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Army Corps 1 enhances the quality of legal dissemination and education

As a main and mobile strategic force of the Ministry of National Defence, the Army Corps 1 is assigned with training, combat readiness, defence diplomacy and some other irregular tasks.

To thoroughly implement the work of legal dissemination and education, the Party Committee and Command of the Corps have focused on grasping directives and resolutions of the upper levels, particularly the Directive 63/2008/CT-BQP of the Ministry of National Defence on “Implementing legal dissemination and education in the Military and the Reserve and Self – defence forces”; the Directive 04/CT-BQP on “Strengthening the management and education on disciplining, preventing and controlling legal violations and serious breaches of discipline in the Vietnam’s People Army” and other directives and instructions of the General Staff and the General Political Department on legal dissemination and education. Every year, the Corps' Party Committee and its junior levels all build their specialized resolutions on leading the legal dissemination and education and then commanders concretized them into programs and plans for political and legal education and training. Besides, the Corps also actively builds plans and determines clearly objects, time, focal contents for each period and each year; coordinates with units and agencies to survey and evaluate soldiers’ ideology and their compliance with state law and the military  discipline. Thereby, the quality of ideological education, orientation, management and anticipation is enhanced; emerging problems are opportunely addressed ; legal violation and discipline breaching of cadres and troops are timely prevented.

The decisive factor ensuring the high effectiveness for the work of legal dissemination and education is that the Corps' Party Committee and Command have directed its units to carry out exactly the set out contents of the work and considered this an important solution for adjusting behavior and building high sense for laws and discipline of cadres and troops. Sticking to the Corps' plans, its units have held training classes so that their cadres and troops grasp legal documents, decrees, circulars and instructions of the State and the Ministry of National Defence. Education contents are chosen suitably for each particular object. For the first year soldiers, content includes Law on Military Service, Law on Road Traffic, Military Disciplines, etc. For the second  year soldiers, the content includes Civil Law, the Penal Code, Marital and Family Law, etc. For officers and non-commissioned officers, they are provided with specialized courses which are relevant to their leadership, commanding and management.

To make the content understandable and memorable, the Corps directed its units and agencies to frequently renew methods of implementation to have effective, interesting and suitable ways of doing. Accordingly, the Corps directed its procuracy to compile Soldier’s Handbook with summarized legal documents, related instructions, directives and regulations of the State, Military and the Corps. These handbooks are provided to companies so that related contents are timely briefed to soldiers. “Legal Day” is held in various forms such as: through internal radio network; through legal awareness contests, etc.

Fully aware of the important role of cadres in the work, the Corps' Party Committee and Command have always paid attention to consolidating, fostering and enhancing capability for cadres and legal disseminators. Every year, cadres who are legally knowledgeable, pedagogically skillful, experienced, notable for disciplining, honourable are chosen to attend training courses held by the Legal Department under the Ministry of National Defence. Besides, part-time legal disseminators are enriched with legal knowledge and improved in skills and enhanced in capability through various forms, such as: model teaching, contesting, teaching contest, etc. By these means, the quality of disseminators is increasingly enhanced contributing to enhance the effectiveness of legal education of the Corps.

With sound guidelines for leading and directing, realistic and relevant solutions, the effectiveness of the legal dissemination and education has positively contributed to the building of pure and strong party organizations, and comprehensively strong units, the enhancement of the total quality, combat capability and the task fulfillment of the Corps.

Sr. Col. Do Van Thien

Political Commissar of Corps 1

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