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Determination to Win - a motive for the Saigon Newpport Corporation to successfully fulfil the task

Fully aware of the role of the emulation and commendation work and the Determined to Win emulation movement, over the past years, the Saigon Newport Corporation has ceaselessly renewed and comprehensively developed this work into a motivation for cadres, party members and workers to devote themselves to their study, production, training and combat readiness tasks. To make the Determined to Win emulation movement widespread and effective, the Corporation’s Party Committee and Directorate have regularly grasped the Party’s guidelines, the State’s law and policy, and higher echelons’ resolutions and directives on the emulation and commendation work. All-level party committees and commands within the Corporation have developed and executed the plan for emulation and commendation in line with movements and campaigns by authorities and sectors. The emulation and commendation councils at all levels have been consolidated both qualitatively and quantitatively; operated under the uniform regulations; strictly maintained the order for inspecting and evaluating the task performance monthly in an objective, public, democratic manner. The political office has given sound advice to elaborating emulation content, criteria, and measures in accordance with the characteristics and tasks of each office, unit, and subsidiary.

Typical individuals and collectives in the Determined to Win emulation movement between 2013 and 2018

Yearly, the Corporation has combined the Determined to Win emulation movement with the programs to implement the Resolutions of the all-level Party Congresses, the Politburo’s Directive 05, the Central Military Commission Standing Committee’s Directive 87 on studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and lifestyle, and the Campaign “promote tradition, devote talent, deserve to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers - Naval Soldiers”. In this regard, due attention has been paid to selecting the emulation topics, content and criteria relevant to the task requirements. At the same time, importance has been attached to encouraging the role of all-level party committee secretaries and members, political commissars, junior political commissars and commanders in leading and directing the movements; to raising responsibility of cadres, party members and workers for performing their task. Consideration has been given to propagating and studying typical examples and effective approaches. As a result, the emulation and commendation work and the Determined to Win emulation movement in the Corporation have always stayed close to the situation, gained encouraging results, marked a comprehensive development period with honourable achievements in the performance of military-defence, business and production tasks, and contributed to building its pure, strong Party Committee, comprehensively strong Corporation, good subsidiaries, and strong mass organizations.

The Determined to Win emulation movement in the Corporation has directly contributed to building its strong offices and units politically, ideologically and organizationally. Amidst complex developments of the situation in the world and the region, particularly in the East Sea, the hostile forces’ sabotage activities, difficulties in executing the Project on restructuring, renewing and improving the effectiveness of enterprises within the Corporation as well as the expansion of services, the Corporation’s Party Committee and Directorate have required its offices, units, and subsidiaries to render cadres, party members and workers fully aware of the task, improve their political will and professional morality, and encourage a sense of unity and responsibility to readily undertake and fulfil all missions. Thus, in any circumstance, the Corporation’s cadres, party members and workers have always heightened the noble qualities of “Uncle Ho’s soldiers - Naval soldiers” in production combined with national defence. There have appeared typical collectives and individuals in the movement. More specifically, in the face of difficulties and dangers, cadres and soldiers of the force in charge of protecting petroleum projects have never taken a step back, resolutely dealing with violations of “foreign vessels”. Cadres and workers from the Newport Construction Company have always strived to overcome difficulties and successfully fulfil the construction of military works. Cadres, party members and the masses of the Military and Protection Office, regardless of day or night or harsh weather, have always been present on every route to regulate traffic and ensure smooth production at the Tan Cang - Cat Lai port.

The Determined to Win emulation movement has greatly contributed to the Corporation’s successful fulfilment of the military and defence tasks. To meet the increasingly higher requirements, the Determined to Win emulation movement has been focused on all business and production operations in line with the military and defence tasks; it has directed aroused cadres, party members and workers’ sense of responsibility to settle difficulties and enhance the performance of all tasks, particularly military and defence tasks. Since 2013, the Corporation has cooperated with relevant forces in ensuring safety for 130 delegations of Military, Party, foreign and domestic business cadres including 500,000 people to come to inspect and visit the Truong Sa Islands and the DK1 Platform; loaded and unloaded over 4,000 tons of weapons and equipment; and built 39 military works in a secret, qualitative, safe way. At the same time, it has effectively implemented the Regulations on cooperation with the Department of Traffic Control Police, Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Police, and relevant forces in ensuring seaport, unit, and area security and safety. It should be noted that the Corporation has successfully piloted and tugged six 636 Kilo-class submarines into Cam Ranh port safely. Moreover, its ships in charge of CH14, VT14, BV30, 31, BM missions have resolutely fought against foreign vessels’ violation of our waters, carrying out patrols and opportunely reporting the situation in the air and at sea to the Headquarters, absolutely protecting the assigned targets. Grasping the guideline “saving the people and comrades is an command from the heart”, the Corporation’s forces have successfully fulfilled the search and rescue missions in the air incidents of SU-30MK and CASA-212 (2016) and Su 22 (2018), and saved a lot of vessels and fishermen having incidents at sea, thereby bolstering the image of “Uncle Ho’s soldiers - Naval soldiers” in the new situation.

Furthermore, the Determined to Win emulation movement has generated a strong motivation for the Corporation’s achievements in business and production missions. The Corporation has launched emulation movements aimed at improving the quality of production and business, particularly key sectors. As for seaport services, the movements, such as “Striving to overcome difficulties, maintaining and enhancing the quality of services”, “ Improving customer-oriented quality of services”, "Fast loading and unloading cargo ships"; “productivity, quality, effectiveness, safety” have been synchronously implemented and widespread among all cadres, party members, and the masses. Therefore, the productivity of loading and unloading cargo and the quality of services have increasingly improved. In 2018, at Cat Lai port, the average speed of loading and unloading cargo has reached 63 containers per hour (increased by 2.3 containers per hour in comparison with 2013); thereby, it continues to maintain the position as Vietnam’s biggest port service supplier.

Regarding logistics services, the movements, such as “Renewing the system connection” and “Actively developing value-added services” have created a huge change in the Corporation’s management, operation, and connection of logistics services; promoted the resources, strengths and efficiency of subsidiaries. The Corporation has made best use of information technology and the system of land and water transport and depots in providing integrated and full services. Revenues from logistics services have continued to increase by 12-15% per year; the Corporation has continuously ranked among top ten logistics businesses of Vietnam.

Regarding marine transportation and services, in spite of being newly founded with only a fleet of 5 ships operating on the Northern, Central, and Southern domestic transportation lines and the intra-Asia lines across Hong Kong and Singapore, the Corporation has achieved initial results and accounted for 25% of Vietnam’s domestic transportation market share. Marine services, such as vessels for petroleum exploration and exploitation; tugging and rescue services at sea, equipment shipping, DK Platform construction, logistics services for Naval units in the South have brought about the encouraging results.

In addition, the Determined to Win emulation movement has contributed to improving the quality of regularity building, discipline maintenance, administration reform and business culture building; encouraging the effectiveness of logistics, financial, technical work; promoting initiatives and technical innovations to boost the efficiency of business and production; well implementing the policies regarding Military families and helping the people with hunger alleviation and poverty reduction as well as natural disaster mitigation. Via the Determined to Win emulation movement, many typical collectives, individuals and “good people, good deed” examples have been honoured and rewarded. The Corporation has been given many noble awards by the State and the Ministry of National Defence.

In the upcoming time, the Corporation’s task will be very onerous. Thus, the emulation and commendation work and the Determined to Win emulation movement should be furthered as a strong motivation for the Corporation’s cadres, party members and workers to accomplish all assigned missions.

Sr. Col. Le Cao Thinh, Standing Member of the Corporation’s Party Committee

Head of the Corporation’s Political Bureau

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