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Army Youth Union 65 years under Party flag

Fully aware of the important role of the youth in the Army’s process of building, fighting and maturing, in July 1950, the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army agreed in principle with the Vietnam National Salvation Youth Union Central Committee about organizing National Salvation Youth Union in the Army. On February 8th 1952, in the Safety Zone of Thai Nguyen, the first Vietnam National Salvation Youth Branch in the Army was founded at Company 29, Battalion 183, Regiment 246 (under the General Headquarters), and then the others were established in the whole Regiment. On December 22nd 1955, the General Central Military Commission issued the Resolution N0.25/QN-TW on organizing the Vietnam Labour Youth Union in the whole Army.

Colonel Dinh Quoc Hung delivering speech on occasion of receiving First-Class Homeland Protection Order

During the resistance war against the French colonialists, the Army youth brought into play at highest level the national tradition of patriotism: “would rather sacrifice everything than lose the country and be enslaved” and “sacrifice lives to save the Homeland”. Replying to the “Annihilating the enemy to achieve feat of arms” emulation movement, the Army youth overcame all difficulties and hardships, being determined to fight and to win, in company with the whole Party, military and people to bring the resistance war to comprehensive victory.

During the anti-US war for national salvation, with the strong will of “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom”, under the Party leadership, the Army Youth together with the entire military and people entered the new battle with a faith in victory and revolutionary optimism.

Movements launched by the Army Youth Union took place continuously, aiming at building and strengthening  combat morale, improving skills and tactics. Typical movements were the “Emulation for 3 best things” movement, “Youth emulate at 5 fields” movement (namely politics and ideology; professional competence; discipline and regulations; physical training; production and thrift), “3 readiness, 5 volunteering” (ready to combat, ready to join the Army, ready to go anywhere). With high combat morale, the Army Youth achieved heroic feats of arm, making contributions to the cause of liberating the South and unifying the country.

In the era the whole country carrying out the two strategic tasks, namely Homeland construction and protection, with a thorough grasp and implementation of resolutions of the Party on youth work, under the leadership and direct direction of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defence and the General Department of Politics, youth union work and youth movement in the Army have experienced comprehensive developments, continuously being the vanguard in the country’s youth union work and youth movement. The “Striving to deserve to be Uncle Ho’s Soldiers” movement has marked the development of youth union work and youth movement in the Army with new programs, forms and methods, which have been organized in all fields of the Army. This movement has been concretized into the “Building cultural youth branch” movement with 3 requirements, namely qualified soldiers, beautiful barrack, close relationship between troops and the people; developed into the emulation movement “3 manifestations of the pinnacle of determination to win” namely lofty ideal and high responsibility; good study and action; great solidarity and strict discipline. In addition, movements, such as “Army Youth reaching peaks”, “Army Youth entering the field of science and technology”, “Army Youth and traffic culture”, “Army Youth studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example”, have been implemented extensively, attracted all youth union members and youth and encouraged youth in the whole Army to exert themselves in studying, training, combat readiness, production, discipline practice and regularity building. By conducting those movements, there have appeared typical examples in various fields. A number of scientific researches, initiatives and technical innovation of highly scientific value and applicability have been done, making contributions to the building of “revolutionary, regular, elite, gradually modern” People’s Army.

Facing hardships of the wars, the Army Youth always showed their loyalty to targets and revolutionary ideal of the Party. Notably, the Ho Chi Minh’s Communist Youth Union in the Army was really a vanguard and right-hand force of the Party. There were millions of elite young people volunteering to go into the war; there were tens of thousands of valiant soldiers and thousands of armed forces heroes; many of them sacrificed their lives for the cause of national liberation. The Army Youth are always proud of their 65-year tradition and the title “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers”. With glorious achievements in the cause of building the Army and safeguarding the Homeland, the Army Youth Union has been awarded the Order of Ho Chi Minh and many other noble rewards.

Over 65 years of building, fighting and maturing, generations of cadres and youth of the Army Youth Union have shoulder to shoulder overcome all difficulties and challenges, fighting against the enemy courageously, together with the whole Party, Army and people making glorious history of the nation.

In the time ahead, the cause of building the Army and protecting the Homeland imposes high requirements for the youth in the Army. Promoting its tradition, the Army Youth Union will continue to step up innovation and encourage voluntarism and creativity, with a focus on the following points:

First, thoroughly grasping resolutions and directives of the Party, the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence, particularly those on the Army Youth work. Adhering to targets and tasks of the Vietnamese revolution and the Army to organize activities, which are relevant to conditions of each unit, for the youths.

Second, strengthening political and ideological education, raising the Army Youth’s awareness of revolutionary targets and ideal of the Party; building up political will, patriotism, love for socialism and pride for glorious tradition of the Party, the Army and the Ho Chi Minh’s Communist Youth Union. Strengthening the faith, improving combat experience, integrated knowledge and expertise for the youth, bringing into play their dynamism, creativity, self-reliance and self-improvement. Making each Army young person an exemplified example in morals, political will, and knowledge, meeting the demands of safeguarding and developing the country in the time of international integration.

Third, the Army Youth must be the vanguard force in the “Determined to Win” Emulation Movement, contributing to successfully fulfil political tasks of the units and the Army. Organizing revolutionary action movements to train the youth in reality, particularly new and difficult tasks. Notably, the Army Youth should be active in studying, training and mastering modern weapons and technical equipment.

Fourth, building politically, ideologically, organizationally and morally strong youth organizations at levels; considering the building of Youth Union as “the building of the Party in advance”. The youth work and movement must be under the absolute and direct leadership of party committees, the direction of political commissars, commissars, commanders at levels, and the guidance of functional organs.

Fifth, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of Army youth activities in collaboration with the local youth organizations in the stationing area; successfully carrying out the work of mass mobilization, focusing on building political establishments, strengthening defence and security, developing economy, culture and society, successfully conducting the function of an “army for work”, making contributions to deepening the bond between troops and the people, and consolidating increasingly stronger “people’s heart and mind” posture.

Promoting the 65-year tradition, the Army Youth will step up innovation,  encourage voluntarism and creativity, successfully fulfil all the assigned tasks to be a loyal, credible political and fighting force of the Party, the State, the Army, and the people, deserving to be “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers”.

Colonel Dinh Quoc Hung

Head of the Army Youth Committee

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