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Z175 Factory improves effectiveness in defence and economic production

Z175 Factory (also known as 75 Rubber One Member Limited Liability Company) founded on 26th April 1968 under the General Department of Defence Industry, is a Military enterprise specialized in producing high quality rubber products for defence and civilian purposes. Recently, although challenged by limitations in facility, equipment and capital resource, severe competition from international market, and the robust growth of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, its Party Committee and Directing Board have still determined that defence production is of primary importance whilst economic production would be fostered to boost the development of defence potential. With this guideline, it has mapped out suitable measures; promoted its self-reliance and persistence; overcome the challenges; had investments in technology; diversified its product range; sought for new market; enhanced its productivity and business effectiveness to meet the requirements of development. Especially, the factory has actively taken the initiative in developing its human resource as building a staff of managers and engineers with political steadfastness, good expertise and practical experience that are playing the core role in generating new values, contributing to improving its production and business efficiency. Therefore, it not only succeeded in overcoming hardships and challenges but also recorded rather comprehensive growths. Its average annual growth rate always meets and exceeds the target of at least 10%; it always accomplishes its financial duties to the State and the Military; maintains job and improves income for its employees. Recognizing its achievements, on the celebration of its 50th Anniversary (26/4/1968 – 26/4/2018), the State President awarded the Factory with the First Class Labour Medal and in 2019 the Ministry of Defence presented it an Emulation Flag. This result is attributed to the effort of all its cadres, soldiers, employees and at the same time affirming its prestige, status and brandname in domestic and international markets.

Leader of the General Department of Defence Industry checks the product of the Factory

In its roadmap, the Factory is focusing on boosting business and production together with fulfilling its defence mission in the period of integration with a number of following measures:

First, strengthening education to raise awareness and responsibility for its cadres and employees. To make the political and ideological education highly effective, the Factory actively renews its contents and methods with emphasis being placed on the Party viewpoints and guidelines, the State’s laws and policies of the mission of national construction and defence; the orientations in socio-economic development associated with defence, security and diplomacy strengthening in the new situation. On this ground, it gradually concretises these contents into its plans and tasks of production and business in the integration era. The Factory requires each of its staff to heighten their sense of responsibility, strong determination to overcome challenge and hardship to successfully accomplish their assigned tasks. At the same time, it pays attention to improving the living standard of its employees to make them enthusiastic with their work.

Second, actively restructure toward compact, lean and effective direction to successfully realise its production, business and defence tasks sustainably. Persistent with its strategy of considering the rubber technical products as the core, other products as subsidiaries and resolutely not to invest into other sectors, the Factory cut off ineffective investments; held training courses to improve managerial and technical skills for its staff. Moreover, it screened and had structural adjustments; applied the key performance indexes in evaluating the performance of its staff while closely monitoring their discipline observance; actively had new measures for implementing the Kaizen-5S method with the motto of “improvement for development” with a view to raising productivity, manufacturing high quality products with reasonable price to meet customer’s needs. Furthermore, it carried out decentralisation with more self-autonomy being given to junior levels while calling for more innovations and initiatives from their staff to make its production and business more efficient and effective.

Continue to build and perfect its development strategy of exporting technical rubber products and diversifying foreign markets. Its Party Committee and Directing Board led and directed closely its functional bodies to apply new software into the management of production; actively renew their plan making to make it feasible, and have innovations in production to make it scientific, adjustable and flexible; facilitate marketing, boost sales and debt collection; reprice to make its products highly competitive; enhance post-purchase service; regularly have consolidation and enhancement of capability of marketeers; foster promotion on mass media and bring into play the effectiveness of its bilingual Website, etc.

Third, proactive in scientific research and technical support for production. Product quality is crucial for the survival of the Factory hence, its Party Committee and Directing Board has led and directed its labourers to actively participate in research to apply scientific and technological advances in the replacement and upgradation of machinery and lines; innovate some production lines and install new equipment; improve the quality of repairing and maintaining its equipment; exercise strict control of the equipment and energy saving; seriously adhere to safety precautions and environmental protection measures, etc.

To make it effective, the Factory provides sufficiently and opportunely technical documents for production, especially defence production; focuses on innovation to enhance productivity and product quality; proactively renew methods of operation and planning of the Research and Development Department; study the production on the newly bought machinery; standardise the system of production process and documents towards visual direction; enhance the quality of trial production; seriously adhere to the procedure of product acceptance; opportunely settle the emerging issues in production; attach importance to technical initiatives and innovations for the enhancement of productivity, quality product and the development of new products. During production, the Factory seriously observes the regulations on quality management in accordance with the ISO 9001-2015 standard; promote the role of its laboratories; changes the quality managing models on production lines; strengthens control over production process and upholds the responsibility of labourers for the quality of products; continues to hold training courses in quality management and skills for quality control and checking; maintains and enhances the effectiveness of the Kaizen Tool 5S , etc.

In addition, the Factory seriously adheres to financial principles in a democratic, transparent manner and in accordance with the regulations of the Factory’s Party Committee, the Government and the Ministry of National Defence; strengthens checking and exercise strict control over its financial settlement; regularly practices saving and prevents misspending; opportunely adjusts labour norms to make it relevant with reality and offers preferential treatment for its employees.

Integration and development are inevitable requiring that each enterprise choose its own suitable and effective measures. Market is considered a common and equal playground. In this context, the Z175 Factory will continue to work on its development strategy and vision to 2030; promote its core values, grasp the situation and opportunities, turn challenges into opportunities and stay active in integration for development.

Colonel PHAN CHIEN THANG, MA., Director of the Factory

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