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Brigade 242 focuses on building an all-strong and exemplary unit

Brigade 242 (under the MR3) is stationed in and tasked with protecting the seas and islands in the Northeastern provinces of the country. In 2018, the brigade was chosen by the Ministry of National Defense as a focal unit to build an all-strong and exemplary one. This is a chance for the brigade to improve its overall quality but also a challenge since the requirements are really high. To fulfill this task, first of all, the brigade focuses on making it strong and exemplary in politics. Due to the fact that its affiliate units are located in a wide area, far from the mainland with disadvantageous communication roads, the checking and supervision of commandants is interrupted, logistics support faces difficulties and deeply affected by local weather conditions. Moreover, a number of officers and soldiers have unfavourable family conditions. Therefore, to orient the thought and build good motivation, steadfastness and strong determination for its officers and soldiers, the brigade fosters the implementation of the Project of “Renewing the political education at units in the new period”. In particular, focus has been placed on the renewal of the model and method of propaganda and education; combine closely fundamental education with mission briefing and the education of tradition to improve the awareness and awaken the pride of its officers and soldiers in being part of the unit. The brigade often hold information and news briefing, particularly the sea and island situation; the plots and schemes of hostile forces in order to orient the thought and perception of soldiers. As for offshore units without electricity, the brigade requires them to read the news on the MND’s portal and listen to the Vietnam Radio to update news for troops. Besides, the brigade thoroughly implement the Grassroots Democratic Regulations, adhere to the rule of Political and Cultural Day; pay attention to the assurance of policies for officers and soldiers, while coordinating with localities to inform the situation of officers and soldiers to their family in order to opportunely discover and settle the emerging matters. Thereby, 100% of its officers and soldiers has political steadfastness. They have shown their enthusiasm with the unit, self-studying, self-cultivation, unity and helpfulness to each other during task performance.

New recruit oath

Together with strengthening political education, the brigade also attaches importance to building pure and strong party organisations with a number of synchronous measures, focusing on the serious adherence of the democratic centralism principle, improving the quality of party meetings, and effectively implementing the Central Resolution 4 (XII tenure) on Party building and rectification, alleviating the degradation in ideology, politics, morality, lifestyle, the manifestation of “self-evolution, self-transformation”, in association with the implementation of the Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo (XII tenure) on strengthening the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh thought, morality and lifestyle, the Drive of “Promoting tradition, dedicating talent, deserving Uncle Ho’s soldier”. At the same time, it has focused on consolidating party committees and organisations along with its organisational restructuring. Up to date, 30 out of 32 party cells of the brigade have party committees. 85% to 90% of its party organisations are rated as well and excellently accomplishing their mission; 100% of its party members are rated as accomplishment of mission, including 85% of the party members being rated as well and excellenly accomplishing mission. The leadership capability and combat strength of party committees and organisations, especially at grassroots units have significantly been improved.

To improve its overall quality and combat strength, the brigade focuses on improving the quality and training and combat readiness. Grasping the Resolution of the MR3’s Party Committee, the Order of the Commander of the MR3 on the task of training, the brigade focuses on making careful preparation for training; screens and adjusts the number of troops to make it relevant to the task of each unit with priorities given to the ones staying on combat readiness duty and operating on islands; conduct training to improve the quality of training for commanders. Moreover, it has been proactive in renovating the system of training fields and making thousands of new pieces of equipment serving for training.

During the course of training, the brigade sticks to the motto of “basic, practical, steady”, effectively applies the viewpoints, principles and relations. It has considered joint forces training as the centre, cadre training as the key; emphasised on synchronous, in-depth training with focus on independent combat relevant to the object and area of operation, combat on sea and island in the condition of the enemy’s high-tech weapons. It has strengthened practical training, field exercise, night training to improve the level of practical skills and drills for troops. At the same time, thoroughly conduct tactical exercise with live-firing; synthetic round exercise with live-firing; one-sided one-leveled commanding exercise on map, etc. in order to check and evaluate the quality of training, the level of combat capability of troops. As a result, the brigade’s training quality has been increasingly enhanced; some of the tested contents have 100% satisfactory results with 75% to 85% being rated good and excellent. The exercises held all had good results, ensuring absolute safety. In 2018, it was awarded with the “Good training unit” flag by the Ministry of National Defence.

In addition, the brigade strictly maintains the mechanism of combat readiness. It has deployed due forces, weaponry and equipment for the duty task in accordance with regulations and ensured the transparency and safety of communication. Besides, it has also actively screened, supplemented, and adjusted combat plans to suit the mission; regularly held training of combat readiness plans, with a focus on the A2 plan, and the plan to fight the enemy’s airborne and seaborne attack; closely coordinated with friendly forces in the area of operation to grasp the situation on air, on sea to avoid passive and unwanted situation.

Logistics supply to units stationed on islands

Building regularity and disciplining are breakthrough that has been determined by the brigade. Grasping the directive, decision, instructions of the Ministry of National Defence, the MR3 on building regularity and disciplining, the brigade has carried out the models of “One law for one week”, “Four-good unit, typical individual”; compiled the “Handbook for building typical unit in observance of State laws and Military disciplines” with concrete contents and criteria and some regulations associated with the features and missions of the units as the targets for officers and soldiers to strive for.  Moreover, it has strictly adhered to the daily routines mechanism; combined education, persuasion with administrative sanctions. To make it highly effective, the brigade deploys its cadres to units to directly supervise and instruct; promote the vanguard, exemplary role and the implementation of “words go together with actions”, “three together” of cadres and party members. Every month, the brigade sends letter of commendation to role models and informs the achievements to their family, hence maintaining the close relationship between the unit and troop’s families and improving the effectiveness of education and training. With this method, the building of regularity and disciplining of the brigade has seen significant progresses without any serious breaches of disciplines or desertion. Its normal breaching decrease to under 0.12%.

Facing the difficulties of the area of operation, the brigade places emphasis on technical and logistics support. To do that, the brigade strengthens education for troops to heighten their responsibility in using, maintaining and repairing. It has focused on training to improve the level of the technical staffs and promoted the Drive of “Careful, durable, safe and economical management and exploitation of weapon and technical equipment, and Traffic safety”. The units strictly adhere to maintenance regime to ensure high and stable technical ratio for weapons and equipment. To ensure safety for operations, the brigade thoroughly conducts checking, changing and recalling of weapons and ammunition in accordance with regulations. As for logistics supply, the brigade promotes the implementation of the Emulation Movement of “Military Logistics Sector following Uncle Ho’s teaching”. It has actively made use of the fresh water for food production to improve the meals of troops, while thoroughly carrying out preventive measures of disease and providing good healthcare service to troops. As a result, over 99.5% of its troops have good health.

With the implementation of synchronous measures, the building of a typical, all-strong, exemplary unit of the brigade has gained practical results. In 2018, it was presented the “Leading unit in the Determine to Win movement” Flag by the Ministry of National Defence.  This is a premise and momentum for the Brigade 242 to continue to strive for successfully accomplishing all assigned tasks.

Colonel Trinh Hong Phong, Commander of the brigade

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