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X20 Joint Stock Company promotes renewal, integration and development

Renewal for integration and development is the common guideline and requirement of every enterprise. Promoting its tradition as a Hero of Labor twice and 60 years of experience, the X20 joint stock company have had breakthrough innovations for its development and integration.

The X20 joint stock company (Gatexco 20) under the General Department of Logistics is a defense economic enterprise which has long operated in the textile industry. From a cut-make-trim factory founded in 1957, X20 has become a large scale textile company. Over the past years, implementing the MOD’s guideline of restructuring and renewing of enterprises, the company has changed its model to a joint stock enterprise and operated in the framework of the Enterprise Law.

Its Party Committee, Board of Directors and Directorate have insisted on the renewal and enhancement of its competitiveness, productivity and business effectiveness. With the motto of “Comprehensive renewal – essential growth – reliable partner – responsible community”, the company has synchronously carried out a number of solutions from restructuring, changing managerial mechanism to strategic planning; in-depth investment for the modernization of facilities; market expanding; brand building, etc. Thanks to the sound orientations, the sound awareness and high responsibility of cadres, staff and laborers; particularly the sensitiveness, proactiveness, creativeness of leaders at all levels, the company has overcome difficulties and challenges and achieved robust and steady development. Its capability, competitiveness, and efficiency have been improved greatly; its production and business activities have seen renewals and increases in scale and areas of operation and approached to modern technology; laborer’s job and income are secured and improved significantly. The Gatexco 20 brand name has been positioned in the domestic and international market. The company is listed among the military enterprises with high growth rate and among the good ones of Vietnam’s textile industry.

Leaders of the company in a meeting with its Korean counterpart

Strengthening the leadership, direction of party committees and leaders at all levels over production and business activities is the primary factor to the development of the company in the market mechanism. Grasping the matter, the company has always attached importance to consolidating and enhancing the leading capacity, combativeness of party committees and organizations, and put all of its production and business activities under the all-round, tight and unified leadership and direction of its Party Committee, Board of Directors, Directorate and party committees and directors of its affiliated factories; thoroughly briefed the Party’s viewpoint on combining defense with economy and economy with defense and other resolutions, directives of upper levels. Over the past years, the company has built and implemented well the Strategy to develop the company in the 2013 – 2015 period with a vision to 2020. Thereby, it has carried out restructurings in managerial staff, production chain, production forces in factories; improved its flexibility and dual-use production to fulfill defense production mission and meet economic orders. It has also been proactive in perfecting its systems of institutions and regulations in order to have a comprehensive renewal in managerial and operational mechanism; closely combine the centralized and unified management of the company with empowerment for affiliated units; associate the responsibility of leaders with the outcome of their business, etc.

Grasping that defense production is the central task and economic production is the important one, the company gives priorities for factories producing military uniforms to meet the requirement of the General Department of Logistics. Besides, it also pays attention to fostering the production of economic goods with exports being the key field. To survive and grow in a market economy, the company holds that it must enhance its competitiveness by labor productivity and product quality on the basis of technology modernization and human resource improvement. Accordingly, it has had in-depth investment modernizing its whole system of machinery. Thanks to facility modernization, the company has acquired BSCI certificate making it easier to access America and EU markets. In the coming time, it will continue to have investments in facility and technology to produce highly distinctive products to meet the high and diverse demand of the market and approach bigger order and more potential partners.

In order to develop and integrate amid the context of severe competition, the company has adopted a number of solutions for enhancing productivity, quality, product competitiveness; promoting brand name, expanding and developing market. Accordingly, it strengthens business administration, particularly financial management, investment management; facilitates the effectiveness of the management information system; implements cost-saving measures; actively make preparations in capital, materials, etc for production. Especially, the company strengthens renewal in production model, changing from CMT to FOB model to increase profit. The company holds that product quality is set as the core value for its credit and brand name, so its technology and products are strictly controlled in all procedures according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. In the near future, ISO 9001:2015, SA800, ISO 1400 quality management systems will be applied in the company. In addition, the company also make considerable investments for trade promotion, trademark advertisement and market expanding. Together with maintaining relations with traditional customers, the company pays attention to seeking new partners and markets. Over the past time, it has positively implemented corporation identify program for Gatexco 20 brand name; marketing search, survey, promotion, post-purchase services, etc by a number of concrete measures.

Promoting its glorious tradition and with its strong will and determination, the virtues and energy of “Uncle Ho soldier” on economic front, X20 Joint Stock Company will continue to strive to successfully accomplish all the assigned tasks and stay firm in its integration and development.

Senior Colonel Pham Van Do

President of the Company’s Board of Directors

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