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Factory Z755 and the campaign “promoting tradition, devoting talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers”

Factory Z755 is a strategic-level technical support centre for military communications and a key defence industry establishment under the Signal Corps, tasked with repair and innovation of communications equipment and hardware and production of technical materials and accessories of military communications devices for the Corps and units within the military. Moreover, it is assigned to manufacture a number of products serving the tasks of defence and security and people’s life. In recent years, in the face of the requirements of building the Corps straight into modernity, the Factory’s task is increasingly greater and requires a hi-tech content in its products. Meanwhile, input elements for production and repair of military hardware are unsystematic; competitive pressure is increasingly intense; its staff quality are still limited. To fulfil its assigned tasks, the Factory’s Party Executive Committee and Directorate have determined to employ measures synchronously, including the accelerated implementation of the Campaign “promoting tradition, devoting talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers” as a central one.

Repairing defence electronic products

Thoroughly perceiving the significance of the Campaign, the Factory has executed it on a close, procedural basis, in accordance with the Unit’s particularities and higher authorities’ directives and guidance, first and foremost the Signal Corps’. The implementation of the Campaign has created a favourable condition for the Factory’s staff to promote self-reliance and creativity to develop hi-tech products for the work of military communications and people’s life. The widespread implementation of the Campaign has practically contributed to making the Factory’s staff politically, morally strong, highly responsible; active and proactive in their work; closely united and unified. After three years of implementing the Campaign, there have appeared effective working models and methods as well as typical collectives and individuals. The Factory is always the vanguard of the Corps in scientific research and command of modern equipment and hardware; repair and technical maintenance of communications systems, particularly difficult and complex ones requiring high technical level, thereby greatly contributing to modernization of the system of military communications. With the recorded results, the Factory was awarded the Third-Class Labour Medal by the State President and given the title “Determination to Win Unit” by the Corps; hundreds of its collectives and individuals were awarded medals, decorations, certificates of credit and other noble rewards. Consequently, the Factory’s Party Committee has been recognized as pure, strong one for many years, successfully fulfilling all the assigned tasks.

Those achievements attach to first and foremost the all-level party executive committees and commanders’ heightened responsibility for leadership and mission performance. Realities have proved the importance of party committees and commanders’ leadership to the effectiveness and order of implementing the Campaign. Fully understanding that, the Factory’s Party Executive Committee and Directorate have strengthened leadership and direction over the implementation of the Campaign via resolutions of the party executive committees and action plans of the commanders, while combining the implementation of the Campaign with that of the Politburo’s Directive 05-CT/TW (12th tenure) on studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thought, ethics and lifestyle, the “Determined to Win” Emulation Movement as well as other movements and campaigns. Simultaneously, significance has been attached to consolidating the organizational structure of the Council for Emulation and Commendation and emulation committees and groups. The political office has well performed its role in counselling the Factory’s Party Executive Committee and Directorate to develop programs and plans for implementing directives and resolutions of higher authorities; to employ measures relevant to the task of each office and committee; to maintain the regulations on inspecting and reviewing the implementation of the Campaign; to hold conferences on review and lesson drawing. During the course of implementation, the Factory’s Party Executive Committee has requested its affiliates to pay due regard to setting up models and proper targets for emulation, with a focus on successfully accomplishing the unit’s political task, and taking the results of the implementation of the Campaign as a criterion for evaluation of the task performance of the staff and for annual commendation. As a result, self-reliance and creativity of each person have been promoted; all members of the staff have brought into play at the highest level their knowledge and responsibility.

Working on the 91Z specialized transmitter project

It should be noted that the Factory’s Party Executive Committee and Directorate have consistently regarded the Campaign as an important motivational factor for successful fulfilment of its central political task, boosted efficiency of its production and business, and ensured employment and income of its employees. The Factory has determined that its central, consistent task is to successfully fulfil targets and plans for manufacturing and repairing defence products, and to make use of extra resources for production and business to create employments for workers. The Campaign has encouraged collectives and individuals to strive for implementation of the Corps Commander’s “Direction for the Factory’s development to 2020”, ensuring that each step of the Factory is a contribution to the task of modernizing the Corps and Communications Branch. During the process of production, the Campaign has encouraged the study and employment of new methods appropriate to requirements and tasks in each phase, such as assignment of piecework, flexible shift of production parts with priority given to direct production, annual commendation for creativity, and so forth. At the same time, due attention has been paid to innovating business administration in tandem with political education, internal management, discipline training, standard order building, business culture building and labour safety. Besides, Campaign has encouraged the Factory staff’s activeness, proactiveness, creativity, strong will to overcome difficulties and resolve to complete the tasks. In recent years, the Factory has deployed tens of delegation of cadres, engineers and technicians to units stationed in border, islands and rigs for the work of on-site maintenance and repair, meeting the requirements of “timely, accurate, secret, safe” communications in all situations. The Campaign has also contributed to making the Factory’s production and business increasingly orderly, standardized, scientific, economical and highly productive. In the 2012-2016 period, the Factory’s turnover was more than 607 billion VND with over 220 billion VND worth of defence products. In 2016 alone, its turnover was 1.58 times as much as in 2013; personal income reached 9 million VND per month.

The Campaign in the Factory Z755 has supported and encouraged its staff’s passion, creativity and spirit of “Military Youth entering science and technology areas”. Research topics have all contained breakthrough, high intelligence and feasible qualities, helping the Factory gradually master technologies for repairing communications equipment, manufacturing technical materials, developing new-generation equipment of radiotelegraphy, satellite communications, optical transmission terminal, IP dialogue, digital vibrance, and many other equipment. A lot of researches and initiatives have been directly applied to production, such as innovation and modernization of communications equipment (91Z specialized transmitter for sea and island, P50 transmitter, 7512 specialized receiver, 10JCX switchboard, P158 transceiver, etc.); manufacture of materials and accessories of communications equipment, including hi-tech materials; adaptation of communications equipment to the environment of sea and island; especially successful production of several important transceivers of super high-frequency in the system of military satellite communications (BUC band of C, BUC band of Ku, LNB) as well as NVIS Slodip antennas and shortwave radiotelegraphy for manoeuvrability, thereby contributing to improving the timeliness and firmness of the system of military communications and reducing foreign dependence. Realizing the guideline to “gain a head start by taking a shortcut”, the Factory has held training courses for its staff to get access to new, basic technologies and transfer of foreign technologies. Making a breakthrough in research, innovation, design, pilot production, manufacture of materials and technical maintenance, over the past 3 years, the Factory has completed a lot of scientific researches, including one National Defence Ministry- level research; 4 researches won the Military Creative Youth Award; 11 researches won the Corps-level creative youth award; 5 researches won awards in the competitions launched by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union’s Central Committee; and 192 technical initiatives have been applied, which helps save tens of billions VND for state budget.

Grounded in its experience and recorded results, in the upcoming time, the Factory’s Party Executive Committee and Directorate will continue to step up the realization of preset plans and targets, bringing the Campaign to a new height, creating a driver for successfully accomplishing all the assigned tasks and building the Factory into the Army’s top hi-tech research, repair, production  establishment.

Snr. Col. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Political Commissar of the Factory Z755

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