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Promoting tradition of Young Volunteers in Homeland construction and protection cause

National revolutionary history recorded remarkable contributions of a generation of patriotic Young Volunteers who were always ready to sacrifice their life for the cause of national liberation. Promoting that tradition, generations of Vietnamese youth today, under the Party’s leadership, have heightened revolutionary heroism and pioneered the cause of reform, Homeland construction and protection, and international integration process with numerous revolutionary action movements.

Implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s directive, on July 15th 1950, the Youth Mobilization of the Party Central Committee and the Vietnam National Salvation Youth Union Standing Central Committee founded the Central Young Volunteer Team to serve the resistance war. Since then, the Volunteer Force has unceasingly trained, matured and made significant contributions to the cause of national liberation and unification, Homeland construction and protection.

President Ho Chi Minh visiting a Youth Volunteer Company, January 12th 1967 (file photo)

During the resistance war against the French Colonialists, the Volunteer Force  brought into play the invincible strength to protect Central organs and build arterial routes serving the war. In the Campaign of Dien Bien Phu, more than 16.000 Volunteers always stood side by side with the armed forces, maintaining the flow of traffic at hot spots, such as Pha Din pass, Lung Lo pass, Co Noi T-junction, Ta Vai bridge. On March 1951, when visiting the Youth Volunteer Detachment 312 in Na Cu bridge (Bac Kan), Uncle Ho gave Vietnamese Youth and Volunteers four lines of verse: Nothing is impossible, If we have the perseverance, Digging the mountain and filling the ocean up, There’s a will there’s a win. His instructions have become the guideline for the youth’s actions, encouraging them to fight with the whole Party, military and people to gain victory in the historic Campaign of Dien Bien Phu ending the national enduring, glorious resistance war. 

During the resistance war against the US Imperialists, for national salvation, following the movements, namely “three readiness” and “five volunteering”, launched by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (Youth Union), Young Volunteers didn’t mind any difficulties, hardships, devoting themselves to and sacrificing their life for the cause of national liberation whose pinnacle was the 1975 Spring Great Victory liberating the South and unifying the country.

After the national unification, Young Volunteer came to the hardest places, devoting themselves to the tasks of handling war consequences, building and protecting the Homeland.

Ushering in the renewal period, the youth nationwide follow the “Volunteer Movement”, pioneering the startup movement and the national protection task. Rural and urban youth union member and young people accelerate the implementation of the movements, such as “The youth join hand in building new rural areas”, “The youth pioneer the building of civilized urban areas”. Youth union members and young people from public service, business and private service pioneer administrative reform, implement the “three responsibilities” movement, encourage initiatives and technical innovation, enhance product quality and productivity. Students are active in “Training and studying for future career” and “Students with 5 good things”. The armed forces youth are creative and active in mastering modern weapons and equipment, building regularity, following discipline, enhancing the quality of training and combat readiness.

To promote the role of the youth, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union has launched numerous revolutionary action movements with the Volunteer Movement as the focus. During the implementation process, it has ensured extensiveness, orientation, specificity, practicality, creativity, stability among youth union levels, groups of young people, fields, sectors and area, while developing international voluntary activities to involve all youth union members and young people in and gain support from the people, community and society. Also, it has focused on building and consolidating Youth Union organizations and training young personnel, maintaining social security and enhancing economic development effectively. It has strengthened the Youth Union’s organization and direction role and collaboration of levels and sectors in activities while encouraging the youth’s activeness and creativity, building activity models in accordance with the requirements set by the task of national construction and protection. Accordingly, the Youth Union should focus on the following measures:

First and foremost, continuing to raise a sense of awareness, thoroughly grasping the Party’s viewpoint on promoting the youth role in the industrialization and modernization era. Party committees, authorities and youth union levels should raise responsibility for building a revolutionary, patriotic, moral, pioneering and exemplary young generation and encouraging the youth to study, start business, work, master science and technology, and their voluntarism in the cause of industrialization, modernization and international integration. Unceasingly innovating the contents and methods, enhancing the quality of activities of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. Strengthening leadership and direction of party committees and authorities at levels over the Youth Union organizations, building and developing Volunteer units. Successfully implementing the Party’s resolutions, the State’s policy and law on training the youth and promoting their role in the cause of national construction and protection.

Second, strengthening the role of youth union organizations in building and developing the  Volunteer Force. In this regard, it is necessary to adhere to guideline and political, socio-economic tasks of localities to propose measures for consolidating the existing Volunteer Youth units and establishing the new ones. Building  Youth Volunteer Commanding Board and General Unit at localities, ensuring the force for effectively implementing programs and projects. Developing  Youth Volunteer General Units from the Youth Union’s Program Management Committees, focusing on youth units for natural disaster, forest fire prevention and combat, environment protection, traffic safety, urban civilization maintenance. Upgrading vocational training centers and educational establishments of the force of Young Volunteers; developing enterprises of Young Volunteers in the fields of production, business and public benefit. Developing politically strong, enthusiastic, highly responsible Volunteer leaders and Volunteers, involving young graduates from universities and vocational training schools in Volunteer units.

Third, continue to study and renew the Youth Union’s methods for socio-economic development. Stepping up the Project on recruiting young intellectual volunteers to go to communes for rural and mountainous areas in the period of 2013 - 2020; the Project on sending young intellectual volunteers to economic and defence zones in the period of 2010 - 2020. Implementing the Pilot Project on youth fleet in Paracel and Spratly Islands; organizing social security activities, building flag towers on youth islands, outpost islands.

Fourth, accelerating the implementation of Youth Union organizations’ projects on socio-economic development. During the implementation process, Youth Union organizations have frequently mobilized young intellectuals and volunteers in the area of projects to help the people and the youth start business. Moreover, they have conducted technical and technological transfer, supported the development of household economy sustainably, built new rural areas, “eradicated hunger, reduced poverty”, eliminated illiteracy. Focusing on organizing cultural and sport activities, improving the people’s spiritual life, protecting environment and maintaining security and defence in the project area.

Fifth, strengthening the state management of the Youth Union participation in socio-economic development. Provincial (Municipal) Youth Union should proactively and persistently give advice to  party committees, authorities, state organs on mechanisms and policies to promote the youth role. Offering provincial (municipal) people’s committee to assign the Youth Union projects on socio-economic development in isolated and remote areas, environment protection, natural disaster settlement, security maintenance.

The Youth Volunteer Force is a brilliant symbol of the Vietnamese youth. Voluntarism and creativity have become noble virtues of Vietnamese young people and the solid fulcrum for them to promote tradition of their elders to successfully carry out the cause of Homeland construction and protection in the industrialization, modernization and international integration era, for the goal of wealthy people, strong nation, democracy, equality and civilization.

Le Quoc Phong

Alternate Member of the Party Central Committee

First Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Executive Committee

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