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Z755 Factory – 45 years of foundation and growth

Z755 factory is a defence – security enterprise and a strategic supply unit of the Signal Corps. The factory is tasked with repairing, innovating, modernizing military communication equipment and producing spare parts for other units of the Military, making use of its resources to promote economic production and business to contribute to socio-economic development. Over 45 years of foundation and growth, under the direct leadership and direction of the Party Committee and Command of the Signal Corps, together with the effort of its staff, the factory has always accomplished its assigned tasks. From a small workshop for units in the South, to date, the factory has mastered modern technology and production line of communication equipment, contributing to building the Signal Corps “revolutionary, regular, elite, modern”. Many of its products are strong brand names in the market, serving well both military and civilian purposes. For all of its accomplishment, the factory has been conferred with the First Class Feat of Arms Medal and one Third Class Labour Medal by the State and many other noble prizes.

Synchronizing the equipment on mobile vehicle

To achieve the above results, first and foremost, the factory always grasps and adheres to the viewpoints of the Party on combining closely defence and economy. Besides accomplishing its defence tasks, the factory has taken use all of its resources and focused on its advantage, such as: electronic – communication, mechanic, etc. to participate in socio-economic development. It has always conducted thorough briefing to make its staff fully aware of the Party’s viewpoint on defence and economy combination to create a consensus, promote their creativity and solidarity in production. Basing on long term and annual plans assigned by the Signal Corps, the factory carry out a number of measures synchronously in which it focuses on developing its human resources, renovating equipment and business administration method, promoting its internal strength to gradually master technology, produce new generation signal equipment, meeting the operational requirements of the Military in modern warfare. It has successfully manufactured high-tech spare parts. Promoting its strength in electronic, accurate mechanic and information application, the factory coordinates with the Military Industry and Telecommunications Corporation (Viettel) to manufacture and repair modern military signal equipment, meeting the requirement of modernising the Military Signal branch while enabling it to produce its own spare parts, not to depend on foreign sources and ensure the steadiness, secrecy and safety of communications. In addition, the factory has also deployed its cadres and high-skilled staff to grassroots units in the South, border areas, islands and on sea Scientific-Technological Economic Service Stations (DK1) to conduct on the spot repairing and maintenance to ensure smooth communication in all conditions which was highly appreciated by the units and the Signal Corps.

 Recently, defence products only account for 50% to 60% of the factory’s productivity. Therefore, to ensure job and improve income for its staff and make the most of its material and machinery, it has coordinated with Viettel to make dual use communication products which is of highly defence and economic effectiveness. To survive and develop in the market economy, the factory strengthens research to launch new products to meet customer’s demand. Its products are of high quality, safety, environmentally friendliness, and reasonable price. Thereby, the level and living standards of its staff are enhanced, making them more enthusiastic with the unit.

The survival and development of each enterprise depend largely on the quality of its human resources. This is the foundation for establishing its comparative advantage, especially in the condition of increasingly profound international integration of our market economy. Fully aware of this, the factory has implemented some breakthroughs to build its high-skill human resources. Together with restructuring towards “compact, lean and effective” direction, the factory has actively screened and made plan for training, retraining and developing its human resource to meet both short term and long term requirements. To make the high skilled staffs enthusiastic and committed, besides ideological work, the factory offers preferential remuneration for this staff, including the promotion of young cadres to important positions. To date, it staff has seen comprehensive development with over 61% holding bachelor degrees and above. They are capable of managing and operating modern machinery and mastering new technology. They are also very proactive in technological researching and renovation. For the past 5 years, the factory has conducted about 200 scientific projects in which 20 of them were awarded with the “Creative Youth” prize by the Military and the Corps and widely applied, benefiting the unit tens of billions Vietnamese dong.

Facilitating technological renovation and material modernisation is a measured being paid with much attention by the factory. Together with the investments of upper levels through the projects of “Investing in the repairing and production of new generation information equipment” and “Advanced investment”, the factory has mobilised its own resources to acquire some high-tech equipment, such as: the measuring devices made by American and German firms; the assembling line from Switzerland; environment experimenting equipment from Korea, softwares for designing and modeling, and computer numerical control (CNC) machinery from Europe and Taiwan. Thereby, breakthroughs have been made in the research, repair and production of the factory. A number of high-tech products have been manufactured by the factory. Its facilities have also been upgraded to improve its working environment. In addition, the factory has also promoted cooperation to foster training, scientific research and apply with the Ho Chi Minh Technological University, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education, and other scientific and technological institutions in the area to opportunely grasp and apply technological advances. This has made significant changes in the attitude and responsibility of its staff; raised its productivity and enhanced its research capability.

The factory has also renewed and improved its business administration and management towards professionalism and modernity. To that end, it has developed its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to synchronise its production, material supply, and product quality management by computerised system. Besides seriously adhering to the regulations of the General Department of Technology, the Factory has also applied the ISO9001 quality management systems for over 10 years now. At the same time, it has also focused on designing its marketing strategy, maintaining its traditional customers and actively widening new market. During its business operations, the factory has always paid attention to renewing its business administration, political and ideological education; strengthening management of internal security, military secrets, military disciplining, building corporate culture and labour safety procedures, etc.

In the coming time, the factory will have major and breakthrough changes in its size, structure and managerial mechanism when conducting restructuring. With its activeness, creativity, can-do attitude, ceaseless renewal, and strong determination, the Z755 Factory will try to successfully accomplish its assigned tasks and stay strong in the integration, contributing to building national defence potentials, meeting the requirement of Fatherland construction and protection in the new situation.

Senior Colonel, Master DANG QUANG KHAI, Director of the Factory

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