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Quang Tri Border Guards enhance quality of border gate management

Quang Tri Border Guard manages a border line of 179.6 km bordering Lao and the East Sea with  2 international border gates, 4 border gates, and 1 seaport border gate. These areas are of special importance in terms of security, economy and diplomacy. Especially, the Lao Bao International Border Gate lies in the national road No.9, the inter-Asia route linking Vietnam with other countries on the East – West economic corridor. The La Hay International Border Gate lies in the national road 15D linking with central provinces and Lao and northeastern province of Thailand. It serves as a gateway to Mekong subregion countries. Thanks to the attention of the Party and State, in recent years, the system of border gates, particularly the two international ones have been upgraded and gradually modernized to serve the task of immigration control. Implementing the Greater Mekong Subregion Cross-Border Transport Agreement, since February 6, 2015, at the two international border gates Lao Bao of Vietnam and Densavan of Lao, the one-stop-shop customs model was officially launched, creating a breakthrough in  administrative reform and enhancing the quality of border gate management.

To successfully accomplish its assigned tasks, along with strengthening operations on the whole border line, the Party Executive Committee and Commanders of Quang Tri Border Guard have persistently and synchronously implemented the guidelines and measures for enhancing the quality of border gate management. Basing on the Resolution No.84-NQ/ĐU of the Border Guard High Command on “Enhancing the quality and efficiency of border gate work of the Border Guards in the new situation”, Quang Tri Provincial Border Guard Command has built the Resolution No.03-NQ/ĐU on “Enhancing the quality of border gate management of Quang Tri Border Guards in the new situation” and directed its units, border gate posts to build their leadership resolutions, action plans and programs to fit the functions, tasks and features of each areas. Over the past time, the provincial border guard has strengthened political education, propagada and dissemination about border gate work for officers, soldiers working at border gates focusing on procedures of border gate control, Vietnam Immigration Law, law on the entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam, the Decree No. 136/2007/ND-CP on Vietnamese citizens’ exit and entry, the Decree No. 112/2014/ND-CP on the management of land border gates, the Decree No. 50/2008/ND-CP on management, protection of security and order at seaport border gates, etc.

Border guards of Lao Bao International Border Gate present flower to first two foreigners immigrating to Vietnam with electronic visa

To successfully fulfill the task of border gate management in the new situation, Party Executive Committee (PEC) and commanders of the provincial border guard command have paid attention to the staff development at border gates and seaports to ensure sufficiency in quality and quantity, considering it the decisive factor for the quality and efficiency of border gate management. Basing on the resolutions, guidelines and direction of the PEC and High Command of Border Guards, the province usually consolidates the organization and staff of border gate posts. Accordingly capable, experienced, creditable personnels are posted to key border gates. Notably, the provincial border guard command has suggested the Border Guards High Command the staff perfection plans for Lao Bao international border gate, La Hay international border gate, Cua Viet port and checkpoints at subsidiary border gates towards basic, realistic and long term direction; realizing the standardization of scout personnels at international border gates to enhance the efficiency of solving situation in border and border gate areas. Besides, to improve the level and expertise for the staff working at border gates, the command has directed to strictly carry out training, focusing on the limitations and difficult matters, such as: checking and controlling in the implementation of one-stop-shop model, mastering information technology, foreign languages, passport checking, immigration procedures, and improving working style, management and equipment exploitation capability, etc. To achieve efficiency, the Provincial Border Guard has also conducted rotation of force at border gate units to ensure objectivity, democracy, and improve expertise, capability for officers and soldiers. To date, 100% of the officers and non-commissioned officers working at the provincial border gates have been equipped with the right qualification and able to use specialized equipment for immigration control, over 40% can speak foreign languages, mainly English and Lao.

Border gate control relates to various forces. Therefore, in order to achieve a synergy in the protection of border security and territory, the Provincial Border Guard Command has coordinated with the Provincial Customs Department, the PA72 Department under the Provincial Public Security and the border gate posts of Laos to build coordination plan; regularly reviewed and adjusted content, program and plan for border gate control to make them relevant to functions and tasks of each force; adhering to periodically briefing, reviewing and experience sharing mechanisms among forces working at border gates to avoid loopholes and overlaps in function and task. Particularly, with unsynchronized documents relating to the operations of “one-stop-shop” model , the Provincial Border Guard Command has directed the Lao Bao International Border Gate Post to build and coordinate with Densavan Police Post to enhance the quality of controlling and checking of this model.

In addition, the Provincial Border Guard Command has also strengthened checking and supervisory work at border gates; attaching it with other border works, such as combatting crime and border diplomacy; strictly implemented the work of border gate information and report briefing; successfully conducted the task of internal protection and management; timely adjusted  wrongdoings and strictly punished manifestations of law and rule violations. Thereby, border gate control has been made regular, meeting the requirements and mission of managing and protecting national border security and international integration.

With a number of synchronous and positive measures, the quality of border gate control at Quang Tri Border Guards has improved significantly, making immigration control convenient and fast. Through immigration control, the Provincial Border Guard has found out and settled hundreds of incidents relating to national security, social order and safety, contributing to the effective prevention of law violation and safeguarding border security.

Upholding the achievements, in the coming time, Quang Tri Border Guard will actively coordinate with relating forces to thoroughly implement this task, exploiting the strengths and potentials of border, seaport and coastal areas for the mission of socio-economic development and national sovereignty and security protection.

Senior Colonel Hoang Huu Chien, PhD

Commander of the Quang tri Border Guard Command

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