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Water transportation Brigade 273 implements five contents and standards of “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers” in the new period

Constantly learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics, and manners have always been the criteria, measure, action and working guidelines of the cadres and soldiers at Brigade 273; this is considered the driving force and source of strength for the Unit to overcome difficulties and challenges to meet all task requirements in the new situation.

Water Transportation Brigade 273 (under Military Region 3), which was established on February 27th, 1973 (the precursor of Battalion 273, Regiment 242) is tasked with providing transportation for the armed forces of the Military Region to readily combat on the Northeastern seas and islands of the Fatherland. The Brigade also performs natural disaster prevention, search and rescue and unscheduled tasks under the direction and orders of the Military Region. Over a half-century of building and maturing, after numerous changes of names and organisation of forces, under the direct leadership and direction of the Party Committee and Command of Military Region 3, generations of cadres and soldiers of the Brigade have always stayed united to overcome all difficulties, build a strong unit, and accomplish all assigned tasks. Thanks to outstanding achievements, the Brigade has been awarded multiple medals and noble prizes.

To accomplish all assigned tasks in the new situation, the Brigade’s Party Committee and Command have synchronously implemented multiple guidelines and measures for leadership; in which, learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics, and manners is of paramount importance. The Brigade’s Party Committee has directed its party committees and organisations at all levels to concentrate on the effective implementation of five contents and standards of “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers” in the new period.

First and foremost, concentrating on building political zeal, pure motivation, and high responsibility for cadres and soldiers. This content is of utmost importance in building a strong unit in terms of politics, ideology, and organisation; this is also the top criterion to maintain and bring into play the qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers". Therefore, the Brigade’s Party Committee and Command must direct party committees and commands at all levels to well conduct political and ideological education for soldiers; and make this content a task in the periodical resolution of party committees and organisation and a focus in the working plans of commissars and commanders. At the same time, the Brigade must direct its political agencies to instruct units to stringently implement the Project on “Renewing political education at units in the new period” to ensure comprehensiveness and appropriateness. The focused content is on making cadres and soldiers deeply imbued with Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought, the Party’s guidelines and viewpoints, the State’s policies and laws; heightening awareness of military and defence tasks,... and of objects and partners in the new situation. In the implementation process, units must actively renovate programmes, contents, forms and methods; attach importance to the application of information technology in the compilation, teaching of politics, examination and evaluation of results. Therefore, despite the complicated global, regional, and domestic situation and the sabotage of hostile forces, especially on ideology and culture, cadres and soldiers in the Units always maintain solid political zeal, absolute loyalty to the Party, the Fatherland and the People, and readiness to receive and accomplish all assigned tasks.

Second, building transparent morality and a wholesome lifestyle for cadres and soldiers. Revolutionary ethics stem from learning, working, and training, not just a miracle “from the sky”. This is because according to President Ho Chi Minh, “Revolutionary ethics are not from the sky. It develops and strengthens through daily struggle and practice. Just like the more the pearl is polished the brighter it becomes; the more the gold is trained, the purer it becomes”. Deeply imbued his teachings, party committees and commands at all levels must closely attach the building of firm political zeal, pure motivation, and high responsibility to foster lofty ideology, ethics, and lifestyle; resolutely fight, prevent, detect, and surmount all manifestation of deterioration in political ideology, morality, lifestyle, and wrongdoings that affect the tradition and qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers”. The Brigade’s Party Committee must direct its party committees and cells to commit and set contents and targets for learning and training ethics in conjunction with the stringent implementation of Conclusion No. 01-KL/TW issued on May 18th, 2021 by the Politburo (13th tenure) on continuing to accelerate studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics, and manners; Resolution No. 847-NQ/QUTW issued on December 28th, 2021 by the Central Military Commission on bringing into play the qualities of “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers” and resolve to fight against individualism in the new situation; the Campaign of Promoting tradition, devoting talents to deserve “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers” title in the new period; regulations on the responsibility for modelling of cadres and party members, especially presiding cadres at all levels, etc. The practical measure above has directly contributed to encouraging all cadres and soldiers to heighten self-discipline, moral cultivation, industrious, thrifty, honest, incorruptible, public-minded, and impartial lifestyle, and full compliance with the Party’s Charter, the State's laws, and the Army's discipline.

An exchange on promoting the qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" 

Third, developing culture, scientific knowledge, military expertise, competence, methods and working style to meet all task requirements. Units have encouraged cadres and soldiers to bring into play the spirit of self-reliance, actively study and train, overcome difficulties, and determine to accomplish all assigned tasks. Models such as "Civilised, regular, and safe model ship", "Quality, safe and effective transport ship", "Typical and safe unit in fire prevention", "civilised, safe and efficient port", etc. have highly promoted the responsibility of officers and soldiers in strictly implementing the order and duty regimes. It is necessary to train in accordance with the motto of being “Fundamental, practical, and thorough”, close to the organisation, characteristics, requirements, and tasks of the units; attach importance to synchronous and in-depth training; master allocated ships. Importance should be placed on renewing forms and methods and accelerating the “Self-studying and self-training” movement within cadres and soldiers, especially contingent of cadres at all levels. “Formalism” and “Credit-driven practice” must be resolutely prevented; meanwhile, “Three essences” must be well implemented. Therefore, the annual training results of the Brigade are encouraging; the Brigade participates in contests and competitions held by the Ministry of Defence and Military Region with high achievements. Logistic, technical, and financial work, etc. are creatively and effectively implemented by cadres and soldiers for regular and unscheduled tasks.

Fourth, practising democracy, self-discipline, and strictness. Party committees and commands at all levels must perceive and determine the significance and necessity of the content and criteria; this is also a vital factor that contributes to beautifying the qualities and tradition of “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers” and the building of an all-powerful unit. To achieve high effectiveness, units must strictly grasp and implement Regulation on Grassroots Democracy; maintain the order and democratic dialogue between leaders, unit commanders and soldiers, between superiors and subordinates to promptly resolve all questions and create a democratic and reliable atmosphere and respect each other; promote self-criticism and criticism and strengthen "self-examination and self-correction". Simultaneously, numerous measures must be synchronously and drastically implemented to make a breakthrough in building regularity and managing discipline.The work of dissemination, education, and building of motivation and responsibility for all cadres and soldiers; all of the military men must ensure full appliance with the State’s laws and the Army’s discipline.

It is important to regularly grasp and manage the ideological situation and relationships of military men; detect and promptly handle arising problems; organise political meetings to discuss measures for improving the quality of building regularity and preventing violations of military discipline, state laws, etc. Significance must be put on performing inspection and supervision, promptly commending and rewarding typical collectives and individuals; detecting and preventing disciplinary violations. Thanks to the good implementation of the content and standards, cadres and soldiers have always united in their will and actions, strictly abided by the State’s law, and the Army’s discipline. The unit has stopped violating the law, discipline and traffic safety.

Fifth, taking care of building good internal solidarity; respecting, helping, and sticking with the people. Party committees and commands at all levels have brought into play the roles and responsibilities of organisations and forces; actively built, consolidating, and maintaining unity within cadres and soldiers, especially party committees and commanders at all levels. At the same time, the Brigade must fight against manifestations and behaviours that cause internal disunity. Movements and models such as: donating to support soldiers in difficult circumstances; building "Houses of Comradeship", "Houses of gratitude", "Warm golden pig", "Revolving capital contribution without interest" of the Women's Union, "100-dong house",... have been effectively implemented and practically helped many soldiers overcome difficulties so that they can accomplish their assigned tasks and responsibilities, and contribute to spreading comradeship, and internal solidarity in the unit. “Skillful mass mobilisation” emulation movement has been promoted by the Brigade with various contents and forms through practical actions in movements such as "All people unite to build cultural life", " The Army joins hands to build a new-style rural area", etc., which have contributed to propagating and mobilising the people to successfully implement the Party's guidelines and the State's policies and laws. Annually, cadres and soldiers actively respond and participate in the "Paying debts of gratitude" activity, which portrays the affection, gratitude and, responsibility of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" to revolutionary contributors. At the same time, the Brigade has carried out mass mobilisation, which consolidates building a solid "people's heart and mind" posture and illuminates the image of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers".

The effective implementation of five contents and standards of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" in the new period has made an important contribution so that the Birgade can accomplish all assigned tasks and has been awarded the Third-class Fatherland Defence Order by the State (on December 28th, 2022). This is the motivation for cadres and soldiers of Brigade 273 to continue to strive for the accomplishment of all tasks in the new period.

Senior colonel VU KIM THANG, Commissar of Brigade 273

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