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Military Women promote traditions and devote talents to be worthy of "Uncle Ho’s Soldiers"

Following the traditions of Trung Sisters and Lady Trieu, from the early days of the foundation of the Vietnam Armed Propaganda Unit for National Liberation, there were positive contributions of three female troop-catering soldiers and many other women who were in charge of weapon procurement, camouflaging, transportation, and mass mobilization, contributing to  the first resounding victories of Phay Khat (25/12/1944) and Na Ngan (26/12/1944). Since then, the Military Women’s role has been confirmed through the periods of resistance wars of the nation and in the cause of building and defending the country in the present time.

During the resistance wars against the French colonialists and American imperialists, Military Women saw enhancements and developments in both quantity and quality. They appeared in all fields and fronts,  from the front line to the rear, and took on various responsibilities as diverse as combat, liaison, troop-catering, medical care, manufacturing and repairing weapons and ammunition, or artist performance, etc. Their  activities were closely linked with the Patriotic Emulation Movements launched by the Central Vietnam Women's Union, namely "Five-good women", "All for the front line", "All for defeating the enemy in Dien Bien Phu", or "Determining to defeat the American invaders", etc. Through combats and combat support services, Military Women have had numerous typical emulation movements, contributing to the Dien Bien Phu victory and the Great victory of spring 1975 to completely liberate the South and unify the country.

During Doi Moi period to build and defend the Motherland, Military Women have continuously been consolidated, strengthened, and developed to nearly 10,000 members with more than 1,900 organizations. Their presence could be seen in almost all military and defence aspects all across the country. In whatever positions and responsibilities, they have always promoted the tradition of upholding their sense of responsibility and self-reliance and actively participated in emulation movements, such as "United and creative to well accomplish tasks and be worthy of Uncle’s Ho Soldiers" together with the promotion of learning and following the ideology, ethics, and style of Ho Chi Minh, and the campaign "Promoting traditions and devoting talents to be worthy of Uncle Ho’s Soldiers" to build the qualities of Vietnamese women in the new era.

Defence Minister, General Ngo Xuan Lich together with delegates of the 6th Military Women Congress 

The enduring and unwavering contributions of cadres and members through the periods have crystallized into the tradition of "Patriotism, unity, creativity, constancy, and resourcefulness" of Military women, including notable female martyrs and Heroines of the Armed Forces, such as: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Mac Thi Buoi, Vo Thi Sau, Nguyen Thi Dinh, Dinh Thi Van, Kan Lich, Tran Thi Ly, Ta Thi Kieu, La Thi Tam, or Dang Thuy Tram, etc. Along with that, there are several senior female cadres in charge of agencies and units. Many of them have been conferred with noble titles such as All-nation Emulation Soldier, All-Army Emulation Soldier, "People's Doctor," "Doctor of Merit" "People's  Teacher," "Teacher of Merit", " People's Artist", or "Artist of Merit", etc. Recently, the Military Women has had five collectives and two individuals winning the Vietnam Women's Prize, one collective and five individuals  winning the Creative Women Prize, two collectives winning the KOVA Award, and thousands of them being praised and rewarded at all levels every year. The aforementioned achievements and  examples have become the pride and encouragement for the Military Women to promote traditions, devote talents to be worthy of "Uncle Ho’s Soldier", and actively contribute to building a revolutionary, regular, elite, and gradually modern Army to protect the Motherland .

On March 10th, 1993, the Ministry of National Defense issued the Decision No.102/QĐ-QP on establishing the Military Women Working Committee, directly under the General Political Department. The Committee is tasked with assisting the Director of the General Political Department in women affairs in the Army. Then, this day was choosen as the traditional day of the Military Women Working Committee.

As the leading strategic advisory body on women's affairs in the Army, over the years, the Military Women Working Committee has actively advised, directed, and guided the women work for women advancement, gender equality, and preschool education; launched revolutionary movements;  improved the quality of building the women's union at grassroots level; and associated the construction of the Union with the participation in building clean and strong party organizations and comprehensively strong units. At the same time, it has also coordinated with agencies and units inside and outside the Army to organize propaganda and education activities and participate in social security activities and building the strong national defense and so on. With achievements over the past 25 years (1993 - 2018), Military Women Working Committee has been conferred noble various titles and awards. These achievements can be attributed to the leadership and direction of the Central Military Commission and leaders of the Ministry of Defense and the General Political Department. They also resulted from the professional guidance of the Central Vietnam Women's Union, the National Committee for the Advancement of Women in Vietnam, and the Department of Preschool Education (Ministry of Education and Training), and the concern, coordination, and facilitation of the functional agencies inside and outside the Army. Important contributions of generations of cadres and staff of the Military Women Working Committee and those of female officers in charge of the work in the entire Army should be also mentioned. Thereby, many lessons have been drawn for the activities of the Committee in the current situation. First and foremost, the Party's and the State's opinions, guidelines, and policies should firmly be adhered to. The leadership and direction of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defense, and the General Political Department should be strictly followed. It is also important to firmly grasp the functions and tasks to comprehensively and synchronously implement all aspects of the work, especially in the key tasks and in the decisive time. At the same time, it should always be active, alert, and creative to grasp the situation, propose and organize the implementation of programs, plans, and working contents. The Committee should also be active in innovating the modes of operation and building the solidarity and working relationships with functional agencies inside and outside the Army,  localities, and people. Much attention should be paid to building a strong Military Women Working Committee in terms of politics, ideology, organization, and ethics. Of which, building a clean and strong party organizations with teams of cadres who are "good at one work and knowledgeable in different fields" being ready to receive and complete all tasks should be considered as a key and decisive step.

With high determination, creativity, talent, and intellect to be worthy of 5 golden words awarded by the Central Military Commission "Patriotism, unity, creativity, constancy, and resourcefulness”, the Military Women Working Committee and women in the entire Army will continue to raise their sense of responsibility, solidarity, and unity to promote traditions and devote talents to be worthy of  "Uncle’s Ho soldiers" and to well perform the assigned functions and tasks.

Senior Colonel Bui Thi Lan Phuong, Head of the Military Women Committee

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