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Regiment 3 builds comprehensively strong unit

Infantry regiment 3, under Division 324, Military Region 4 is a main and mobile unit tasked with training, maintaining combat readiness and other ad hoc duties assigned by upper levels. Grasping the resolutions, directives of upper levels, and basing on its features, situation, functions and tasks, the Party Committee and Commandant of the Regiment have determined that: building comprehensive strong unit must be conducted in a regular, synchronous, and practical manner with emphasis being paid to the enhancement of political work, training, combat readiness level, disciplining, regularity, technical support  and living standard of troops.

In building the unit politically strong, the Party Committee and Commandant determine that enhancing the political steadfastness, will, determination, attitude, responsibility of cadres and soldiers in their task accomplishment is of primary importance. Therefore, the Regiment employs various methods and measures of political and ideological education for its cadres and soldiers; seriously and effectively implements the Project of “Renewing political education at units in the new situation”, the Regulations for political education in the Military and Militia and Self-Defence Forces of Vietnam. Actively has renewals in the contents, models and methods of education to suit the reality; combines basic education with regular education, legal education with practical activities with different methods. The Regiment has also paid attention to the thinking and wishes of troops to opportunely settle the emerging matters to make its cadres and soldiers enthusiast with their work. Thereby, its political, ideological and internal situations have always been kept stable and unified. Its cadres and soldiers have nurtured firm political steadfastness. They absolutely believe in the leadership of the party committees, and the management and operation of commandant. Furthermore, they have also promoted high sense of responsibility; committed to the unit and accomplished all assigned tasks.

Its party committees have deployed various guidelines and measures for effectively implementing the Directive No. 184/CT-ĐU of the Standing Office of the Military Region’s Party Committee, the Directive No. 250-CT/ĐU of the Standing Office of the Division’s Party Committee on building the "three-good and three-no" party cell models associated with the Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo (12th tenure) on strengthening the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh thought, morality and style and the Central Resolution No.4 (12th tenure) on Party building and rectification. Seriously adheres to the regimes and improves the quality of Party meetings; opportunely adjusts and supplements the regulations, programs and plans of party organisations. Thereby, robust changes have been made, and the leadership capability, combativeness of party committees, party cells have been enhanced.

Honouring soldiers with outstanding achievements in training

The systems of documents and plans regarding combat readiness have been built and supplemented sufficiently in accordance with the Order of the Military Region’s Commander. It has conducted thorough practice of the plans for manoeuvre readiness in case of emergencies. It has also adhered seriously to the on-guard and patrol duties to ensure absolute safety of the targets assigned; coordinated with local party committees and authorities to participate in natural disaster prevention and control, forest fire fighting, search and rescue, contributing to maintaining political security, social safety and order in its operational area.

Grasping and seriously implementing the Resolution No. 765-NQ/TW of the Central Military Commission on “Enhancing the training quality in the 2013 – 2020 period and beyond”, the order of the Military Region’s commander and other directives, instructions of upper levels on training, operational readiness, the Regiment have built programs and plans for implementing this work. Annually, its party committees issue specialised resolutions on leading the implementation of training task and mapped out measures for enhancing its training quality. Thereby, 100% of its cadres and soldiers are fully aware of their duties and task requirements. They have become excited, proactive, self-motivated and determined in their task performance for successfully accomplishing the training and combat readiness tasks.

During training, all of its levels have stuck to the "basic, practical and solid" motto with attention being paid tosynchronous, and in-depth training. The Regiment regularly conducts training to unify method of training and practice; builds regularity, improves working style and skill for dealing with situations; thoroughly settle the relations, especially that between cadres and soldiers to make robust changes in the perception, capability and responsibility for its cadres to make them steadfast in politics, expert in their profession, and skillful in their methodology. Thereby, 100% of its cadres are capable of conduct training according to decentralised levels, in which 90% of battalion-level cadres, 70% of company and platoon-level cadres are rated good and excellent. Its exercises are conducted in a relevant and safe manner and it has gained high prizes in the festivals and contests held by upper levels. In 2015 and 2016, the Regiment was awarded with the “Good training unit” Flags by the Ministry of National Defence.

Building regularity, disciplining and ensuring safety for the unit are considered a breakthrough in its building of comprehensive strong unit. Therefore, the Regiment’s Party Committee and Commandant have deployed a number of guidelines and synchronous measures for realizing this task and employed flexibly different models and methods of comprehensive and thorough education and propagation for all objects, in which emphasis is placed on new recruits. The foci of education and propagation are the Circular No. 192/TT-BQP dated 16 November  2016 of the Minister of National Defence on “Regulations for disciplining in the Ministry of National Defence”, the Directive No. 91/CT-BQP dated 22 November 2016 of the Minister of National Defence on “Strengthening the management, education and observance of Military disciplines”, the Directive No. 103/CT-BQP dated 28 November 2019 of the Minister of National Defence on “Strengthening the management, education of discipline and safety precaution obedience in the Vietnam People’s Army”, and the Directive No. 22/CT-TM dated 05 July 2019 of the Chief of General Staff on “Strengthening some measures for education and management over the observance of state laws, military disciplines and safety precautions in the Vietnam People’s Army”, the Resolution of the Division’s and Regiment’s Party Committees on “Leading the enhancement of the quality of Military disciplining and safety in the 2016 – 2020 period and beyond”, the safety regulations in training and traffic. Together with diversifying the contents and methods of legal propagation and education, the Regiment also seriously maintains the regimes of regularity, strictly controls its strength, especially the task forces. Thereby, its cadres and soldiers aware that building regularity and disciplining are necessary and important to building the unit comprehensively strong and a ground for improving it overall quality and combat power. They, then, have upheld their sense of responsibility and self-disciplining.

The Regiment’s Party Committee and Commandant have also led and directed the unit to surmount difficulties to successfully carry out technical and logistic support work, meeting the requirements of tasks. It regularly ensures enough logistic reserve for the task of combat readiness. Its commanders have always promoted their strong will, dare to think and dare to do spirit, overcome the difficulties to strengthen production for improving the provision for troops; thoroughly conducted prevention and control of diseases, particularly the Covid-19 pandemic; adhered to the food hygiene regulations; improved the quality of healthcare, thereby 98.5% of its troops have good health and 100% of its units are rated as “good nourishing unit”. At the same time, it effectively carried out the Drive of “Managing and exploiting weaponry and technical equipment in an effective, durable, safe, and thrifty manner and Traffic Safety” and the movement of “Promoting technical innovations” throughout the units; ensured sufficient and synchronous weapon and technical equipment for all tasks.

The achievements gained in the building of comprehensive strong unit is an important premise of the Infantry Regiment 3 to successfully accomplish all assigned tasks, and an important driving force for its cadres and soldiers to continue to make the Regiment deserve the title of Heroic People’s Armed Forces Unit.

Major DANG QUOC ANH, Political Commissar of the Regiment

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