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Can Tho armed forces promote learning and following Uncle Ho

In order to continuously improve the effectiveness of implementing the Politburo's Directive 05-CT/TW (The 12th tenure) on promoting the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics, and style, Can Tho armed forces have simultaneously implemented the learning and following through specific and practical actions which have created synergy to successfully complete all assigned tasks.

The learning and following Uncle Ho have been shown firstly in the work of political and ideological education. The City Military Party Committee and Military Command have attached great importance to leading and directing the education to raise the awareness of officials and soldiers on Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh thought, the guidelines and directions of the Party, laws and policies of the State, tasks of the Army, Military Region 9, and the City's armed forces, and conspiracies and tricks of "peaceful evolution" of hostile forces, etc. In implementation, the City Military Command has directed agencies and units to closely combine basic education with continuing education and general education with private education. Importance has been attached to the education of special subjects on learning and following Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics, and style, associated with the honor of "Uncle Ho's Soldier". As a result, the awareness and sense of responsibility of officials and soldiers have been raised, with absolute confidence in the Party's leadership, strong political spirit, good moral qualities, and clean and healthy lifestyles.  There has been no manifestation of decline in political thought, ethics, and lifestyle, "self-evolution", and "self-transformation" internally. They have gradually overcome expressions of hardship fearfulness and lack of endeavor and always upheld and promoted the quality of "Uncle Ho's Soldier" to be ready to receive and fulfill the assigned tasks.

Realising the extremely important role of the grassroots party organizations, the City Military Party Committee has directed the focus of learning and following Uncle Ho thought, ethics, and style into the Party building work. Accordingly, the City Military Party has built a plan to implement Directive No.05 with the contents, methods, and time of implementation close to the practical situation and tasks, in association with the implementation of the 4th Central Resolution (the 12th tenure) on Party building and rectification and the Drive entitled "Promoting the tradition, dedicating talents, deserving Uncle Ho's Soldiers". In building clean and strong party organizations, the City Military Party Committee has required all levels to focus on improving the leadership and combat power, especially at the Party cells. Party committees at all levels have strictly followed the principles of democratic centralism, self-criticism, and criticism in accordance with Ho Chi Minh thought. All activities of the Party committees at all levels have been conducted on the principle of collective leadership and individual accountability. The management of Party members has been carried out closely in all aspects, including politics, thought, social relations, ethics, and lifestyle. The management of Party committees and cells has been associated with the self-management role of officials and Party members.

The City’s Military Party Committee has directed the Party committees at all levels to closely combine the requirements on building "Four-good Party cells" and "Five-good Party members" with the criteria in implementing Directive No.05 and the 4th Central Resolution (the 12th Tenure). The criteria for building a clean and strong party organization and striving criteria of officials, Party members, and the masses have been concretized in accordance with the characteristics, requirements, and tasks of various types of agencies and units, of which striving criteria have been regularly supplemented and perfected. Therefore, the grassroots Party organizations of the City Military Party Committee have always been the center of solidarity and leadership to build comprehensively strong agencies and units to successfully fulfill all assigned tasks.

Imbued with Uncle Ho's words: “The strong army is thanks to good education, right policy, and strict discipline. Therefore, discipline must be strict.", the City’s Military Party Committee and Military Command have considered regularity building, management, and discipline training as an important breakthrough to complete the assigned tasks. Implementing that policy, the City’s Military Command has focused on closely leading the work of regularity building, improving the quality of the implementation of military regulations and rules, management, and training, not letting officials and soldiers breach disciplines and law. The coordination mechanism between agencies and units and localities and families in education, management, and training of officials and soldiers has been formulated and strictly implemented. Party committees and commanders at all levels have always promoted the role of presiding officials and attached their responsibility to the results of education, management, and training of the unit to gradually bring the work of regularity building, management, and discipline training into depth, contributing to a better transformation of the construction and development of the military personality and the beautiful and high quality of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers". At the same time, other work have been done, including revising the soldiers’ style and manners; strictly maintaining the prescribed regimes; and actively promoting the construction and repair of landscape of units to create regular, green, clean, and scenic environment etc. As a result, the awareness and sense of law observance and discipline of the soldiers have seen positive changes, while the violations have decreased in both the number of cases, nature, and extent. For years, the City’s armed forces have had no officials and soldiers committing serious disciplinary violation, and the rate of common breaches has fallen to below 0.02%.

Well implementing the emulation movement entitled "The Army joins hand in renovating rural areas" is a prominent point in "following Uncle Ho" of the City’s armed forces. To be effective, units have taken the initiative in surveying and identifying necessary, urgent, and highly feasible criteria. The contents have been focused on the criteria, including water resources, schools, health care, strong socio-political organization system, security and order, etc. By doing specific and practical jobs that are suitable to practical capabilities and conditions and through mass  mobilization with several good and creative ways, especially the implementation of the model "Tet of the Army and People", the City’s armed forces have mobilized funds, contributed thousands of labor days to build infrastructure and welfare works, and implemented social security policies to contribute to solving difficulties in life for people. Thereby, they have joined hands with the locality to complete the criteria of building new rural areas and civilized urban zones. The model "Policy dialogue with meritorious people" of the City’s armed forces has promptly answered and improved the quality and efficiency of the implementation of regimes and policies for beneficiaries that have contributed to building an increasingly solid people's heart and mind posture and beautifying the image of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" in the hearts of the people.

Along with that, the movement entitled "Can Tho Armed Forces join hands for the poor – leaving no one behind" has been effectively implemented. Models, including "The militia and self-defense force cooperates with the Public Security to mobilize people to build security gates", "Caring for the heroic Vietnamese Mothers", "Building forces to create Party development sources among militia and self-defense forces", or "Giving savings books to the youth joining the Army", ... have been built, replicated, and promoted. Accordingly, the City’s armed forces have received and helped 106 poor households with an amount of more than VND 1.3 billion and over 400 working days. They have also built 235 Comrade Houses, Great Solidarity Houses, and Houses of Gratitude, worth more than VND 8 billion. With the efforts of the armed forces and the entire political system, so far, Can Tho city has had 100% of communes and 2 districts meeting new rural standards (Phong Dien District in 2016 and Vinh Thanh District in 2019). There have been also 28 wards meeting the civilized urban standards.

In the past years (from 2014 to 2019), Can Tho City armed forces have been awarded a First-Class Fatherland Protection Medal by the State and received many other noble awards from the Ministry of National Defence, Military Region 9, and localities. This is the basis and motivation for officials and soldiers of Can Tho City armed forces to promote the tradition of "Loyalty to the Party, civilian-military unity, self-reliance, bravery, and determination to win” of the unit granted with the title of “Hero of the People's Armed Forces” twice to promote the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics, and style, ensuring that the high quality of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" is always shining in the heart of people.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Thanh Duc, Member of the City Party Committee, Political Commissar of City Military Command

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