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Actively carrying out military logistics tasks set for 2015
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In 2015, new and higher requirements are set forth for the military and defence tasks. The entire Army has to carry out a variety of major and important tasks. Demand for logistics support rises sharply, especially supply for the mission of safeguarding national territory and other contingency tasks. For this reason, to fulfill targets and accomplish the tasks, the entire military in general and logistics units at all levels in particular need to thoroughly grasp the Resolution of the Central Military Commission on the military and defence mission and the Logistics Order for the year 2015, continue to be active in advisory function for the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence and their affiliates on the leaders’ guidelines and management measures. Besides, logistics units also need to promote their key role, direct and implement comprehensively and effectively all aspects of logistics support, with focus on the following ones:

1. Actively carrying out logistics support in a timely and efficient manner for the missions of combat readiness, training and other contingency tasks with priority to units which are in charge of safeguarding sea and island and land sovereignty, and units operating in key defence and security zones.

2. Giving out close direction, synchronous implementation of measures to enhance the effectiveness of regular logistics support. Military commissions and commanders at all levels need to be fully aware of the difficulties in logistics support and thereafter strengthening their leadership, promoting synergic power of the forces involved in the implementation process.

Attention should to be paid to ensuring the quality of food and clothing for troops. Councils for price supervision should promote their roles. Sources of food should be actively created.

Units are to stick to the directions of their superior on the plans for barracks construction and maintenance; strictly abide by procedures and regulations on investment and construction; actively carry out the approved construction projects with priority given for the completion of the transferred projects in the 2015–2016 period; boost investment on the clean water projects as planned by the Ministry of National Defence especially for units stationed in remote areas, and areas where water resource is scarce.

Basing on budget and allowance limit, specialised agencies for petroleum supply and management and units should be active in finding supply sources of petroleum to timely supply it for combat readiness reserve and for conducting regular missions. For the effective management and use, limit and amount of petroleum for each unit, force, mission should be thoroughly considered.

Units are to perfect the tasks of planing, collaboration, mission assignment, control and management of transportation; regularly conduct maintenance to assure high safety ratio for vehicles; effectively use the available vehicles in combination with suitable hire for transportation of common goods.

3. Attaching importance to building logistics units at all levels comprehensively strong. This is the key mission, deciding the mission accomplishment capability of the sector both in the short and long term. Logistics branches in units should be active in suggesting and giving advice to party committees and commanders on the consolidation of the sector’s organization in accordance with the mission requirement. At the same time, focusing on enhancing regularity, administration reform, practicing thrift, achieving breakthroughs in maintaining working regulations, improving ability for logistics cadres and servicemen.

Lieutenant General Duong Van Ra

Director of the General Department of Logistics

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