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The entire Army strives to sucessfully accomplish technical work in 2018

In 2017, technical work in the Army was innovated and achieved many important results, which contributed to the successful accomplishment of the entire Army’s assigned tasks. Promoting such achievements, the entire Army should closely follow the military and defense directions and tasks and continue to promote internal strength, overcome difficulties, and well implement the targets and tasks of technical work in 2018.

With the spirit of "initiative, creativity, self-reliance, and self-reliance", in 2017, the entire Army made efforts to overcome difficulties, deploy all aspects of technical work, and achieved positive results. Particularly, the Technical Sector, directly the General Technical Department, did a good job of advising the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence on developing the Project on technical assurance of weapons and equipment in the 2018-2025 period, and the Project on planning for all-Army weapons and technical equipment repair establishments. The Sector also advised on constructing and organizing effective implementation of programs on improvement and increase of durability of weapons and technical equipment in the direction of prolonging the lifetime and increasing firing range, firepower, or mobility, etc. At the same time, the Sector closely followed its functions and tasks and actively studied to innovate and improve the quality and efficiency of technical work as well as to consolidate the structure of the Technical Sector, and perfecting the method of technical assurance for new-generation weapons and technical equipment to suit with the practical situation and meet the requirements of building the Army, strengthening national defense, and protecting the country in the new situation.

The objectives and targets of technical work were met and exceeded the plan with increasingly high quality. The Technical Sector sufficiently and timely supplied weapons and technical equipment to units conducting training, maneuver, combat readiness, search and rescue, and extraordinary tasks. In particular, the Sector successfully completed technical task for large-scale drills such as TL-17, MB-17, DT-17, and participated in the protection of the APEC-2017.

Lt. Gen Le Quy Dam addressing at a contest of the technical sector Army-wide

In 2018, the military and defense tasks and the Army building continue to set higher requirements. The entire Army is to carry out several large and important tasks. Besides, the demand for technical assurance increases sharply, especially the assurance for combat readiness and unplanned missions.Therefore, in order to successfully complete the targets and tasks of technical work, all military units, particularly technical agencies at all levels, should firmly grasp their functions and tasks and strictly follow the resolutions and directives of the Central Military Commission and those of the Ministry of National Defence. Moreover, they should also continue to promote their core role and comprehensively and synchronously implement the technical work. Of which,  the following main contents should be focused on:

First of all, actively counselling the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defense, the Party committees and commanders at all levels to lead and direct the implementation of the technical work. It is necessary to keep close to the functions, tasks, agencies, and units in order to firmly grasp the quantity, quality, and compatibility of weapons and technical equipment serving the tasks of combat readiness and protection of border sovereignty, air spaces, and sea areas and those for search and rescue task, etc. Thereby, advise and organize effective implementation of Project on technical assurance of weapons and equipment in the 2018-2025 period, the medium-term investment plan, and other programs and targets for the implementation of the Resolution No.382/ĐUQSTW in accordance with the approved roadmap to create a breakthrough in improving the quality and reliability of weapons and technical equipment. In order to maintain the quality of weapons and technical equipment and increase the capacity of exploiting, mastering, and ensuring technical skills for new and modern weapons and technical equipment, the entire Army should focus on implementing technical aspects comprehensively but with focuses. Agencies and units of the Sector, on the one hand, should pay attention to promoting the application of new technologies in the exploitation and use of weapons and technical equipment. On the other hand, they should improve the quality of repair, storage, and maintenance at all levels. Accordingly, functional departments of the General Technical Department should strengthen the monitoring and direction of key projects on weapons and technical equipment repair and prioritize factory repair of weapons and technical equipment serving combat readiness, training, protection of border sovereignty and islands, search and rescue, and counterterrorism tasks and new-generation equipment. Regimes of storage, maintenance, and repair and technical parameters of weapons and technical equipment should be strictly maintained in accordance with regulations. Focus should also be placed on revising and resolutely eliminating and disposing Grade-5 ammunition and unplanned and unusable weapons and technical equipment to avoid risks of fire and explosion.

Besides, importance should be attached to building capacity of warehousing along with promoting renovation and improvement of the quality of technical training. Adhering to the Training Command of the Chief of the General Staff and the Technical Training Instructions 2018 of the General Technical Department, units should concentrate on improving the quality of training to ensure that technical staffs are capable of exploiting, mastering, and ensuring technical skills necessary for existing weapons and technical equipment, especially those of new generation and high technologies. In order to achieve high results, units should actively coordinate with functional agencies and promote the renewal of technical training contents and forms in the spirit of the Resolution No.765-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission and the specialized resolution on the training work of the Party Committee of the General Technical Department.

Facing the urgent requirements of modernizing the Army and the Sector, it is necessary to continue stepping up scientific and technological research activities; strengthen technical management and build strong technical agencies and units at all levels. The research centers and institutions should step up research and application of scientific and technological advances to thoroughly solve the issues of exploiting and repairing weapons and technical equipment with focus placed on exploiting, repairing, and upgrading weapons and technical equipment in the planning for long-term use. At the same time, much attention should be paid to exploiting and mastering weapons and hi-tech equipment that have been and will be procured to suit with the conditions of combat and the military arts of Vietnam. Agencies and units should maintain regular formalities in technical work, build up strong technical agencies and technical establishments in accordance with the Directive No.917/1999/CT-BQP issued by the Minister of Defense, and, at the same time, accelerate the application of information technology to the management, command, and administration of technical work to ensure the quantity, quality, uniformity of weapons and technical equipment, technical facilities, and technicians. Specialized units should study and deploy solutions and equipment of new technologies in fire and explosion prevention and control, and the improvement of working conditions to ensure the safety of warehouses, stations, workshops, especially arsenals. Additionally, inspection and strict control of weapons and ammunition in service of training or maneuvers, etc should be conducted to prevent unexpected situations.

Moreover, in 2018, the entire Army should continue to thoroughly grasp and step up the implementation of the Campaign 50 in association with the Determined to Win Emulation movement and other campaigns, and improve the quality of technical work to meet the requirement of building up a "Revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly modern" Army and firmly defending the socialist Motherland of Vietnam.

Lieutenant General Le Quy Dam, Director of the General Technical Department

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