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Military Region 7 promotes the exemplary role of presiding cadres at grassroots units

Recently, the exemplary role of cadres at grassroots units of the armed forces of Military Region 7 has been led and closely guided, forming a sweeping movement. The Regulation No.963-QĐ/ĐUQK issued by the Military Region Party Commission Standing Committee on “Modeling responsibility of cadres and Party members, especially leading, commanding, and managing officers at all levels among the Military Region’s armed forces” has identified seven major content, including: political ideology; ethics, lifestyle, and working style; self-criticism and criticism; relations with local authorities and the people;  task performance; sense of organization and discipline; and internal solidarity. Party committees and organizations at all levels have concretized their modeling responsibilities into the programs and plans for implementing the resolutions.

Promoting the role of presiding cadres at grassroots units, the Military Region Party Committee and High Command have always paid attention to, encouraged, and facilitated their youth, initiative, and creativity in implementing the Drive “Promoting tradition and dedicating talents, deserving Uncle Ho's Soldiers”. Through the advice and proposals of all levels, especially at grassroots units, multiple new policies, schemes, models and creative methods in the Military Region have been implemented, supported by the local Party committees, authorities, and people and trusted by officers and soldiers to be determined to implement, that has been initially bringing about practical results.

Promoting the role of presiding cadres at grassroots units, Military Region 7 has always paid attention to implementing the Regulation on Grassroots Democracy; well organizing democratic dialogue with cadres and soldiers; organizing for soldiers to contribute and criticize officers and Party members; and strengthening the inspection, supervision, and assessment of the modeling work of officers and Party members. Accordingly, presiding cadres at the grassroots level have been required to take the initiative in developing plans for training, fostering, and highly promoting the commandership and direction responsibilities, firstly thoroughly overcoming weaknesses and shortcomings of the units; actively learning and practicing; exemplifying in well implementing the Party’s policies and guidelines and the State’s policies and laws; and being a center of solidarity, commandership, and direction of the units to excellently accomplish the assigned political tasks and truly shining models for cadres and soldiers to follow.

The results of promoting the role of modeling of grassroots cadres in recent years, especially in 2019, there were four comrades awarded by the Ministry of Defense, 142 comrades awarded by the Military Region, and 704 comrades awarded by grassroots units in the preliminary review of the 5-year implementation of the Drive “Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, deserving Uncle Ho's Soldiers” in the period of 2014 - 2019. There were 85.8% of regiment and brigade-level units, district military commands, and the equivalent achieving the title “3-best unit”; 97.36% of the Party members successfully completing their tasks or higher, of which 16.75% completing excellently. Particularly, 99% of the presiding cadres at grassroots units have successfully completed their tasks, of which 30% completing excellently.

The above results reveal that: in order to promote the role of the presiding cadres at grassroots units, it is necessary to thoroughly grasp and educate so that they can clearly recognize their roles towards the Party organizations and units. In particular, they can see that the modeling of the presiding cadres is the basic solution to build clean and strong grassroots Party organizations and comprehensively strong grassroots units.

The modeling of presiding cadres must always be strictly guided and directed with plans for implementation, inspection, reporting, and experience drawing. Modeling must be a regular job, a status of the presiding cadre, and be carried out synchronously in the Determination-to-Win Emulation movement and drives of all levels and branches, especially in the implementation of Directive No.05-CT/TW issued on May 15th, 2016 by the Politburo on promoting the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, ethics, and style; the 4th Central Resolution (the 12th Tenure) on Party building and retification. Typical examples of modeling grassroots cadres must be praised, honored, and replicated. Negative manifestations, formalism, inconsistency between words and actions, ineffectiveness,... must be criticized and overcome in time.

In the coming time, in the context of difficulties, heavy tasks, hostile forces’ aggressive sabotage, the requirements and tasks set out for the armed forces of the Military Region are increasingly higher and must be completed well. In order to promote the modeling role of grassroots presiding cadres, the Military Region Party Committee and High Command have identified to:

Firstly, further enhance awareness and sense of responsibility for the committees, political commissars, politicians, commanders, cadres, and the Party members, especially the presiding cadres in thoroughly grasping the Party's directives and resolutions on modeling, such as: Regulation No.47-QĐ/TW on things that the Party members must not do; Regulation No.101-QĐ/TW on the modeling responsibilities of cadres and the Party members, especially key commanders at all levels; Regulation No.55-QĐ/TW on a number of immediate actions to enhance the modeling role of cadres and the Party members; Regulation No.08-QĐ/TW on the modeling responsibilities of cadres and the Party members, first of all Politburo members, Secretariat members, and members of the Central Executive Committee; and regulations of the Central Military Commission on the modeling responsibilities of cadres and Party members in the Army. Formulate and implement the criteria of public service and professional ethics among cadres and the Party members in the spirit of the Prime Minister's Directive No.27/CT-TTg.

Secondly, promote the role of the Party committees, political commissars, junior commissars, and commanders in leading, directing, and making the modeling an important content in learning, following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics, style; in building and regulating the Party and combating against recession, “self-evolution”, and “self-transformation”. The modeling of the grassroots presiding cadres plays a leading role in all activities of the units and is transformed into specific requirements and contents. In particular, with the role of leading and commanding, the presiding cadres must build their own units with real internal democracy and solidarity; successfully complete the assigned political tasks; strictly maintain disciplines; ensure absolute safety; thoroughly overcome the weak aspects and stages, and, especially in 2020, successfully organize the Party congresses at the grassroots level.

Thirdly, promote the propaganda on the modeling role of cadres and the Party members, especially the presiding cadres, to brighten the image of leaders and commanders at grassroots units. Firmly consolidate the confidence of officers, soldiers, and people in the cadres and Party members, the pride of the glorious Party, and the great Uncle Ho on the 90th anniversary of the Party's founding, the 130th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's birthday, the 45th anniversary of the liberation of the South and reunification of the country, and the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Military Region’s Armed Forces. Actively replicate more models of “good people doing good deeds”, typical examples, and grassroots presiding cadres who are good at all aspects and excellent in each field of work; and associate the emulation and commendation work with the promotion of appointment.

Finally, promote the synergy in promoting the modeling role of the presiding cadres at grassroots units to form a sweeping movement among the cadres and the Party members. In particular, the presiding cadres at all levels are typical examples. Continue to expand democracy, strengthen tightening of disciplines, focus on successfully fulfilling political tasks, and do well in the work of the Party building; drastically overcome weaknesses and shortcomings. Closely attach the modeling of the presiding cadres to the successful implementation of the congress resolutions; speak and do effectively in accordance with the resolutions; renovate and improve the quality of comprehensive leadership and combat power of the Party committees and cells; well implement the principles, regulations, and procedures of collective leadership in conjunction with the assignment of individual in charge; promote self-criticism and criticism; strengthen the inspection and supervision of the Party committees; and promote the role of mass organizations and military councils so that the presiding cadres can well perform their modeling role.

Lieutenant General Tran Hoai Trung, Secretary of the Military Region Party Committee, Political Commissar of Military Region 7

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