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Following Uncle Ho's words, Quang Nam Border Guard firmly defends the sovereignty and security of the sea border

Implementing Directive No.05-CT/TW of the Politburo (the 12th Tenure) on promoting the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh thoughts, ethics, and style, Quang Nam Border Guard has regularly grasped the situation and creatively applied and synchronously implemented solutions, in association with other forces, to manage and firmly defend the sovereignty and security of the sea and islands to contribute to highlighting the qualities of “Uncle Ho's Soldiers - the Border Guards” in the new era.

Quang Nam Province has 125 km of coastline, stretching three districts, one town, and two cities, including two island communes and a number of seaports with large volumes of people, vehicles, and imports and exports, etc. This is the province's key socio-economic, national defense, and security area. Deeply being aware of that and keeping abreast of assigned functions and tasks, over the past years, the Provincial Border Guard has stepped up the implementation of Directive No.05-CT/TW of the Politburo (the 12th Tenure), always taken Uncle Ho's words as a beacon for actions, promoted its core role, closely combined with other forces, done well the work of advising the local Party committees and authorities, and directly leading and raising awareness and sense of responsibility for cadres and soldiers on the task of defending the sovereignty of sea and islands.

Following the Uncle Ho's teaching: “In the past we had only night and forest, but today we have day, sky, and sea. Our coastline is long and beautiful, so we have to protect it”, the Provincial Border Guard Party Committee and Command have always focused on leading and directing agencies, units, especially specialized forces to thoroughly grasp resolutions, directives, and guidance documents of the superiors on the national defense and military work in general and defense of the sovereignty of sea and islands in particular, especially Directive No.01/CT-TTg issued on January 9th, 2015 by the Prime Minister on “Organizing the movement of the entire people participating in defending the territorial sovereignty and national border security in the new situation”, Directive No.4353/CT-BTL issued on October 23rd, 2018 by the Border Guard High Command on “Controlling people and fishing means operating at sea”, etc. On that basis, the Provincial Border Guard Party Committee and Command have advised the Provincial Party Committee and People's Committee to lead and direct departments, agencies, branches, forces, and the entire people to well perform this particularly important political task, and step up socio-economic development - a potential force to defend the sea and islands in all circumstances.

Border Guards of Ky Ha Border Gate conduct legal dissemination to fishermen

Adhering to the superiors’ leadership and direction, the Provincial Border Guard Party Committee and Command, promoting the role as a force specializing in sea border management and protection, have studied to firmly grasp the situation of the area and tasks and focus on comprehensive leadership and direction of the border guard work and paid attention to raising awareness, promoting professional activities, and, in association with the people, closely managing and timely fighting in a flexible manner in accordance with the guidelines and counter-measures. With the early forecasting of complicated developments in the East Sea, the Provincial Border Guard Party Committee promptly issued Resolution No.201-NQ/ĐUBP dated December 31st, 2008 on promoting the leadership of the special propagation work, etc., thereby, not only have timely and appropriate leadership and direction but also determine the political responsibility for the cadres and soldiers in defending the homeland sea and islands.

To raise awareness of the cadres and soldiers, along with annual political education, the Provincial Border Guards has well performed the Determination-to-Win Emulation movement and widely deployed the drive entitled “Learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ethical example and Uncle Ho's teaching to the Border Guard” launched by the Border Guard High Command. Attention has been paid to leading and directing agencies, units, and border posts to strengthen propaganda and education for the soldiers to firmly grasp the situation at sea and islands in general and in the assigned areas in particular, especially the violation of sovereignty and sovereignty rights, sabotage of hostile forces and bad elements, ... so that the soldiers are deeply aware of their position, role, and requirements of defending the sovereignty of sea and islands. Thereby, it is to build political consciousness, define responsibilities according to each duty, and apply flexibly and creatively professional measures in performing tasks. So far, 100% of the cadres and soldiers among the Provincial Border Guard have always had high will and determination, firmly grasped the situation, been determined and persistent, and effectively performed the task of defending the sovereignty of sea and islands in the area.

Implementing Uncle Ho's teaching: “When we are able to organize and unite the people, every thing can be done”, over the past years, the organization of people, especially fishermen living on the sea and islands to form “living milestones” and create “the people wall” on sea and islands has been especially focused on by the Provincial Border Guard. Accordingly, along with the propagation of the Party's lines and undertakings, the State's policies and laws, international law, ... on sovereignty, sovereignty rights at sea and construction of the spirit, responsibility, and sense of national pride in defending the sovereignty of sea and islands for the people, the Provincial Border Guard has also focused on organizing and building them into a real reliable force to participate in the performance of this important task. The bright spot is to build “United ship group”. This is a particularly important model that not only assists fishermen in offshore fishing - the owners asserting their sovereignty at sea, but also forms a wide “observatory” system to quickly provide all information at sea for functional forces for prompt handling. They will also be the first force to join the fighting forces at sea to chase away foreign fishing vessels that violate our waters, mobilize our fishing vessels to operate in the right waters without encroaching on the foreign seas, etc.

Imbued with Uncle Ho's teachings: “Solidarity, vigilance, ... overcoming difficulties, being brave in front of the enemy, scarifying ourselves for the country,...”, together with building “the people wall”, the Provincial Border Guard has paid special attention to erecting “the blue wall” and creating “the steel wall on the sea”. To do this, the Provincial Border Guard has focused on improving the overall quality, paying attention to professional training for cadres and soldiers, participating in defensive combat, commanding staff, and marine incident handling drills, ... to contribute to improving qualifications, capacity, and working manners in handling situations at sea, not to be passive or unexpected. Along with maintaining high combat readiness and strictly maintaining patrolling activities over assigned waters and islands, the Provincial Border Guard Command has also directed departments, especially the Border Reconnaissance to regularly coordinate with the Central Coast Information Station, Naval Region 3, Coast Guard Region 2, Maritime Squadron 48, ... in collecting and exchanging information to firmly grasp the situation of activities at sea, especially those of foreign objects and ships infringing the sovereignty of the sea and then to focus on studying, assessing, accurately forecasting, and proposing appropriate policies. At seaports, the Provincial Border Guard has stepped up the reform of administrative procedures in association with the application of information technology in immigration and exit, strictly complied with regulations on electronic border procedures, installed camera system to monitor people, vehicles, and cargo arriving and departing seaports, etc. Thanks to that, it not only helps border posts to improve the quality of inspection and control of import and export with a large number of people, vehicles and cargo and promote economic development but also promptly detect and handle violations, effectively fight against smuggling, commercial fraud, and counterfeiting, and prevent, minimize, and eventually terminate the local fishing boats and fishermen from illegally exploiting seafood in foreign waters.

The results gained from following Uncle Ho's teachings are the driving force for Quang Nam Border Guard to continue to study and apply Directive No.05 of the Politburo (the 12th Tenure) with creative and flexible solutions suitable to specific conditions, characteristics, and tasks in each locality to contribute to the whole Party, the entire Army, and the entire people to firmly defend the sovereignty of sea and islands - “the sacred flesh and blood” of the Fatherland.

Senior Colonel NGUYEN BA THONG

Commander of the Provincial Border Guard

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