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Military Technological Academy builds and develops strong research groups

To realise the goal of developing the Military Technological Academy into a strong and prestigious scientific research centre of the Army and the country, the Academy’s Party Committee and Board of Directors focus on leading and directing the the drastic deployment of synchronous solutions. In particular, building and developing strong research groups is considered a breakthrough in order to create scientific and technological products of high scientific and practical value for improving the quality of education and training to meet the requirements and tasks of building the Army and defending the Fatherland in the new situation.

As the leading multidisciplinary technological university of the Army and the country, the Military Technological Academy has the mission of training high-quality human resources, research and development, production and testing, and transfer of advanced technologies and international integration, effectively contributing to the development of Vietnam's military science and technology. Fully aware of the position, role and importance of the research groups in improving the quality of training and scientific research, the Academy determines that: building and developing strong research groups is the basic and important measures to promote scientific and technological activities and improve the quality of education and training to meet the requirements of Army modernisation, enhance international integration and cooperation, and develop the Academy to a leading research university of the country. Implementing that policy, over the years, the Academy has always focused on building, developing and improving the operation of research groups; promulgate regulations on organisation, management and support for investment and development of strong research groups. As a result, a number of interdisciplinary research groups have been established. During their operation, these groups have had basic research directions and products, closely stuck to the technological-prioritised orientations of the State, the Army, and key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and achieved many positive results.

However, there remain some shortcomings in the development process of the groups, namely: some Party committees and commanders have yet to pay due attention to leading and directing the building of research staff and strong research groups; investment capital for research activities is still limited; management mechanism still involve bureaucratic procedures; some groups have yet to show high performance, etc. Faced with that fact, in order to promote the development and improve the performance of strong research groups towards national and regional levels, the Academy continues to drastically and synchronously deploy the following solutions.

Firstly, strengthening the leadership and direction of the party committees and commanders at all levels for the task of building strong research groups. This solution is the principle and of primary importance, ensuring the promotion of wisdom and pioneering role in developing strong research groups in the right direction and with high quality. In order to well implement this important content, the Academy focuses on leading and directing agencies, faculties and institutes to continue to deeply grasp the guidelines and policies of the Party, State, Central Military Commission, and Ministry of National defence on scientific and technological activities; drastic implementation of the Resolution of the Congress of the Academies Party Committee for the 2020-2025 term and the Project on developing the academy to 2030, with a vision to 2045. To make it highly effective, together with attention paid to directing and creating conditions to improve operational efficiency of the existing research groups, the Academy drastically implements the plan to develop strong research groups in accordance with key scientific and technological orientations of the State and specific fields of the Army, especially those identified to be developed into strong research groups at the national and regional levels. At the same time, it periodically reviews, supplements and adjusts the plan to develop strong research groups suitable to each period, and attaches the responsibilities of the party committees and commanders with the results of scientific research and the development of strong research groups of the units.

A strong research group conduct their work

Second, planning and developing together with strengthening the management and evaluation of the performance of the strong research groups. Sticking to the targets and requirements, the Academy focuses on leading and directing its Military Science Department to closely coordinate with agencies, faculties, and institutes to review and evaluate the operational effectiveness of the strong research groups in line with criteria, methods and procedures of national and international assessment practices. In particular, it strictly reviews the performance of research groups in the last 3 years and the next 5 year plan in order to determine the level of success, strengths and weaknesses during the operation and the appropriateness of the future development plan, etc. On that basis, the Academy continues make plan for the development of the groups with focus and roadmap in each period and year so that by 2030, there will be 25 strong research groups; in which, 06 - 08 ones reach the national level, 03 - 04 ones reach the regional level, as a basis for the Academy to build excellent research centres.

Along with that, the Academy strengthens the application of information technology, applies advanced forms of governance in the management of scientific and technological activities in general, and the activities of strong research groups in particular; regularly manages well scientific and technological potentials, updates research results of groups and individuals with science and technology management software, and shared expert database; strictly makes operational plans and report regimes, and publicise the results of the strong research groups on the intranet.

Third, focusing on building and developing a highly capable staff to meet the requirements of building strong research groups. The Academy focuses on building and planning the teaching staff, experts and scientists associated with the development of strong research groups. In order to mobilise the most high-quality human resources for building and developing strong research groups, the Academy sends young staff and lecturers with doctoral degrees to research groups; and assigns young associate professor to leads or joins strong research group. At the same time, it proposes to the superior solutions to extend working time for leading scientists, leaders of  strong research groups, highly qualified scientists with excellent achievements in scientific research; and offers favourable policies to attract domestic and foreign scientists. Along with that, the Academy actively participates effectively in the Government's Project 2395 on "Training and fostering science and technology human resources at home and abroad with state budget"; Plan No. 1844/KH-BQP, dated May 27, 2020 of the Ministry of National Defence on the implementation of the Project "National program on foreign language training for cadres, civil servants and public employees in the period of 2019 - 2030" in Army. In addition, it has policy to send its cadres, especially those who are planned or members of strong research groups to domestic and overseas training courses. In particular, priorities are given to heads of the academy’s strong research groups or those who are developed to industry leading experts.

Fourth, promoting synergy and effectively exploit resources in building strong research groups. To implement this content, the Academy actively mobilises, exploits and effectively uses funds from all levels, branches and units and expands and improves the efficiency of international cooperation in science and technology associated with the development of strong research groups. In particular, it encourages and supports strong research groups to find, connect, cooperate and exploit research funding sources from funds, units, enterprises, universities, research institutions at home and abroad; launches new research topics and projects under the protocol with foreign partners, making scientific research a key activity in international cooperation to improve the prestige and position of the Academy. Moreover, it concentrates investment resources on synchronous and modern facilities, equipment and laboratories in accordance with the approved research contents and orientations. Priorities are given to the building of laboratories and experimental equipment for research directions which are interdisciplinary, strengths of the Academy, specialised research laboratories, national key laboratories in the fields of key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in accordance with the planning of the Ministry of National Defence.

Implementing synchronously and effectively the above solutions will directly contribute to promoting the development, and improving the operational efficiency of strong research groups, thereby creating a solid premise for building and developing them into excellent research centres, contributing to the successful realisation of the goal of developing the Military Technological Academy into a research university.

Lieutenant General, Professor, NGUYEN CONG DINH, Ph.D., Director of the Academy

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