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Editorial: Our Party – In such a 90-year period

90 years have elapsed since the foundation of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), a party of intellect and trust which has resiliently struggled for the interest of the class, the nation and the ceaseless development of the country. Over the past 90 years, under the leadership of the CPV, our people have enjoyed steady and robust progress in the path to national independence and socialism. The 90-year period is not long in comparison with the history of the nation but it has been the most glorious and beautiful period ever, bringing our people from the dark to the light, from slavery to freedom, from country-losing people  to masters of our own country, from poverty to prosperity and happiness.

Looking back the past 90-year history, we realized that the foundation of the CPV is a historical inevitability. Our people are, by nature, patriotic, heroic, and indomitable and have defeated several aggressive imperial and feudal powers. Since the invasion of the French colonialists, the patriotic movements went strong and broke out country-wide, attracting a large number of people, including a number of feudal mandarins. However, those movements have all been bloodily suppressed by the French colonialists due to the lack of a sound revolutionary line.

Finally, history has its own way. The inception of Marxism has unveiled the inevitability which has been covered by the dark of the night, i.e. capitalism will inevitably be replaced by a better regime – the Communism. The outbreak of the Russian October Revolution has put an end to the capital’s suppression and started an unprecedented national liberation movement for colonized nations.

The world situation had a deep effect on the national salvation cause in Vietnam, and Nguyen Ai Quoc was the chosen man for fomenting the revolution in the country. It was him who spread Marxism – Leninism and combined patriotic movement with the workers’ movement to bring about the game-changing event in Vietnam: the foundation of the CPV on 3rd February 1930.

The past 90 years were a special period of Vietnam’s revolution under the leadership of the CPV in which the country had undergone major challenges, even critical moments. However, each challenge it surmounted, it recorded glorious victory in its history. It was the success of the August Revolution in 1945 and the successful protection of the newly established government against both domestic and foreign opponents amid social crises. It was the land sliding victories in the two wars against the colonialists and imperialists for national independence, liberation and unification, and socialism. It was the major achievements in the cause of national construction and defence, building the rule-of-law socialist State of the people, by the people and for the people, building the socialist-oriented market economy and the all people’s national defence and the people’s security, the firm “people’s heart and mind posture” capable of protecting the independence, unification and territorial integrity of the country.

Amid the critical circumstance caused by the blockage of the imperialists and the collapse of the socialist system in the USSR and Eastern Europe in the 1990s, under the leadership of the CPV, our country not only stood firm, getting out of the crises but also saw steady developments and improved people’s living standards. After 30 years of renewal, our country has gained historic achievements, ushering in new potentials, status and a bright future. Our international relations have been being widening and deepening, especially with neighbouring and regional countries, major powers, economic and political centres, traditional and important partners. With the active and responsible participation in the regional and world forums and institutions, Vietnam has improved much its prestige and created favourable conditions for the cause of national construction and defence.

The victories of Vietnam’s revolution in the past 90 years were a vivid illustration of the country’s strength under the leadership of the CPV. They further strengthened the inevitability of the CPV’s leadership and the key factor to all successes of the revolution. CPV is the source of the nation’s strength. It has combined Marxism – Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought with national tradition and patriotism, and inherited the quintessence of human kind to promote the strength of the nation, combine the nation’s strength with that of time to develop the country.

Throughout its thousand-year history, Vietnam has seen several prosperous periods but never have its status and potentials been improved as at present. The roots of this miracle are the sense of self-control and the undaunted spirit of our people under the leadership of the CPV – the elite vanguard of the working class and the whole nation. 90 years with the CPV is a glorious time of Vietnam. The whole revolutionary cause under the leadership of the CPV has always been accompanied by the people. The Party’s noble ideal of “prosperous people, and a strong, equal, democratic, and civilised country” is the desire and happiness of our people. Hence, we call the CPV with two words: our Party.

Being born from the people, and fighting for the people, under the training and leadership of our Party and President Ho Chi Minh, over the past 75 years, the Vietnam People’s Army has ceaselessly grown and been the core in building the all people’s national defence and firmly protecting the Vietnam socialist Fatherland. In every condition and circumstance, especially facing the challenges and turning points of the revolution, VPA has always been the absolutely loyal political and armed forces of the Party, State and the people, ready to fight and sacrifice for the goal and ideal of national independence and socialism; will surmount any challenges and defeat any enemies.

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