the Central Military Commission Standing Committee’s Directive 87-CT/QUTW, the Military Weaponry Department’s Party Committee’s Plan 514-KH/ĐU on the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics and lifestyle, the Resolution of the 12th Party Central Committee’s 4th Plenum on the Party building and rectification, the Central Military Commission’s Directive 788 on the Campaign “promote tradition, devote talent, deserve to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers”, and the criteria for “studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example and deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers regarding the staff members within the General Technical Department, the Depot’s Party Committee built the Plan 258-KH/ĐU, dated December 29th 2016 on studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics and lifestyle in accordance with its task requirements.

Sr. Col. Tran Binh Trong inspects the work of repairing ammo

The breakthrough in studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics, and lifestyle set by the Depot’s Party Committee and Command is to renew the working method and maintain strictly the order for developing the monthly action program. At the same time, this content is included in the regular resolutions of the Depot’s Party Committee and party cells, and concretized into action plans/programs relevant to their function and task. Each cadre and party members make a commitment to realizing the Directive in accordance with the requirements set by the Depot’s Party Committee. The results of “following” Uncle Ho’s ideology, ethics and lifestyle serve as an important basis for evaluating the leadership capacity and combativeness of party organizations as well as the qualities and capabilities of cadres and party members within the Depot’s Party Committee.

Annually and after 2 years of executing the Directive 05 (2016-2018), the Depot’s Party Committee directs units to hold meetings to draw lessons, assess the weak and strong points, find out the reasons, and set out the remedial measures and determination in the following stages. Thanks to the close leadership and direction, the Depot’s staff members have actively, positively responded to the Directive 05, thereby making a synchronous change in all operations of the Depot, particularly contributing to enhancing the quality of cadres and party members, building pure, strong party organizations and strong units comprehensively, and repelling the signs of degradation in political ideology, ethics and lifestyle as well “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” from within.

To achieve a change in specific actions and deeds, offices and units have focused on improving the performance of their central political task. To do so, the criteria for studying and following Uncle Ho’s ideology, ethics and lifestyle have been included in the programs/plans for training, combat readiness, fire and explosion prevention and control as well as those for ensuring the safety of sub-depots and dealing with the Depot’s 5th-level and dangerous-5th-level ammo. The training work has been closely led and directed under the higher echelons’ plan for training the technical procedure and regulations, especially the procedure for handling 5th-level and dangerous-5th-level ammo. To achieve the high effectiveness, the Depot’s Party Committee and Command have encouraged cadres and soldiers to make all necessary preparations including lesson plans, training aids, and practice facilities in accordance with the technical standards.  Focuses of training have been placed on improving cadres and technicians’ professional competence, dealing with their weaknesses, and equipping this staff with basic, systematic, and uniformed knowledge. The Depot has concentrated on enhancing managerial cadres’ commanding style and methods of operating the training work. Importance has been attached to providing basic technical training according to each major for the technical staff, from basic knowledge to complex knowledge; combining the training work with the management of discipline and the building of scientific, professional working style; integrating physical training with the improvement in this staff’s endurance in the dangerous, hazardous environment. At the same time, the Depot has stepped up regular and contingency inspections so as to opportunely rectify shortcomings during the training process. Consequently, the Depot’s training quality has unceasingly improved; 100% of its staff members have passed the training examination on a yearly basis.

Combat training

The Depot’s Party Committee and Command have put store by military standardization and discipline management and directed all-level party committees to review, supplement and complete the working regulations and plans in accordance with each unit as the basis for all cadres and party members to work under their function and responsibilities, thereby creating a sense of unity within the whole Depot. Grasping the Military Weaponry Department’s leadership motto of “regularly self-reviewing and self-correcting; saying the right things, maintaining discipline and safety”, the Depot has always strictly maintained the order for duty, command duty, patrol, guard duty, fire and explosion prevention and control duty. Those operations have contributed to making a positive change in the observance of law and discipline, military standardization and unity within the entire unit, particularly in the work of ensuring safety and preventing fire and explosion for materiel and stations as well as in the management of materiel for combat readiness under the Guidance 5233/HD-TM, dated February 14th 2009 by the General Staff and the Guidance 64/HD-TM, dated January 6th 2010 by the Military Weaponry Department on arranging materiel. At present, the preparations for allocating, receiving, withdrawing, and classifying ammo are always under the regulations. The ammo maintained by the Depot is always in the good technical conditions. The Depot ensures the absolute safety for insulating and settling the 5th-level and dangerous-5th-level ammo.

As a result of following and studying Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics and lifestyle, the Depot has made a positive change in the awareness and responsibility of cadres, party members and the masses in the Determined to Win emulation movement and campaigns. In spite of a lot of difficulties in facilities and budgets, demanding task, and scattered forces, its cadres and soldiers have always strived to successfully fulfill all assigned tasks. It has always combined the study and following of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics and lifestyle and the Campaign “promote tradition, devote talent, deserve to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers” with the Campaign “manage, exploit, and use materiel effectively, sustainably, safely, economically, and traffic safety”. Thereby, its staff members’ awareness and responsibility for the work of preserving, maintaining, repairing, arranging, receiving, allocating, and handing the 5th-level ammo have been raised while the targets and plans for this work have always been fulfilled in a qualitative, correct, timely, absolutely safe manner. The work of building and consolidating facilities and the supervision of construction have been under the design and regulations. Besides, cadres and soldiers have flexibly, effectively implemented the movement of promoting initiatives, preserving and using technical equipment sustainably, safely, and economically; the Depot has considered this as a criterion for assessing the results of studying and following Uncle Ho’s moral example. Since 2016, it has applied 15 technical initiatives effectively which have contributed to saving materials and improving productivity. Typical examples include the “system to cut off caissons’ belt” which has been applied across the Military by the Military Weaponry Department, and the “mobile stretcher” which won the consolation prize at the “Army-wide creative youth” contest.

“Matching words with action”, all-level party committee members, commanders and key cadres have always promoted their responsibility for improving cadres and soldiers’ life and creating a favourable condition for them to keep their mind on their work and fulfill their assigned task. With its internal strength and higher echelons’ investments, the Depot has consolidated and built many public works for its staff members. It has closely combined the movements, such as “the Military Logistics Branch follows Uncle Ho’s teachings”, “managing and building standard, green, clean, beautiful barracks”, with the criteria set by the Directive 05. It has strictly maintained the exercise of thrift and the fight against wastefulness, with a focus on abiding by the regulations on the management and use of materials on a close, open, transparent basis. Moreover, the Depot’s Party Committee and Command have directed its affiliates to make plans on agricultural production and step up concentrated production to improve troops’ life.

Thanks to the active, regular implementation of synchronous measures, the studying and following of Uncle Ho’s ideology, ethics, and lifestyle within the Depot has achieved significant changes in its staff members’ qualities, ethics, lifestyle, responsibility, and managerial, commanding, and professional  capacity, thereby greatly contributing to making its units strong comprehensively and its party organizations pure and strong. Between 2016 and 2018, the Depot’s Trade, Women, and Youth Unions were presented certificates of merit by the General Technical Department and the Military Weaponry Department; its Party Committee was rated pure and strong; it was given the Flag of Top Unit in the Determined to Win emulation movement by the General Technical Department. In 2018, the Depot was given the Third-Class Fatherland Protection Order by the State.

Bringing into play the recorded results, in the upcoming time, the Depot’s cadres and soldiers will continue stepping up the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics, and lifestyle, “matching words with action”, heightening the exemplary role of cadres and party members, particularly the key ones at all levels, giving an impetus to the Depot’s fulfillment of all assigned missions.

Sr. Col. Tran Binh Trong, Head of the Depot

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