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575th Engineer Brigade enhances the construction of defence structures

The 575th Engineer Brigade, under Military Region 1, is tasked with training and combat readiness; constructing defence structures; clearing bombs, mines and explosives; overcoming war consequences; participating in search and rescue, and other ad hoc tasks. Recently, the demand for construction of defence structures in MR1 increases rapidly with higher requirements, so the task of the brigade becomes increasingly heavier. Meanwhile, the brigade is downsizing its structure towards "compact, neat, strong" direction; its units are scattered in many provinces, mainly in border and remote areas with difficulties in socio-economy and transportation; its tasks are complex and dangerous in nature; during the construction process, its soldiers usually operate and stay on the field, lacking everything, etc. In order to overcome difficulties and challenges, successfully accomplish all assigned tasks,  and improve the quality of defence structures, the Brigade has implemented many solutions synchronously.

Field training on construction site

First of all, strengthening the leadership and direction for the construction of defence structures. Being well aware of the importance of construction of defence structures, the Party Committee and commander of the brigade have thoroughly grasped the directives and resolutions of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defence, the Party Committee and Command of MR1; issued a thematic resolution to lead this important task; established a site command board, a monitoring team, and a safety team. The brigade conducts restructuring and ensures sufficient staff, equipment and means; selects the best staffs with high quality, capacity, qualifications and skills and carefully appraises their political quality and health before deploying to the construction site. In order to ensure the close, transparent and timely leadership and direction, the Brigade strictly maintains the commanding and briefing regime at the construction site; requests cadres and soldiers to strictly abide by the internal rules and regulations of the unit, military discipline, and State law. At the same time, it regularly inspects the construction unit, promptly corrects and supplements measures to improve construction quality. In order for the construction to take place continuously, finish with high quality and on schedule, the Brigade closely cooperates with the functional agencies of MR1, friendly units and the localities, and the project investors to make prompt disbursement, speed up the site clearance and select good and clean materials, so the structures are built according to the plan, requirements and design.

Along with that, the brigade makes thorough task briefing to raise the awareness, responsibility, and high determination for officers and soldiers. Accordingly, its agencies and units step up propaganda and education about the position, meaning and importance of the task of building combat structures and roads, and clearing bombs, mines and explosives, etc. for officers and soldiers. This helps nurturing political courage, spirit, responsibility, determination for its troops to overcome all difficulties and dangers. To make it highly effective, the Brigade thoroughly grasps and strictly implements the above directives and instructions, especially Directive No. 2237-CT/ĐU, dated May 10, 2019 of the Standing Party Committee of MR1 on "Strengthening the exemplary role of cadres and party members". In addition, it well maintains the "Determined to win" emulation movement, creating motivation for collectives and individuals to strive and progress, and promotes the vanguard role of mass organisations in the performance of tasks. In particular, the leaders and commanders of the Brigade always pay attention to making sufficient provision, resolutely not to let its troops hungry or cold; regularly grasp the thoughts and aspirations of troops, and have timely encouragement and provide favourable policies for their rear. As a result, 100% of the Brigade's officers and soldiers are enthusiastic and committed to their work, dedicated to their unit. They always stay united; believe in the leadership and command; work hard together and determine to fulfill all the assigned responsibilities and tasks.

It has been proven that the capacity, expertise and skills of personnel have direct impact on the quality and progress of construction work. Therefore, the Brigade focuses on improving the quality of training and developing skills for its staffs. Every year, it holds training and retraining to improve the capacity for the staff directly involve in training and constructing. The contents of training are focused on new, difficult and inconsistent issues; skills in exploiting vehicles and specialised technical equipment. For units constructing the projects, the Brigade requires that training is associated with the construction process, and take "construction site as the training ground"; hold training in shifts and conduct rotation training suitable with realistic conditions. As a result, the capacity and levels of its staff have been significantly improved, especially the techniques in building military and defence projects, clearing bombs and mines, overcoming consequences of collapsed structures. They have been able to exploit and make the best use of the existing vehicles and specialised technical equipment. In 2021, the Brigade participated in the Army-wide Engineers Contest and won the Second prize.

In addition, the Brigade has investments to acquire new and modern machines and facilities, and applies technical innovations and improvements into construction. Over the past years, the Brigade has advised and proposed to the superior levels to procure new machines and means, and equip them in a timely and sufficient manner for the construction of defence structures. At the same time, it manages to make the most use of the machine and mechanised vehicle in the construction to support and replace manpower, especially in heavy and dangerous jobs, and reduce labour, increase productivity, ensure safety, and shorten construction time. It regularly encourages and stimulates its staff to actively research and promote technical innovations and apply them to the construction process to increase productivity and quality of construction works. Since 2015 to date, it has applied more than 20 technical innovations in the construction of projects which brings about cost efficiency, improves the working environment, protects the health of troops, and saves hundreds of millions of dong.

Due to the complicated and specific nature of military structures, the risky and harsh topography, the Brigade strictly maintains and adheres to safety procedures. Accordingly, it always makes thorough brief and orders its troop to strictly adhere to safety regulations in construction. During the construction process, there are always supervisors and commanders working on the site in all working shifts who closely follow soldiers to guide, monitor and observe the geological, topographical, and rocky situation to promptly notify and take effective measures. Its supervision teams and safety teams have strengthened inspection of construction sites, promptly detected and corrected errors, and supplemented measures to ensure safety when performing subsequent tasks, and improve construction quantity. The Brigade strictly maintains military disciplines and etiquette at all times and in all places, especially on the construction site. In addition, it also complies fully with regulations on ensuring security and camouflaging the structures. It plants trees and covers the structures with camouflage nets upon launching new projects to ensure absolute secret and security.

With the synchronous and drastic implementation of the above solutions, since 2019 to date, Engineer Brigade 575 has constructed and handed over more than 10 defence structures to units and localities according to plan. Some projects were finished ahead of schedule, with good quality, ensuring safety, embellishing the tradition of a Heroic Units. This has been commended by the head of MR1, the Party Committee and the local government with fine words of "Ordinary people with extraordinary job". For the past years, it has always been one of the leading units in the Determine to win Emulation movement of MR1, which was commended and appreciated by the Ministry of National Defence and the Command of MR1. This is a strong basis and motivation for the Brigade to further strive to fulfill all assigned tasks, and build a comprehensively strong, "exemplary and typical" unit.

Senior Colonel PHAM TIEN TU, Brigade Commander

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