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Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs strengthens defense work

Strengthening defense work in ministries and sectors is a strategic guideline of our Party and State. As for the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs, the work has been attached with importance in both awareness and implementation, contributing to the cause of Homeland protection and defense.

Thoroughly grasping and seriously adhering to the defense lines and viewpoints of the Party, over the past years, together with the implementation of its political tasks, the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs has attached great importance to the implementation of the defense tasks and considered it the momentum that promotes the fast and sustainable development of the sector. Especially, it has coordinated closely with other ministries, forces and localities, combined the implementation of social policies with defense tasks with a number of diverse and creative models and methods and gained significant results.

Ms Dao Hong Lan at a reception for national contributors

To continue its successful implementation of the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress on closely combining economic, cultural and social fields with defense and security and defense and security with economic, cultural and social fields in its field, the Ministry advocates combining closely the implementation of social policies with strengthening defense work in each area, localities and through out the country with synchronous measures, focusing on the followings:

1. Improving social security policies together with fulfilling defense tasks in localities, particularly strategic and key ones. After the country was reunified, together with economic development and defense and security consolidation, we had to settle various social problems left by the war. Besides, a number of adverse effects also emerged when we develop a socialist oriented market economy, such as unemployment, rich and  poor gap, social evils, etc, which if not dealt with timely, will cause social and political instabilities and undermine people’s consensus and negatively affect the country’s defense policy. For this reason, strengthening social security together with thoroughly implementing defense tasks is both a goal, momentum and a dialectical relation between sustainable development and Homeland protection. This is also our Party and State’s consistent policy, representing the good nature of socialist regime. To do that, the Ministry will continue to study and propose to the Party and State the system of social policies, including social security policies to ensure that all people can have approach to job, poverty reduction, social insurance, etc, and combine policies on poverty reduction with socio-economic development and defense and security consolidation. Accordingly, it is necessary to develop labor market to create new jobs, improve the quality of human resource; thoroughly carry out favorable mechanisms and policies for national devotees, policies for the rear of the military and the prevention and control of social evils, contributing to maintaining political stability, social safety and order and strengthening defense and security. Especially, it is necessary to improve people’s living standard, particularly for ethnic minorities and needy people in remote, border, sea and island areas. Priority should be given to the development of socio-economic base in focal communes in defense and security. Build and implement favorable policies to encourage people to come to and settle in remote and border areas. Continue to thoroughly implement policies on sustainable hunger eradication and poverty reduction in poor communes to contribute to build “people’s heart and mind posture” and firm defensive zones. In addition, promote international integration, protect rights and benefits of laborers in accordance with international standards and conventions on labor and society to which Vietnam is a signatory.

2. Strengthen defense and security education and training. Basing on the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws on the work, the Party Executive Committee and leaders of the Ministry, together with leaders of its affiliated departments, have thoroughly grasped and adhered to the directives and resolutions of the Party and the Central Military Commission on defense and security education and training. First, as of the defense and security education, the Ministry has strictly carried out the Plan 02/KH-HDGDQOANTW dated  06 January 2015 of the Central Council for Defense and Security Education on the defense and security education work in the 2015 – 2020 period. Annually, the Ministry’s Military Command screens and grasps exactly high-ranking cadres of the ministry who needs training and advise its leaders to send them to defense and security courses. To date, those cadres have basically finished the courses with good results. As for the remaining objects, the Ministry has actively opened courses and directed its affiliated departments to coordinate with local military offices to carry out defense and security training for them, meeting the requirements in quality and quantity. Thereby, awareness and capability of implementing defense and security tasks of those cadres have been ceaselessly enhanced. Directors and each departments and agencies have paid their attention and upheld their roles and responsibilities for leading, directing and implementing defense tasks in a serious and effective manner, contributing significantly to the Homeland protection cause.

Regarding the defense and security education for students of vocational schools of the Ministry, its Party Executive Committee and leaders have coordinated with other related ministries and sectors to promulgate different documents regarding the work and guide the implementation in a full and serious manner. The Ministry has directed its universities, colleges, secondary schools, vocational schools to carry out defense and security education programs for students seriously and thoroughly. Thereby, in recent years, 100% of the students have been equipped with defense and security knowledge. Besides, the Ministry has also been proactive in disseminating and education defense and security knowledge for its cadres and staffs through mass media, such as: The Labor and Society Newspapers, Labor and Social Affairs Magazine, the Family and Children Magazine, the Ministry’s electronic portal, etc. Thereby, defense and security has been spread widely and effectively, contributing to enhancing the awareness and responsibility of cadres and staffs of the ministry for the work.

3. Pay attention to the development of a strong reserve force, ready to fulfill any tasks assigned. To do that, the Ministry orders its departments and units to regularly screen to grasp the objects who are still in the enlistment age and have them register and join the self-defense force. Moreover, the Ministry also adjusts its organizational structure and apply rotary mechanism for the key self-defense force to suit the reality and conditions of each unit. On this basis, the Ministry strengthens political and military training; pays attention to the improvement of the overall quality to meet the requirements of realistic operations. The Ministry requires its departments and units to strictly adhere to the Law on the self-defense force in a democratic and transparent manner and have favorable conditions accordingly, etc. Thereby, its self-defense force always accounts for 8% of its total staffs with appropriate structure and forces. In addition, the Ministry directs its units to carry out enlistment registration for young staffs who are the core force in maintaining political security and ready to join the Military when required. Basing on the instructions of functional agencies and practical situation, its departments and units have been proactive in supplementing and adjusting combat plans and security maintaining plans; coordinated and participated in trainings, exercises, disaster prevention and control. Thereby, the quality and effectiveness of defense work of the sector have been enhanced, ensuring the maintenance of political security, social safety and order in each area and locality and the cause of Homeland protection in the new situation.

Dao Hong Lan

Alternate Member of the Party Central Committee

Molisa Deputy Minister

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