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To make our Party forever live with the nation

III. Our determination and actions

Reality has affirmed that the correct leadership of the Party is the decisive factor for all the victories of the Vietnamese revolution. Therefore, in order to successfully realise the cause of industrialisation, modernisation, and Fatherland construction and protection, it is necessary to strengthen the Party's leadership. In particular, in the context of the international and domestic situations are seeing both advantages, difficulties, opportunities and challenges, many new and complicated issues emerge, requiring the sound settlement of the Party.  Party building work in recent years has achieved important results in political, ideological, organizational and ethical fields; the Party's leadership methods have been innovative and effective; inspection, supervision, and discipline of the Party have been enhanced, etc. However, there are still limitations and shortcomings, making our Party not really clean and strong, reducing trust, creating confusion and concerns of cadres, party members, and the people towards the Party, the State and the regime. Therefore, in the coming time, our Party has no choice but to continue to promote building and rectifying the Party comprehensively in all aspects with the spirit of being more active, determined; considering this as a key task, a vital issue for our Party and our regime. In particular, to focus on well implementing some of the following main solutions.

1. Continuing to grasp and effectively implement resolutions, directives and decisions on Party building work

In his Testament, President Ho Chi Minh reminded our entire Party, people and Army that: “To keep our Party clean, worthy of being a leader and a loyal servant of the people”. Deeply imbued with his thoughts and soon recognised the dangers that undermine the revolutionary nature, the people's confidence in the Party, the Central Committee, the Politburo, and the Secretariat have issued many directives and resolutions on building and regulating the Party. That is the crystallisation of collective intelligence, demonstrating our Party's strong political determination in building a clean, strong Party that can lead the country’s development. Therefore, the party committees and party organizations at all levels must always thoroughly grasp, organize the serious, synchronous and effective implementation of the directives, resolutions and guidelines on this key and particularly important work. Focus is on Central Resolution 4 (12th tenure) on Party building and rectification. At the same time, organising extensive political activities at all levels of Party committees and party organisations, in which, focusing on promoting the exemplary role of presiding cadres at all levels.

2. Well performing the cadre work, build a contingent of qualified and capable cadres and party members

Over the past years, our Party has had many guidelines and solutions on cadres work which have been institutionalised, concretised by regulations, procedure, ensuring democracy and seriousness to select those who have strong political steadfastness, good qualities and ethics, dynamism, can-do attitude for leading positions. However, in the implementation process, there are still shortcomings that need to be corrected. To overcome this situation, first of all, it is necessary to continue to supplement and perfect the mechanism for power control in personnel work. Party committees and organisations at all levels must grasp the situation, promptly adopt effective solutions to control power, “put the power under the control of mechanisms and laws”, ensuring that all power must be controlled by mechanism; power must be associated with responsibility. Practice good institutional control combined with ethical control; promoting democracy and transparency, and strictly compliance with regulations in cadre work. At the same time, strengthening the inspection and supervision over cadre work, resolutely handling violations without "restricted area". The party committee and the heads of agencies and units must strengthen the inspection and supervision over the cadre work under their authority. The Vietnam Fatherland Front and socio-political organisations need to raise their responsibilities and exercise the right to social supervision and criticism. In particular, it is necessary to have a mechanism for the people to participate in the supervision, criticism and comments on building the political system at all levels, especially in personnel work.

Together with strengthening the work of education, management, training, inspection, monitoring, evaluation of cadres of the Party committees and organisations, each cadres, party members and civil servants must regularly cultivate their quality and morality, promote exemplary role, avoid material temptation, power ambitions, well implement the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh: “Revolutionary morality does not come naturally. It is developed through daily struggle and training”.

3. Strengthening the close relations with the people, adopt appropriate mechanisms to promote the role of the people in the work of Party building

Maintaining a close relationship between the Party and the people is a principle in Party building. This is also the main source of strength of the Party and the nation, one of the important conditions for the Party to maintain its leadership legitimacy. The 90-year history of the Party’s leadership over Vietnamese revolution has proven this. Currently, there have been many negative factors undermining the relationship between the Party and the people, especially the deterioration in political ideology, morality, lifestyle, bureaucratic expression, and authoritarianism, etc., which have reduced the people's trust in the Party. Therefore, more than ever, it is necessary to attach importance to building and strengthening the relationship between the Party and the people. First of all, it is necessary to rely on the people and promote the role of the people in building the political system, especially the party building work. In fact, many cases of corruption, negative actions and mistakes of officials have been discovered by the people. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on the people and promote the role of the people in all activities of the party committee and authorities, especially in the Party building work. Perception that: Party building is the internal work of the Party, directly of the party organisations, party members, not the masses is a false perception and a myopic. With limited thinking and vision, they do not see the role of the masses in this important work. However, just relying on the people is not enough. There must be a good mechanism to make it effective. Many people have information and are able to contribute to the Party building work, but they have no way to do it or for some reason they cannot participate. Therefore, it is necessary to create conditions for them to participate, or in other words, to have appropriate mechanisms to encourage and motivate people to participate. Together with the mechanism, it is necessary to continue to well implement the “Grassroots Democracy Regulation”. In particular, it is necessary to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement Decision No. 217-QĐ/TW, dated December 12, 2013 of the Party Central Committee on the Regulation on social supervision and criticism of the Fatherland Front and socio-political organisations; Decision No. 218-QĐ/TW, dated December 12, 2013 of the Politburo on regulations on the Vietnam Fatherland Front, socio-political organisations and the people contributing to the Party building, building government. At the same time, to perfect the mechanism, regulations and seriously and effectively exercise self-criticism, criticism, Q&A sessions in the meetings of the Party Central Committee, Party committees, and standing committees at all levels and promote the role of the people in Party building. In addition, the party committees, party organisations, and authorities need to strengthen the public mobilisation and promote the supervisory role of the Fatherland Front, socio-political organisations, the people, the press, and public opinion. Develop and implement regulations on collecting opinions to assess the satisfaction of people with agencies, officials and civil servants, and there should be treatment for organisations and individuals with low satisfaction index.

4. Resolutely fighting to defeat the “peaceful evolution” strategy of hostile forces together with strengthening the prevention of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation”

“Peaceful evolution” and “self-evolution”, “self-transformation” are closely linked and inseparable with each other. In particular, promoting “self-development”, “self-transformation” is both a trick and the goal of the “Peaceful evolution” strategy that hostile forces are facilitating in our country. Therefore, the struggle to defeat all “peaceful evolution” conspiracies and tricks associated with preventing and repelling the deterioration of political ideology, morality, lifestyle, internal “transformation” is not only a frequent and urgent task, but also a long-term strategic solution to the revolutionary cause in general and Party building in particular. Accordingly, the party committees and party organizations at all levels must constantly raise awareness, and fight against the conspiracies of “peaceful evolution”, “self-development”, “self-transformation” in a regular, continuous, proactive and drastic manner to expose the tricks and tactics of hostile forces, and orient awareness, thought, and right action for cadres and party members and the people. Especially, in the current context of deep international integration, it is necessary to deeply grasp the Party's views on partners and objects, especially its intertwined and complex nature to have proper understanding, ensuring both cooperation and fighting in the most effective way.

Besides, regularly improve the leadership and fighting capacity of the Party committees and party organisations; promote the role of socio-political unions and the masses; step up fighting activities of all forces by many creative and effective methods, creating synergy to destroy the conspiracy and destructive actions of hostile and reactionary forces, political opportunists.

The inception of the Communist Party of Vietnam is an objective inevitability associated with the historical mission of the Vietnamese people. This has been affirmed in the cause of national liberation in the past, as well as in the current national renewal, construction and defence. Success of the renovation in general, the Party building in particular is what we always aim for. Although it is not easy to achieve that goal, with our pride in the nation and the glorious Party, strong determination, unified will and action of the entire Party, people and Army, we believe that our Party will successfully fulfill its lofty mission, firmly building and defending the country, successfully realising the goal of “rich people, strong, democratic, equal and civilised country”, steadfastly stepping up to socialism./.


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