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Party’s viewpoint in combining defence, security and diplomacy in international integration

The reality shows that the combination between defence, security and diplomacy has always been a matter of strategic importance deciding the success of Vietnamese revolution in each certain period of time. It is an objective combination and an urgent need in the cause of national construction and defence in the present context of international integration.

From the lessons drawn from the past 30 years of renewal and the evaluation of the internal, regional and the world situation, the 12th National Congress of the Party pointed out that: “to closely combine between defence, security and diplomacy”, meeting the requirements of the cause of national construction and defence in the new situation. This is a fundamental viewpoint, showing clearly the Party’s development in theoretical thinking on defence, security and diplomacy, particularly the importance of the combination between these factors in the creation of the synergy  for the country’s development and firm protection of our socialist Fatherland. This development not only mentions the goals and requirements but also points out solutions for combining these factors in the context of the country’s extensive international integration.

At the previous congresses, this was mentioned as: “To supplement the regulations for mechanism to combine defence, security and diplomacy” in several realistic activities (at the 10th Congress) and “To continue to broaden international cooperation and relations in the fields of defence and security” (at the XI Congress). At the 12th Congress, basing on the realistic situation, our Party demanded that such combination must be comprehensive, synchronous and steady in all contents and localities, from micro to macro scale, both internally and externally. This shows that in essence, the above viewpoint is an inheritance and promotion of the nation’s tradition on Homeland protection and become the Party’s viewpoint in the cause of national liberation in the past and the present cause of national construction and defence. It also shows the Party’s independence, self-reliance, flexibility, creativity and sensitiveness in the appreciation of the situation, objects and partners, etc. setting ground for mapping out national protection strategies.

The new point in this viewpoint is that for the first time, together with stating the combination between defence, security and diplomacy, our Party also stresses the necessity to “strengthen international cooperation in defence, security” and considers it one of the basic solutions create a breakthrough in order to bring about potentials for defence and security through that combination in the new condition. It both  reaffirms the position and importance of diplomacy in the time of integration and development and reflects the dialectical and inseparable relation among factors of this combination. In this relation, defence and security both have a close link with each other and serve as basis and target for diplomacy. In its turn, diplomacy makes great contribution to enhancing the potential and effectiveness of defence and security.

In the coming time, under the affect of globalization and international integration, the world and regional situation will  be complex with quick changes, impliciting unanticipated risks of instability. Sovereignty and territorial disputes in the East Sea, trans-national crimes, natural disaster, epidemic, etc are on the rise. Interally, hostile forces are fostering their acts of sabotage with “Peaceful evolution” strategy and pushing up “self evolution” and “self transformation” with the aim to removing the leadership of the Party and socialist regime. Therefore, the task of strengthening the combination between defence, security and diplomacy in order to fulfill the mission of national protection must be thoroughly and seriously grasped from central to grassroots levels and then implemented a number of solutions synchronously, focusing on the following ones:

First, strengthening the coordination in studying, evaluating and anticipating situation which directly influences the cause of national defence. This is a content of greatest importance in the combination between defence, security and diplomacy. The results of which are crucial and directly affect all aspects of social life, and more importantly they are related to  the existence and development of the country. Therefore, it is necessary to have a close combination and coordination between levels and forces of the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to collect and analyse information to exactly and and timely anticipate the world situation.

Second, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of giving advice to the Party and State in order to map out sound guidelines and sharp policies on settling internal and external affairs. This is an important, complicated and difficult task that is hard to be fulfiled by a single organ or force hence it needs the coordination between defence, security and diplomatic forces. Basing on the results of studies and anticipation, forces, particularly specialized forces of the MND, MPS and MOFA should have an active coordination in evaluating and reviewing the situation to give advice to the Party and State. Coordination should be regulated in the right direction to avoid repetitive, unsystematic, wasteful and inadequate activities. It is also demanded that advisory work should be objective, scientific, andcorrect. Its content should be comprehensive with focal points on urgent emerging issues. In the context of the extensive globalization and international integration; the interconnected interests of countries become a major trend, the correct and clear specification of partners and objects as well as threats to the country is a priority in coordination.

Third, actively coordinating activities in the international integration process to ensure national interests. Defence, security and diplomacy are important and core aspects of the cause of national protection. For this reason, the combination of these aspects must be tight and harmonious in both perception and action. In this complex situation, such combination should create a synergy for the entire people to combat and defeat the “Peaceful evolution” strategy of hostile forces as well as violations of our sovereignty and territory in border, maritime and island areas. During the implementation, it is necessary to follow principles, methods and procedures, ensuring a smooth and close coordination and timely support to each other among these forces in order to firmly protect the independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and national security and maintain the peaceful and stable environment for the country’s development.

Senior Colonel Ta Quang Chuyen, MA.

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