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A congress of belief and aspiration

In the exciting atmosphere of the first days of the new year 2021, the entire Party, people and troop eagerly headed to Hanoi Capital, where the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam was convened and successfully ended with pride, strong belief and aspiration for the country's development in the 2021 – 2026 term and the following years.

Over the past 91 years leading the revolutionary cause, the Communist Party of Vietnam has held twelve congresses, each of which marked a glorious milestone, marking the glorious history of Vietnam’s revolution under its leadership. Implementing the Resolution of the 12th Congress of the Party in the context of both opportunities, advantages, disadvantages, and challenges. The situations of the world, region, East Sea, climate change, natural disasters, pandemics are complicated, etc. However, the entire Party, people and troop have strived to overcome difficulties and challenges, and involve the entire political system, business community and people of the country to implement synchronously and effectively the set objectives, tasks and solutions and achieved very important and comprehensive achievements in almost all fields. Under the leadership of the Party, our country has responded quickly, promptly, flexibly and effectively to natural disasters, epidemics, especially the Covid-19 pandemic; managed to maintain, restore and develop the economy. The country was listed as one of the 10 countries in the world with highest GDP growth rate. Developments and congresses were seen in the fields of culture, society, health, education, training, science and technology. Defence and security were strengthened; national sovereignty, peaceful and stable environment were maintained, creating favorable conditions for national development. Party building continued to be promoted, achieving many outstanding and impressive results, with positive changes, etc. The achievements of the past five years are a very important component of the great achievements, of historical significance during 35 years of renewal, marking the maturity in all aspects of our Party, State and People, contributing to the very important and comprehensive achievements of the 12th term; providing our country with unprecedented opportunity, potential, position and international reputation, creating new belief, resources and motivation for us to stand firm under the light of Resolution and objectives and tasks set out by the 13th Congress.

Overview of the 13th National Party Congress (Photo:

The 13th National Congress of the Party is of great historical significance. With the motto of Solidarity - Democracy - Discipline - Creativity - Development, the congress has summarised 5 years of implementing the Resolution of the 12th Congress, 05 years of implementing the Plan of socio-economic development for 2016 – 2021 period and 35 years of renewal (1986 - 2021); summarised the implementation of the 10-year socio-economic development strategy for 2011-2021 period; built the 10-year socio-economic development strategy for 2021 – 2030 period and the Party building and rectification work, etc. In particular, at this Congress, our Party has determined the vision for the country’s development, expressing the great aspirations of the Party and the legitimate aspirations of the people towards the historical mark of the Party and the nation. The Party's directing view for achieving the set goal is to be determined and creatively apply and develop Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought, the goal of national independence and socialism. Strongly arouse patriotism, national resilience, development aspiration and the strength of great national unity; promote socialist democracy, the synergy of both the political system and the culture and people of Vietnam. At the same time, enhance and foster people's strength; improve the quality of resources, attract and appreciate talents; promote innovation, strongly apply science and technology, especially the achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, create a new driving force for the country's rapid and sustainable development, etc.

In order to bring the resolution of the Congress to life, the Congress has elected the Central Executive Committee, the Politburo, the Secretariat for the 2021-2026 term to take great responsibility entrusted by the Party and the nation. This is a short-listed staff, selected following a strict process to make sure all are talented and enthusiastic. Although our road ahead still embraces many difficulties and challenges, we have enough bases to remain steadfast with the Party and the decisions made by the 13th Congress. With courage, will, wisdom and practical experience of 91 years leading the revolution, our Party will definitely bring the revolutionary cause of the nation to success; strive for the goal of a developed country towards socialist orientations by the middle of the 21st century.

For many months now, people from all over the country have eagerly awaited this important event; launched and implemented many activities and movements of patriotic emulation in an exciting and practical manner; scored excellent achievements towards the 13th Congress of the Party. During the collection of feedbacks to the draft documents submitted to the 13th Congress of the Party, there were millions of enthusiastic opinions of cadres, party members and people, showing high political sense and responsibility for the revolutionary cause of the Party and nation; the consensus, deep belief in the leadership of the Party and the socialist regime.

Sharing the heroic and excited spirit of the Party and people, officers and soldiers of the Vietnam People's Army always maintain their deep faith, absolute loyalty to the Party and the regime; stay united, vigilant, and will always be a sharp tool of violence to protect the Party, Fatherland and the People. Thoroughly grasping the Resolution of the 13th Congress of the Party, the Army will actively grasp the situation, advise the Party and State, closely coordinate with other forces in performing well military and defence tasks, not to be made passive and surprised in any situations. At the same time, it will focus on force development and restructuring in lean, compact and strong direction; improve training quality, combat readiness level; act as the core in building an all-people national defence and solid defence area; strengthen foreign defence affairs; maintain the flesh and blood relation with the people; get ready to perform the “combat tasks in peacetime” to handle non-traditional security challenges, with the motto that where there are difficulties and hardships, there are soldiers .

Spring has come to our country with both belief and expectation about the country's future development under the leadership of the Party. We have the right to be proud of our Party and our nation in the Ho Chi Minh era. Despite the ups and downs of history, we all strived to overcome with many great miracles to develop the nation along the way chosen by the Party, Uncle Ho and our people. The spirit of the 13th Congress of the Party merges with the Spring of the country, the “Party’s will” harmonises with the “people's heart and mind”, creating new impetus and strength to bring the Vietnam’s revolutionary to glory.

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