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Yen Phong District performs well defence and security education

Not only known as a locality with rich revolutionary tradition and a potential land for socio-economic development, Yen Phong district is also located in a position of strategic importance to Bac Ninh province and Military Region 1 in terms of defence and security. Promoting the tradition and advantages of the locality, over the years, the District has focused on leading and directing to accelerate economic restructuring, expanding industrial zones and clusters, developing handicraft production, services, etc., which has attracted hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises, making it a major industrial hub of the province and the northern region. Together with socio-economic development, the District also attaches great importance to well performing local military and defence work with synchonous and solid measures, in which, improving the quality of defence and security education is one of the key ones for building an increasingly firm all-people’s national defence and people's security, and maintaining political stability, social order and safety, creating favourable conditions for maintaining fast and sustainable economic development. However, during the implementation of this task, it also faces some challenges, namely the fluctuations in demography and social contradictions,  as a result of industrial busy exciting life. This is coupled with the deep impact of the market economy, ... significantly impacting its execution of military and defence tasks in general, and defence and security education work in particular.

To cope with this problem and ensure the right track and increased quality for the work of defence and security education, first of all, the District’s Military Command - the Standing Office of the Council for Defence and Security Education of the district promotes its advisory role for the District Party Committee and People's Committee to lead, direct and directly implement this important work. Thoroughly grasping Directive No. 12-CT/TW, dated May 3, 2007 of the Politburo (10th tenure); Law on Defence and Security Education; Guidance of the Provincial Council for Defence and Security Education, annually, the District’s Military Command actively coordinate with other departments, branches in advising the District’s Party Committee and People's Committee to issue directives, plans, and guidance on the implementation of defence and security education in accordance with local characteristics and situations; direct the Party committees and administrations of communes and towns to consolidate their Councils for Defence and Security Education and the teaching staff of this subject at high schools. In order to make it highly effective, the District directs its agencies, units and localities to proactively identify the cadres and party members in the political system in need of defence and security knowledge, especially the newly appointed ones.

Air-defence training for the militia and self defence forces

In addition, the District promotes the renovation of contents, programmes, forms, and methods of defence and security education. Sticking to the prescribed contents and programmes, over the past time, the District’s Military Command has coordinated with the District Centre for Political Training and other departments, branches and localities to develop training courses for class-4 objects; make thorough preparation in teaching staff, student management, class arrangement, and facilities, etc. in the way that is convenient for learners and suitable for specific conditions. During implementation, the District focuses on researching, compiling and practicing lectures carefully; regularly draws feedbacks from members of the District’s Council for Defence and Security Education and Party Committee’s standing deputies to perfect the contents and methods; focuses on combining the main programme with extracurricular and supplementary activities. Moreover, the District’s Council for Defence and Security Education strengthens checks and inspection, regularly, and promptly corrects limitations and shortcomings to gradually improve the quality of this important work.

It is noteworthy that, basing on regulations on programs and contents of defence and security education, the District’s Council for Defence and Security Education has directed its functional bodies to research related materials to redesign the curriculum and content of education and training to both meet the overall goals and be relevant to the responsibilities and positions of learners so that they can grasp and apply the contents learned into practice easily. Accordingly, besides the basic contents as prescribed, teachers regularly update new developments of the world, region and domestic situations to help learners associate theory with practice, correctly distinguish between partners and adversaries, firmly grasp the state management of defence and security, especially defence foreign policy in the new situation. At the same time, it integrates information about the local traditional military history in the lectures, thereby, arousing learners’ pride in the long-established cultured land, meeting the requirements of building and protecting the Fatherland in the new situation. During implementation, the District flexibly combines traditional teaching methods with interactive teaching ones and online teaching to promote the initiative and creativity of learners, and adapt to the Covid-19 conditions.

In the education of defence and security knowledge for students, the District’s Military Command actively advises and directly ensures all kinds of facilities and materials for teaching and learning of the subject, and directs units and schools to register, manage preserve and use them in accordance with regulations; regularly holds training and refresher courses to unify and strengthen teaching skills in difficult and in-depth issues. As a result, the training and education of defence and security knowledge of the District always reaches 100% of the targets with increasing quality.

In order to mobilise and promote the strength of the entire people in performing this, the district attaches special importance to the propaganda and dissemination of defence and security knowledge to the entire people. Since there are many industrial zones in the district, its people spend most of their time working in factories. Firmly grasping this feature, the District Military Command regularly coordinates with the Propaganda Department, Radio Station, and Public Security to run a special page and column of all-people defence and people's security so as to provide official information about military and defence activities and defence and security knowledge for the people through the broadcasting system at all levels. To make it highly effective, the District requires that those contents be broadcast at appropriate times to cover as many people as possible. At the same time, it directs local Party committees, authorities, departments, branches, Fatherland Front, and mass organisations to thoroughly grasp and promote the role of reporters, propagandists and collaborators in conducting propagation in public socio-political activities that are familiar to the people. Propaganda content focuses on the guidelines, policies and laws on national defence of the Party and State, local defence and military activities, history of resistance wars against foreign invaders of the nation and the locality, the activities of the armed forces in helping the people do business, prevent and combat the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the plots and schemes of subversion of hostile and reactionary forces and political opportunists, etc. Thereby, raising the people's awareness and responsibility in implementing the Party's guidelines and policies, and the State's laws on defence and security, contributing to making the "people's heart and mind posture", the all people’s national defense, and people's security increasingly firm.

With such drastic and synchronous measures, defence and security education of Yen Phong District has obtained positive results, which are highly appreciated by the Councils for Defence and Security Education of the Province and Military Region 1. This is an important premise for the District to continue to promote and improve the quality of this important work, contributing to maintaining political security, social order and safety, and creating favourable conditions for the District’s rapid and sustainable economic, cultural and social development in the coming time.

Colonel TRAN VAN HAI, Commander of the District Military Command, Vice Chairman of the District Council for Defence and Security Education

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