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Building “regular, green, clean and beautiful” barracks in the Army Corps No.2

Adhering to the emulation movement of "Building and managing regular, green, clean and beautiful barracks" in the past years, the Army Corps No.2 has led and directed the implementation of this movement by a number of appropriate and effective measures. In particular, under the Directive 05/CT-BQP, dated March 6, 2012 of the Ministry of National Defence on continuing to promote emulation movement of "Building and managing the regular, green, clean and beautiful barracks", the Corps’ Logistics Department has actively given advice to the commander of the Corps and drastically directed and guided the implementation of its contents, considering it a specific action of realizing the emulation movement of "Military Logistics Branch following Uncle Ho's teachings", meeting the demands of the tasks in the new period. The aim is to improve the living conditions for officers and soldiers and create a favorable environment for them to successfully accomplish their tasks.

Commander of the Corps presenting awards to units with remarkable achievements in the emulation movement to build and manage barracks in the 2012-2017 period

Accordingly, the Army Corps Command and its Party Committee, and units party committees and commands have focused on strengthening the leadership and direction of facilities consolidation work; implementing measures to bring into play the emulation movement of "Building and managing regular, green, clean and beautiful barracks", making it practical and effective. The Corps Logistics Department has closely followed the contents of the Emulation Movement and units’ conditions, reviewing and adjusting plans, adding contents of "Building and managing the regular, green, clean and beautiful barracks" as the basis for units’ implementation. Attention has been paid to overcoming weaknesses, striving to fulfill all criteria’s of the roadmap to conduct the Resolution 623-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission on the “Military logistics work towards 2020 and the following years”.

Despite the difficulties and increasingly higher demands, thanks to the good leadership and creative implementation, the Corps has successfully accomplished the set objectives and targets, creating a remarkable change in the appearance of barracks.

In order to create favorable conditions for conducting the barracks work, attention has first been paid to successfully managing and exploiting the defence land. The fact shows that there have been areas where defence lands have been encroached on or in disputes, thereby causing difficulties in the planning, site clearance and capital construction. To solve it, the Department has advised the Corps’ Party Committee to issue a specialized resolution on the management of defense land. At the same time, the barracks work agency has actively and closely cooperated with the local authorities in reviewing and evaluating the current status of each area, closely inter-reviewing the land data to classify and strictly manage it in accordance with the state laws on land and the regulations of the Ministry of National Defence. To date, 100% of units of the Corps have received certificates on the improvement of their land area by the local authority. Then, they have dug trenches and erected walls to delimit boundaries, plugging landmarks, resolving cases of encroachment and disputes, making an important contribution to the building of safe units and secured areas.

Along with that, the Logistics Department has instructed agencies and units to promote the implementation of the overall plan on their barracks site. By synchronous measures, the Corps has completed the overall plan of the barracks site, the training ground, sport facilities, the garden, and the internal road, etc., in accordance with the assigned tasks of each unit. The task of constructing and managing the barracks has been strictly carried out. The camp's agencies at all levels have reviewed and classified the quality of barracks projects. On that basis, they have proactively planned the maintenance, medium-term and long-term construction, advising the Party Committee and commanding officers of their units on mobilizing resources to implement.

At the same time, the regulations and procedures for capital construction investment have been strictly followed; the approved projects have been actively brought into play; the management of capital construction investment, from the stage of surveying, designing to construction and acceptance has been strengthened, thus the investment efficiency and the prevention of loss and waste have been improved. In addition, attention has been paid to the work of management and maintenance of barracks, minimizing the degradation due to the impact of weather and climate. Facing the reality that the demand for repairing and upgrading the barracks is high while the resources are limited, the Corps has directed its units to focus on raising the awareness and responsibilities of officers and soldiers in managing and exploiting the barracks. At the same time, it has proactively promoted the spirit of self-reliance, mobilizing internal resources and strength of the forces to build and consolidate barracks, making it "regular, green, clean, and beautiful".

The Division 325’s Headquarters

The work of ensuring, managing and using electricity and water of the Corps has witnessed positive changes. Agencies and units have actively balanced allocated resources to invest in upgrading and building new electricity and water supply projects in accordance with technical requirements, especially in areas with limited water sources. At the same time, in order to further improve the living condition of the soldiers, emphasis has been placed on providing hot water facilities for the soldiers to use in the winter while applying measures to save electricity and water. The agencies and units regularly review and supplement the regulations on management and use of electricity and water, publicize and allocate electricity and water limits to each unit.

In order to effectively and efficiently use electricity and water sources, the Corps has actively directed the consolidation and completion of the electricity and water distribution system, separating electricity and water networks for daily-use and for missions. At the same time, it has encouraged units to install solar energy system to illuminate barracks, using power saving devices and reducing public lighting in unnecessary places. As a result, in the past 5 years, the Corps has saved more than 1.17 million kWh of electricity and tens of billions of VND of water.

Importance has been attached to the task of environmental protection and hygiene assurance right from the planning and construction stage. The units have actively decorated gardens; planted trees and lawns; maintained daily and weekly hygiene regulations; cleaned the dining rooms and kitchens, etc., ensuring that units’ area and the environment are always green, clean, and beautiful.

With positive, synchronous measures and the efforts by all officers and soldiers, the Corps’ emulation movement of "building and managing the regular, green, clean and beautiful barracks” has developed deeply, widely, vigorously and sustainably. The sense of awareness and responsibility towards using and managing barracks and assets, and the economical use of water and electricity have come into order. The environment and living condition are increasingly improved, creating unity and regularity in the barracks. To date, the entire Corps has basically completed the capital construction, ensuring the consistency, regularity and unity in the Corps. The headquarters, offices, training grounds, and technical facilities, etc., are reasonably planned with clear functioning areas.

Since 2012, the entire Corps has been awarded a number of honorable prizes, such as its Regiment 18 and Division 325’s excellent awards in the whole military contest for "building and managing regular, green, clean, and beautiful barracks". In the preliminary review of the 5-year (2012-2017) implementation of the movement of "Building and managing regular, green, clean, and beautiful barracks", 2 units and 1 individual from the Corps were awarded with Certificate of Merit and Circulation Flag by the Ministry of National Defence and the General Department of Logistics. The above-mentioned recorded achievements and experiences are the basis and premise for the Army Corps No.2 to continue leading and successfully implementing the contents of the movement of "Building and managing regular, green, clean, and beautiful barracks”, improving the quality and efficiency of barracks work, contributing to building a comprehensively strong Corps, fulfilling all assigned tasks.

Sr. Col. Bui Quang Khai, Chief of Logistic Department of the Corps

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