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Upholding the tradition, the 128th Naval Brigade well performs defence and economic tasks

Glorious Tradition

To meet the requirements of the resistance war against the US, on October 12, 1971, the 128th Naval Armed Fishing Team - the forerunner of the 128th Brigade was established. The inception of the brigade contributes to ensuring the Navy’s successful accomplishment of the task of managing and protecting the country’s sovereignty over the sea and islands, and economic development. Deeply aware of the position and importance of the mission, the ships of the brigade were brave, clever, and tenacious in both producing and fighting against enemy aircraft, ships, and torpedo; transporting thousands of tons of weapons and goods to support the southern battlefield. Many officers and soldiers of the brigade have heroically sacrificed themselves while on duty, contributing together with the forces of the Navy, the Army and the people of the whole country to protect and build the North and liberate the South. Now, Brigade 128 is a defence - security enterprise, one member limited liability company, under the Saigon Newport Corporation. After 50 years of fighting, building and development, the Brigade was awarded by the State: the Fatherland Protection Medals, first and second class; 03 Third-class Victory Medals. For many years in a row, the Brigade was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Defence, the Emulation Flag and the title of "The most outstanding typical unit serving the sea and islands" by the Navy, etc.

The late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong visited the Brigade in 1971

Steady offshore

The Party Committee and Command of the Brigade identified its defence tasks as central, fundamental and permanent ones. In early 1988, the situation of foreign disputes over sea sovereignty, especially the Truong Sa Islands, became increasingly complicated and tense. Performing its task, the HQ701 ship was clever, brave, and resolutely rushed onto the reef, creating a "living milestone" affirming Vietnam's sovereignty over Da Lon island, and was awarded the Third-class Victory Medal by the State. In particular, in 2014, when China’s oil rig violated Vietnam's exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, the Brigade’s ships were alert, clever, regardless of difficulties and dangers, persisted in fighting, and were ready to sacrifice to protect the country’s sovereignty of sea and islands, together with our law enforcement force excellently complete the task, not to let them conduct exploration and installation of the rig. The ships of the Brigade are always present on the assigned areas to get ready for combat and grasp the situation in order to early detect actions and tricks of foreign ships and aircraft, not to be passive or surprised.

Over the past years, the Party Committee and command of the Brigade have thoroughly grasped the Party's guidelines and views, stood side by side, accompanied, and coordinated with local authorities of Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, and Ha Tinh, ... and acted as a fulcrum for fishermen to go offshore fishing; strengthened propaganda to make cadres, party members and people, especially the young generation in the area, clearly aware of the role, importance and responsibility to protect sovereignty over sea and islands. With great affection and responsibility, the Brigade has carried out many practical activities, such as: donating life jackets, medical kits, national flags, etc.; search and rescue in time, despite danger and hardship; putting the safety of life and property of fishermen first and foremost, thereby shining the image of "Uncle Ho's soldier - Navy soldier".

Sustainable development, confident integration

With the policy of developing in-depth production and business, attaching importance to both economic and defence efficiency, the Brigade has assigned autonomy to each of its member units; promoted development and expansion of production and business activities in the direction of: diversification of industries and products, focusing on industries with competitive advantages and high economic efficiency. To meet production and business requirements in new conditions, the Brigade actively invests, repairs and upgrades factories, procures and renovates equipment. Moreover, it focuses on building high-quality, professional human resources to meet the requirements and tasks of economy - defence in the new situation; proactively and comprehensively integrates into production and business activities of Saigon Newport Corporation, strictly abides by State law, Army discipline, and regulations of the Navy.

In the coming time, besides the opportunities and advantages, the Brigade will also face challenges and difficulties, including the complicated developments in the sea and islands in the area of operation and new and higher requirements on national defence and defence tasks, and fierce competition in the market economy. In order for the Unit to continue to develop quickly and sustainably, meeting the requirements of integration, the Party Committee and Command of the Brigade focus on leading and directing the implementation of a number of key contents as follows:

Firstly, always thoroughly grasp the Party's viewpoint on combining defence with economy, economy with defence. On that basis, strengthen leadership and direction to complete tasks well; put all production and business activities under the comprehensive, close and unified leadership and direction of the Party Committee and Command of the Brigade, ensuring this task develop in the right direction under the market mechanism. Focus on building an all-strong, "exemplary and typical" unit in association with building clean and strong party organisations.

Discussing business plan in a democratic manner

Second, focus on building a neat, compact and strong Brigade; constantly improve its overall quality and combat readiness. The Party Committee and Command of the Brigade regularly lead and direct the consolidation of its structural organisation; attach importance to political education, ideological leadership, thoroughly grasp the task of protecting sovereignty over sea and islands; awareness of partners, adversary, plots and tricks of "peaceful evolution" of hostile forces for soldiers and workers. To associate political education with training in qualities, ethics and lifestyle in order to raise awareness, build political bravery, and the willingness to accept and complete all tasks well for all subjects. The agencies and units conduct training following the motto of: "basic, practical, solid"; attach importance to synchronous and intensive training; take the task of protecting the sovereignty of the sea, islands and continental shelf of the country, and building a "revolutionary, regular, elite, modern" Navy, building a "revolutionary, regular, modern, civilised" Saigon Military Port as training targets; focusing on “basic training, and mastery of weaponry, technical equipment, and safety practice”.

Third, regularly take care of training and fostering to build high-quality and professional human resources. The Brigade continues to do well in planning, training, fostering and employing a contingent of high-skill technical officers and staff to meet the requirements and tasks of both national defence and economic development. Actively foster and improve management and administration capacity, and update advanced and modern management skills for leading and managerial staff, etc. Conduct on-the-job training and intensive training for the capable engineers and technical staff in order to build a team of professional technical cadres and staff.

Fourth, continue to promote investment to modernise technological and technical equipment. The Brigade continues to mobilise different resources to invest in modern infrastructure to meet customers' needs and international standards. During investment process, importance is attached to ensuring the highest efficiency. At the same time, focus on promoting emulation movements to promote innovations and technical improvements in the unit; uphold the sense of thrift, protecting public property, and responsibility for all members in exploiting and using technical equipment.

Fifth, proactively restructure its organisation, elaborate an appropriate development strategy. Continue to implement the Restructuring Project, Development Strategy for the period of 2020 - 2025, the Brigade strengthens its entire management, administration and administration apparatus in line with the streamlined, lean and effective business model. In each period, it determines a production and business plan in line with the socio-economic development strategy and meets the defence and security objectives; promote international integration, actively seek new markets.

The road ahead is not less difficult, but with its will, determination, wisdom, bravery and tradition, 50 years of experience in construction and development, the 128th Brigade will continue to promote the tradition of "Unity, creative; overcome difficulties; good production, good management", striving to successfully complete all assigned tasks, contributing to realising the goal of "Vietnam becomes a strong maritime nation, with sustainable development, prosperity, security and safety".

Senior Colonel NGUYEN HAI AN, Brigade Leader

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