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Enhancing the VPA’s participation in the UN peacekeeping operations
Sr Lt Gen Nguyen Chi Vinh taking photograph with three VPA's peace keepers prior to their departure to the UN mission

It can be said that Vietnam’s participation in the UN peacekeeping operations (UNPKO) has marked a new development in diplomacy and international integration in general and  that of defence in particular which is manifested in the following points.

1. Vietnam’s decision to join the UNPKO is of political importance to the cause of Homeland construction and defence.

2. Thoroughly carrying out advisory work and all-round preparation, synchronously and comprehensively implementing measures and gaining initial achievements.

3. Joining the UNPKO has become an important channel for Vietnam’s defence diplomacy.

In the coming time, UNPKO becomes more complicated and challenging. Around the world hot spots escalate in both quality and severity while the UN is increasing  its demand in sources and contributions from its members. Vietnam commits to continue its participation responsibly and effectively contributing to solving the emerging security threats, focusing on the following solutions:

First, promoting and enhancing the quality of study and advisory work on issues relating to the VPA’s participation in the UNPKO; strengthening collaboration with  relevant ministries and sectors in order to accelerate the process as scheduled; gradually broaden scope, size, aspect and model of participation suitable to the country’s conditions and capacity in light of the guideline of carefulness and steadiness.

Continue to build and complete and soon issue related legal documents, including Resolution of the National Assembly, decree of the Government and circular of the Ministry of National Defence concerning the VPA’s participation in the UNPKO. Besides, soon issue regulations on mechanism and policies; cut short, simplify and rationalize the procedure to send force; prepare draft, negotiate, and sign MoU with the UN on sending units  joining its missions, etc.

Thirdly, quickly carry out all-round preparation for sending a level 2 field hospital and an engineers company as scheduled when the UN demands; continue to send individuals to UN missions and prepare personels for the UN peacekeeping agency in its headquarters.

Fourthly, focus on building and consolidating the Vietnam Peacekeeping Center in terms of, structure, equipment, staff, efficacy meeting the requirements to fulfill the assigned tasks. Continue to build the center into a training one with regional size and credibility in peacekeeping operations and cooperation in  humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, contributing to human resource preparation of Vietnam and other countries for UNPKO.

Fifth, strengthening propagation and education through out the whole Party, people and troops to raise awareness of the significance, guideline and Vietnam’s concrete contribution to the UNPKO. Promoting both internal and external information and propagation to raise credibility and status of the country and the Army, draw international cooperative resource, creating favourable conditions and environment for the country’s international integration.

Sr Lt General Nguyen Chi Vinh

Member of the Party Central Committee

Deputy Minister of National Defence

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