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Vietnam's achievements in building socialism and renewal - an irrefutable truth

Vietnam's achievements in building socialism and renewal cause over the past 90 years have not only been recognised by our people but also highly appreciated by the international community. However, some bad actors believe that our renewal cause has lost its momentum, so after the 13th Congress it will no longer be carried out, or if it is still the case, only a change in the political regime will do.

This is such a dangerous and blatant subversive rhetoric of hostile forces that aims to disorientate Vietnam’s revolution path. We have enough arguments to disprove that false claim.

The consistent goal of our Party and people is to fight for independence, freedom, unification, and advance forward to socialism. National independence associated with socialism is the main thread throughout Vietnam revolution over the past 90 years. During nearly a century of struggle, labour, creativity, our Party and people have gradually become more aware of the path to socialism, and implemented the goal of "rich people, strong, democratic, fair and civilised country”. We are realising that goal and ideal despite difficulties and challenges. Under the intelligent and talented leadership of the Party, our country has overcome difficulties, set out the Platform for national construction in the transition period to socialism and initiated the path of renewal and integrated into the world.

After 30 years of implementation of the 1991 Platform (supplemented and developed in 2011) and 35 years of renewal, “Our country has achieved great achievements of historical significance, strong and comprehensive developments compared to the time before renewal. The scale and level of the economy have been raised. People's lives, both physically and mentally, have been remarkably improved. Our country has never had such structure, potentiality, position and international reputation as today. This is the pride, the driving force, an important resource, the belief for the entire Party, the entire people and the entire army to overcome all difficulties and challenges ahead, and continue to step firmly on the path of comprehensive renovation, synchronous, rapid and sustainable development of the country”. The socialist-oriented market economy is gradually formed and developed; national industrialisation and modernisation are being accelerated; macro economy is stable, economic growth is maintained at a fairly high rate; growth quality is improved; and the scale and potential of the country's economy have increased. The fields of culture, society, education - training, science - technology, human development, natural resource management, environmental protection, and climate change response are emphasised and have gained significant results. Policies for social security, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, ethnicity and religion have been effectively implemented. Socio-political stability is maintained; defence and security are strengthened; foreign relations and international integration are increasingly deepened and widened, achieving many outstanding results. The strength of great national solidarity has been consolidated, and socialist democracy has been promoted. The construction of a socialist rule-of-law State has seen many progresses with effective and smooth operation. The organisation of the legislative, executive and judicial apparatus has been increasingly perfected. Party building and rectification work has been promoted comprehensively, synchronously, drastically with remarkable efficiency. In overall, all areas of the country's political, economic and social life are implemented synchronously, vigorously and effectively, supported unanimously by cadres, party members and people, and trusted by international friends.

The nature and mission of renewal. Renewal is a revolutionary, scientific movement, replacing the old with the new for the better. It is not until now, but during the revolutionary course, we have implemented that principle. However, this time, we carry out comprehensive, total, profound, continuous, well-prepared renewal with our own way after considering each specific and certain step. To conduct synchronous and harmonious renewal between economy and politics, with the aim of maintaining socialist orientation and successfully building socialism in our country. Renewal for development is synonymous with development, but it is a stable, oriented and targeted development. We have changed from centralised, bureaucratic, and subsidised mechanism to the market mechanism, but the State must manage and operate in the socialist orientation; renewal is for economic development, but that development must go hand in hand with social justice, avoiding the rich and poor gap. The whole process of renovation associated with opening up, integration and the cause of industrialisation and modernisation of the country is for implementing the strategy of rapid and sustainable development; building and strengthening production forces, consolidating and developing appropriate production relationships; raising the country to a new level, a new height. So renewal is to move towards socialism, to make the transition to socialism more and more clearly defined. Renewal is like a continuous flow of the whole society initiated, launched, led and implemented by the Communist Party of Vietnam since the 6th Congress of the Party (1986) up to now.

On the motivation and resources of renewal. If motivation and resources are considered the factors that create the power to promote development, then the driving force of renewal includes many recognizable factors.

Firstly, the motivational factor of renewal is that it was oriented and launched at the right time. We determined that renewal must follow socialist orientation. That is the right direction, meeting people’s desire. As carefully preparing for and launching renewal at the right time together with international integration, we are always proactive and creative in all situations. Therefore, we stand firm and thrive while reforms in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe failed.

Secondly, the achievements of the renovation cause over the past 35 years have added new vitality, strengthening its motivation, creating new position and force for our country. The new position and new force are the sum of great socio-economic achievements, the result of all-round development. The new acceleration is the remarkable ability, the continuous growth at a fairly high rate, creating momentum for the next stage. New position, force and acceleration create new stature and capabilities for the country. It not only represents the country's ability to reach out, but also a strong new capacity to continue promoting the renewal and development cause.

Third, the decisive factor is the domestic motivation and resources. An important driving force to serve and promote the renewal is the sum of all domestic resources, including not only accumulated capital and assets but also unused resources, which are advantages in geo-economics, geo-politics and most importantly, human resources, including intellectual and spiritual labour associated with national cultural traditions. Among these resources, the natural ones are quite abundant; land and geographical position are quite favourable; tradition are profound and specific; human and intellectual resources are extremely great.

Fourth, external resources are an important factor that if properly leveraged, they will create a driving force for the country’s renewal. External resources include: capital, technology, managerial experience, brainpower, human cultural quintessence. Once promoting all domestic resources, we will have all the conditions to attract external resources. With the expansion of many forms, with appropriate steps, measures and preferential policies, we will strongly encourage cooperation in economy, culture, science, technology and technology, especially foreign direct investments on a win-win basis.

Fifth, the compatibility between the "will of the Party" and "the heart of the people" is the decisive driving force for the renewal cause. That motivation stems from the creativity, intellectual bravery of the Party and our people, expressed in the ability to predict, grasp the factors and issues of the time, anticipate the right situation, plan clear steps,  get ready to create and seize opportunities, overcome risks and challenges to develop the country forward. As renewal is the harmony between the "will of the Party" and "the heart of the people", when the Party launched, our people enthusiastically responded, creating a great driving force for the effective implementation.

The achievements of Vietnam's revolutionary cause and national renewal are as clear as day, no one can deny them. Up to now, the scale of Vietnam's economy has reached 343 billion USD, ranked in the top 40 world economies and 4th in ASEAN. GDP per capita by 2020 was over 3,500 USD. Vietnam was in the top 10 countries with the highest economic growth in the world and one of the 16 most successful emerging economies in the world. Commenting on Vietnam, the US left-wing newspaper People's World, dated January 25, 2021, read: “The reason why the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam attracts international attention is that Vietnam has grown so strong in the international arena, becoming a powerful nation both economically and diplomatically”. The Straits Times, an English daily newspaper published in Singapore, on February 22, 2021 affirmed: “Vietnam's role in the international arena has increased in recent years. As the President of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2020, Vietnam led the regional organisation at the time of the Covid-19 crisis and helped the region successfully sign the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP). Vietnam is also a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the 2020-2021 term”. Korean KBS TV commented: “After a period of hardship in Vietnam, today has risen up with humanity. Vietnam stands tall, proudly integrates and goes hand in hand with humanity”.

It is clear that the whole revolutionary cause of the Party and people for nearly a century has not only gained great achievements of historical significance, but also continued to be promoted with rich and extremely great resources, in which some resources will never be exhausted. The current revolutionary and renewal cause consists of three factors: good opportunity, favourable conditions, and unanimous people. That is the biggest driving force, the most fundamental factor that will create new and great achievements, further fulfilling the goals, lofty ideals of: rich people, strong, democratic, fair, civilised country, advancing steadfastly to socialism. That is our stern answer.

Professor, PhD. VU VAN HIEN, Vice Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council

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