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To fight against the trick of taking advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to sabotage the Party and the State

Along with the positive impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (the Industrial Revolution 4.0) on socio-economic development, hostile forces, opportunists, and political opponents have also taken advantage of the Revolution to sabotage the revolution of our country, especially in the fields of thought and theory. Therefore, identifying and effectively fighting against the trick is a particularly important issue.

1. To identify the trick of taking advantage of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to sabotage the revolution of our country of hostile forces

During the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the strong developments of breakthrough technologies, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, quantum computers, cloud computing, huge and fast data systems, etc. have made cyberspace change profoundly in both quality and quantity. Based on the strengths of cyberspace, communication activities have been fully utilized by hostile forces that have created information chaos and disturbance in society with an attempt to make our cadres, Party members, and people change their mind, and disoriented in politics, leading to “self-evolution” and “self-transformation”. They have made the most of the mass media, digital technology, online media, forums, international conferences, domestic political and social events, etc. to sculpt and propagate wrong or hostile views and ideas.

The hostile forces have taken advantage of the global network information system with a large amount of information, which can be distributed both at home and abroad with high speed and easy access to meet the audio and visual needs etc. to build a series of websites and blogs with content that entice, incite, sabotage, and deny the ideological ground, guidelines, views, and leadership of the Party and policies and laws of the Stage. These websites are designed to use Vietnamese with multiple attractive forms of information to attract and entice visitors and hide reactionary and sabotage information to spread skepticism in society, particularly before sensitive issues, to makes people, especially the younger generation, more prone to misleading views of history, society and the Party's guidelines and policies and State policies and laws. Then, they may stray from belief and act against the interests of the country and the people.

In the military field, taking advantage of the achievements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, new generation weapons have been created, including energy weapons, biological genes, combat robots, etc. with outstanding features and qualitative leaps that make the morphology, nature, scale, methods, and tactics of future wars become sophisticated and dangerous with lethality levels much higher than those in previous wars. This fact makes the people and soldiers stressed, insecure, and anxious. It also becomes one of the “excuses” used by hostile forces to propagate their “weapon-bias” viewpoint to absolutize the role of modern weapons, promote the scientific and military power of capitalism, distort the nature of the relationship between human resources and weapons, etc. The above situation raises multiple complex issues and difficulties in struggling with the trick of taking advantage of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to sabotage the revolutionary career in our country today.

2. Solutions for the struggle to fail the trick of taking advantage of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to sabotage our country’s revolution

Taking advantage of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to sabotage our country's revolution is a real danger that causes difficulties and obstacles, preventing Vietnam from accessing and participating in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Therefore, we must be acutely aware and synchronously conduct solutions to timely and effectively struggle, in particular, focus on implementing a number of basic solutions as follows:

Firstly, to do well the work of political education and ideological orientation to create profound changes in the awareness of all organizations and forces in the struggle. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 gives every human being the enjoyment of the material and spiritual products of mankind at a cheaper, more convenient, and richer way. It, however, also makes people fall into a state of indistinguishability of right and wrong, good and evil, the real and the unreal, the right viewpoints and misrepresentations, etc. Therefore, the political education and ideological orientation must create a complete, correct, and consistent awareness in each organization and individual about the conspiracy and trick of taking advantage of the Revolution to sabotage our country’s revolution without being vague, delusional, and caught off guard. Resolution No.52-NQ/TW, issued on September 27th, 2019 by the Politburo (the 12th Tenure) on a number of guidelines and policies to actively participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, determines to avoid all manifestations of indifference, lack of confidence, passivity, but not be subjective, impatient, and single-minded. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly overcome the manifestations of simplification that, as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is purely a modern scientific and technological issue, not related to politics, it does not affect the struggle against conspiracy and trick of taking advantage of the Revolution to sabotage Vietnamese revolution.

On the other hand, it is necessary to be aware that this struggle will be very difficult and complex. It, as directly related to the existence of the regime and the destiny of the nation, should be led, directed, and organized strictly on the basis of full and profound awareness of all organizations and forces. Right perceptions could lead to high attitude and sense of responsibility in participating in struggle against the conspiracy  and trick of taking advantage of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to sabotage our country’s revolution, and, then, to ensure the task to be carried out proactively, positively, and effectively and overcome difficulties and problems in practice.

Secondly, to actively foster and improve the qualifications and comprehensive capacities for the force specializing in fighting against the enemies to take advantage of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to sabotage our country’s revolution. To maintain the initiative and timely and effectively struggle, it is required to build a specialized force with professional capacity and qualifications in all aspects to play the key role in the struggle. It is both urgent and fundamental in the long term to foster a force specializing in the comprehensive ideological and reasoning struggle, so that they can have stable political perseverance, high thinking and theoretical qualifications, sensitive methodology, and knowledgeableness. The further goal is to become the “experts” who are good at theory. In particular, to focus on fostering special training for the forces to ensure that they are technological savvy and proficient in foreign languages ​​to collect, receive, and process information and situations.

Finally, to continue to renovate and perfect policies and legal frameworks to create favorable conditions for individuals and organizations participating in the struggle. The struggle against the trick of taking advantage of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to sabotage the Party and the State, especially in the ideological and reasoning fields, is very tough, sensitive, and complex as it is related to the “political life” of the participants. That sets out and requires the establishment and regular review, supplementation, and improvement of management mechanisms and organizational methods to promote the highest of political awareness and sense of responsibility of each individual and organization to participate actively and effectively in the tough struggle. In particular, attention should be paid to appropriate remuneration policies to create conditions in all aspects, including political protection - protection of “political life” of the participants; focus on providing full, multi-dimensional and oriented information to refute wrong and hostile views and ideas. At the same time, to further strengthen the management role of the State and responsibilities of organizations and individuals in using social networks; to seriously, synchronously, and thoroughly implement the Network Security Law and relevant legal documents. To proactively use professional technical measures to identify, prevent, and remove information and documents with reactionary contents propagated and dispersed by hostile forces on cyberspace. The competent authorities at all levels need to strictly manage and strictly comply with the regulations on the access and exploitation of information on social network and the Internet and to prevent and control the disclosure of the State and military secrets that hostile forces can be used to sabotage and distort the Party's views and policies and the State's policies and laws.

Lieutenant Colonel, Assoc. Prof., PhD. NGUYEN DINH BAC, Political Academy, Ministry of National Defence

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