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Following Uncle Ho’s teaching, the 1st Army College focuses on enhancing the leadership capability and combat strength of Party organisations

The 1st Army Officer Training College is proud to receive 9 visits and several letters of encouragement of Uncle Ho. He always reminded its cadres, teachers, cadets and staffs to stay united and strive to successfully accomplish their tasks. Implementing his teaching, the College has always paid attention to the enhancement of the leadership capability and combat strength of its Party organisations to make them truly be nuclei of leadership of its organs and units.

To enhance the leadership capability and combat strength of Party organisations, first and foremost, its cadres, party members must be fully aware of their mission, have firm political steadfastness and good revolutionary ethics. Following Uncle Ho’s teaching, the school’s Party Committee and Headquarters have focused their leadership and direction on the effective implementation of the Project “Renewing political education at units in the new period”, making the Faculty of Marxist – Leninist theory and the Faculty of Party and Political work strong as the core for propagation of Marxist – Leninist theories, Ho Chi Minh thoughts and the guidelines and viewpoints of the Party, the policies and laws of the State for all of its cadres and party members.

Grasping and implementing the directives, resolutions and instructions of upper levels, its party committees and organisations have seriously adhered to the Central Resolution No.4 (12th tenure) on Party building and rectification; upheld the self-criticism and criticism spirit to point out the shortcomings and map out plans for correction. Facilitating the implementation of the Directive 05-CT/TW of the Politburo (12th tenure), the Directive No. 87-CT/QUTW of the Standing Office of the Central Military Commission on studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morality and style, and the Drive of “Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, deserving Uncle Ho’s soldier”, regarding this as an important measure for its cadres, party members to follow the defined criteria and standards. Thereby, its cadres, party members, teachers, cadets, staffs and soldiers have always shown firm political steadfastness, believed in the leadership of the Party, been ready to receive and accomplish any assigned tasks; prevented and opportunely settle the degradation in political ideology, morality, lifestyle, the signs of “self-evolution”, “self-transformation”  inside the Party organisations.

Maj. Gen. Le Van Duy presides a confenence on party work

Party committees and organisations have been strengthened, seriously maintained the regularity, improved the quality of their activities as regulated and pursuant with its structure, meeting the requirements, missions and developments of the school and associated with the implementation of the Project “Restructuring the Military in the new period”. Party committees at all levels seriously adhered to the principles of democratic centralism and collective leadership; built and circulated working regulations and leadership regulations in crucial working aspects. Renewing and unifying working procedure, widening democracy, upholding responsibility in the making and implementation of the resolutions; all guidelines and mission are discussed and decided on majority vote; upholding the role and responsibility of members of party committees in presiding, checking, urging and directing the implementation of the resolutions. The contents, models of monthly meetings of party committees and party cells are pursuant with the instructions of the Central Organisation Commission, the General Political Department. Periodical meetings are combined with topical meetings and other contents in accordance with the directions of upper levels and the mission of the party committees, and party cells. The resolutions of party committees and organisations stick to the functions and missions of organs and units to map out the sound guidelines and measures. The secretaries and members of party committees who are commanding and managerial officers have upheld their responsibility, and proactively conducted self-studying and self-training to enhance their morality, political steadfastness, and practical experience.

Being imbued with Uncle Ho’s saying that “cadres are the root of all cause”, the school has paid attention to building a contingent of “both red and expert” cadres as the core in building the strong and pure Party organisations and the school all strong. Party committees and organisations have grasped and seriously adhered to the viewpoints, guidelines and principles of the Party, the regulations of the Central Military Commission on cadre work; opportunely issued and adhered to the regulations for cadre work. Implementing the guideline of improving the education standard and consolidating the structure of its teaching and managing staff, the school has carried out synchronously several models of training and enhancing the quality, level and capability for its cadres, with special attention being paid to post graduate education for its teaching and managerial staff. Combining closely training with self-training; selecting cadres with suitable qualities for consolidating its political cadre staff in light of the Resolution No. 51-NQ/TW of the Politburo (9th tenure). The management, evaluation, selection, promotion, assignment and deployment of cadres are done in a transparent, democratic manner. Downsizing is done in parallel with the enhancement of quality of cadres; making good plan of cadres; paying attention to the young and capable cadres; offering   preferential treatment and policies regarding welfare of  military families.

Following Uncle Ho’s teaching on the work of checking, party committees and the supervisory commission at all levels have actively built and maintained the regularity of checking and supervision, focusing on the members of party committees and presiding cadres in terms of their obedience of the resolutions, the principles of party, their morality, lifestyle and their adherence to the Central Resolution No. 4 (12th tenure) on Party building and rectification; opportunely settle the denunciations and complaints; have strict punishment for the breaches of disciplines. The management of cadres and party members is done carefully both at the office and their residential areas. Their political and ideological spheres, social relations, morality, lifestyle and their obedience of party regulations are all supervised. The admittance of new party members is done in a thorough manner to supplement for Party organisations with new, enthusiastic, qualified members. The review and screen of quality of party members are done seriously in accordance with the Directive No. 28-CT/TW of the Secretariat.

With the above measures, the building of Party organisations at the 1st Army College has achieved many positive results, enhancing the leadership and combat strength of its Party organisations. The grasping and implementation of leadership resolutions of party committees and party cells have seen many positive changes. The implementation of the resolutions of upper levels and the school has been done effectively. The quality of party activities has been improved. The management, education and training of party members have been done seriously and regularly, affirming the position and important role of Party organisations in leading and realizing the missions of education and training. In the 2015 - 2019 period, 85% of its graduates were ranked good and excellent. 100% of its graduates became members of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The officers graduating from the school all have firm political steadfastness, strong leadership and commanding capability and are highly appreciated by the units.

The above results are the basis for the school to further strengthen its guidelines and measures for enhancing the leadership and combat strength of Party organisations to lead its departments, offices and units to successfully accomplish all assigned tasks, contributing to building the school’s party pure and strong, and the school an all strong unit, enhancing its educational quality, meeting the requirements of building the Military in the new situation, deserving the Uncle Ho’s affection and trust for the school.

Major General Le Van Duy, Political Commissar of the school

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