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Legal education and discipline management of Ninh Binh provincial armed forces

To fulfill the local defense and military tasks in the area, Ninh Binh provincial Military Party Committee and Military Command have carried out multiple guidelines and measures for leadership and direction, of which legal education and discipline management to ensure safety in all aspects is a central and comprehensive solution. Good implementation of the above content will contribute to raising awareness, political stuff, and sense of strict compliance with State laws and Military disciplines, building comprehensively strong agencies and units, and improving the overall quality and combat power of the Province’s armed forces.

Dicussing the observance of State law and Military disciplines

First of all, the Province Military Party Committee and Military Command have always promoted the roles and responsibilities of the Party committees, commanders, commissars, political officers, and functional agencies at all levels. Annually, based on thoroughly grasping the directives, resolutions, and legal documents under the superiors’ guidance, directly Resolution No.82-NQ/ĐU of the Military Region 3’s Party Committee on “Strengthening the leadership of the Party committees over the observance of Military disciplines and State laws within the Military Region armed forces”, the Standing Commission of the Province Military Party Committee and the subordinate Party committees and Party cells have formulated thematic resolutions for the work with the contents and solutions that are relevant to the characteristics and tasks assigned. Agencies and units have focused on integrating the legal dissemination and education with political education, ideological management, discipline observance, and cultural and spiritual activities. The preliminary review and summary have been well implemented to detect and replicate good practices and effective models as well as rectify and overcome the weaknesses. Thereby, the cadres and soldiers have always had right awareness and self-discipline to strictly observe the State laws, Military disciplines, and unit's regulations.

The Province Military Command has directed subordinate agencies and units to determine educational contents that are appropriate and close to the objects, characteristics and tasks. Accordingly, besides completing the contents of political education and legal dissemination and education under prescribed programs, the Province Military Command has also directed subordinate units to focus on dissemination and education of topics directly related to the military operations, such as: Law on Military Service (amended), Law on Militia and Self-Defense Force, Reserve Force Ordinance, Traffic Law, Law on National Defense 2018, Law on Cyber ​​Security 2018, Law on State Secret Protection 2018, Law on Denunciation 2018, Law on Anti-Corruption 2018, etc. At the same time, the units have also been directed to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the superiors’ guidance, regulations, and instructions directly related to the ideological education and management, regular building, observance of the State laws and the military disciplines, and unit safety assurance. Importance has been attached to Directive No.3996/CT-BTL issued on August 1st, 2019 by the Military Region 3 Commander on “Strengthening a number of measures in education, management, observance of State laws and military discipline, and unit safety assurance within the Military Region armed forces”, that serve as a basis for manipulation in the process of studying, living, and working. The Province Military Command has directed the compilation of special topics, such as: “A number of solutions to improve the quality of the military discipline observance and traffic safety”, “A number of solutions to improve the quality of monitoring and management of soldiers’ thoughts”, “A number of basic contents of the laws on military service, national defense and security education, reserve and defense mobilization, national borders and national security, border defense and defense civil,...” to be close to the requirements and tasks of each object. To comply with the guidance of Military Region 3 Political Department and the Province Council for Coordination in Legal Dissemination and Education on dissemination and education of legislation on prevention and control of acute respiratory infections (COVID-19), traffic order and safety assurance, and prevention and control of alcohol effects, at the beginning of 2020, the Province Military Command directed the subordinate units to promote propaganda and dissemination of pandemic situation and mobilize cadres, soldiers, and people in the locality to voluntarily strictly observe the laws and directives of the Prime Minister and the guidance of the Ministry of Health and functional agencies at all levels and strengthen the struggle against the activities of hostile forces that take advantage of the pandemic to sabotage and cause confusion among cadres, soldiers, and people, especially those directly tasked to receive and supervise pandemic in quarantine area in Province Military School and Regiment 855. Therefore, cadres, soldiers, and people have right awareness and sense of responsibility in execution and implementation, contributing to raising the effectiveness in prevention and control of the pandemic, traffic order and safety assurance, prevention and control of alcohol effects, and assurance of absolute safety of units.

The Province Military Party Committee and Military Command have directed the subordinate units to actively innovate methods and diversify forms of legal education and dissemination to enrich, attract, and suit the activities of the soldiers. Every week, agencies and units arrange appropriate time for disseminating, educating, and inspecting soldiers’ awareness of laws. After nearly 2 years of implementing this model, 96 articles of 18 codes and laws have been disseminated and educated for 100% of cadres and soldiers.

Along with that, the units have strictly maintained the monthly Legal Day; managed, exploited, and effectively used the internal broadcasting systems and legal book shelves; and coordinated with local news agencies and radio stations in promoting legal propagation and dissemination for cadres, soldiers, and people. The Province Party Committee and Military Command have directed the subordinate units to closely combine legal dissemination and education with the Determination-to-Win Emulation movement, the Patriotic Emulation movement, local movements and drives, especially the Drive entitled “Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, deserving to be “Uncle Ho's Soldiers” in the new era and Directive No.05-CT/TW of the Politburo (the 12th Tenure) on promoting the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh thoughts, ethics, and style. As a result, the legal information communicated to cadres and soldiers is plentiful, diverse, easy to remember, and easy to understand that has enhanced the awareness about the State laws and the military disciplines for the soldiers to voluntarily observe laws and disciplines in performing tasks with the highest quality and efficiency.

For the soldiers to voluntarily train and observe laws and disciplines, the Province Military Party Committee and Military Command have directed the subordinate units to closely combine legal education with improving the efficiency of discipline management and maintenance and regularity building. Following that policy, the units have closely combined political and ideological education with legal education; strictly implemented the Grassroots Democracy Regulations in association with care of material and spiritual life for the soldiers; strictly maintained the regime of monitoring, forecasting, and orienting thoughts of the soldiers; and detected, handled, and promptly solved problems arise, without being passive and unexpected. The units have also strengthened the measures for discipline management and regular building; implemented the regulations on “working under functions and acting under military rules”; and strictly maintained the daily and weekly regimes. Periodically, the Province Military Command has coordinated with the Public Security, the Procuracy, the Provincial Courts, and the functional agencies of the Military Region in providing information on the situation and measures for prevention and fighting of crimes and violation of disciplines and social order and safety. The violations of disciplines and regulations on traffic safety, training safety, and combat readiness have been resolutely handled as decentralized.

Thanks to the effective implementation of the above solutions, the education, management, and discipline activities have directly contributed to the Province armed forces' fulfillment of all assigned tasks. The Province armed forces were awarded the Third-Class National Protection Medal by the State (in 2017) and the Emulation Flag by Military Region 3 High Command (in 2019). It is an important basis for Ninh Binh Province Military Party Committee and Military Command to continue leading and directing to improve the quality of the legal dissemination and education work and well implement the contents and targets of “Discipline Year 2020” to contribute to building a comprehensively strong and “typical and exemplary” unit to fulfill all assigned tasks.

Senior Colonel DINH CONG LUU, Political Commissar of Ninh Binh Province Military Command

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