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Tien Giang provincial Military Party Committee accelerates Party building in light of PCC’s 4th Resolution

Recognizing the need of Party renewal and rectification in the spirit of the 4th Resolution of the Party Central Committee (12th tenure), the Military Party Committee and the Military Command of Tien Giang province determine that this is a sweeping political drive with practical meaning for the quality of the party organizations and, cadres, and party members. They, therefore, have led and guided the work seriously, effectively, and effectively. First and foremost, the provincial Military Party Committee has well organized the learning and grasping of the objectives, views, tasks, solutions, and manifestations of degradation of political thought, ethics, and lifestyle as well "self-evolving" and "self-transformation" as specified in the Resolution. Thereby, high unity has been created in terms of awareness and responsibility in the implementation of party organizations and committees at all levels. At the same time, plans and guidelines for implementation have also been developed closely and synchronously. The Military Party Committee has requested its subordinate party organizations to uphold their sense of responsibility and well prepare for review, self-criticism, and criticism, especially the review report of the party committees and that of each of committee members. Review reports and explanation reports must be based on comments of organizations and individuals. Concurrently, the advisory role of functional agencies has been promoted to assist the provincial Military Party Committee and the Military Command during implementation, meeting the set-out targets and requirements.

After review, self-criticism and criticism, by comparing with the Resolution’s requirements, the Military Party Committee found that, besides the strengths, the work of party building still has limitations to overcome, namely: the insufficient leadership of party committees and cells; inadequate leading capacity, and irresponsibility of a number of committee members in charge; low morale in self-criticism and criticism; inactive and ineffective management of  the thoughts of cadres and party members, especially their social relations. The implementation of the principles of democratic centralism, collective leadership - personal accountability, self-criticism and criticism is sometimes overlooked by a number of party committees and party organizations. Moreover, the inspection and supervision are not conducted frequently. In order to overcome this situation, the Provincial Military Party Committee has developed a plan to correct the shortcomings and proposed concrete measures to improve the quality of party organizations, cadres, and party members. In particular, the following contents have been focused.

Firstly, attention has been paid to leading and directing the improvement of quality of ideological work for cadres and party members, particularly the leading cadres at all levels. Overcoming the degradation in political thoughts, ethics, and lifestyle of cadres and party members and manifestations of "self-evolving" and "self-evolving" is urgent and should be seriously led and directed. In order to do that, the Provincial Military Party Committee has identified that the top priority should be given to improving the quality of education of politics, ideology, law, disciplines, ethics, and lifestyles. Among which, focus has been placed on strictly implementing the basic political education program as prescribed for the subjects and observing the Rules of prohibited deeds for party members. At the same time, implementation of the Resolution of the 4th Plenum Resolution of the Central Party Committee (12th tenure) has been combined with the promotion of studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, ethics, and style in accordance with the Politburo’s Directive No.05-CT/TW, the movement of “Promoting tradition, dedicating talents to be worthy of Uncle Ho’s Soldiers", and the criteria for building up clean and strong party organizations. The efficiency of the Emulation Movement has been improved to discover, build, and multiply typical examples to create a strong spillover effect and attract all cadres, party members, and the masses to study and follow. Moreover, it has actively fought against degradation in beliefs, fading ideals, opportunism, pragmatism, ambiguity, loss of vigilance, and corruption of ethics and lifestyle and resolutely fight against "peaceful evolution", "self-evolution", and "self-transformation" to prevent hostile forces from internal distortion and separation .

Secondly, building and training party committee members and party cell secretaries with suitable quality and capacity corresponding to the task’s requirements. In the training process, the Provincial Military Party Committee has closely combined several measures, especially those related to the Party building and cadre and party member training. Promoting the activeness in self-learning and self-improvement of each individual has been combined with raising the quality and efficiency of education and management. In order to build up a contingent of red and expert officers, the Provincial Military Party Committee has instructed the Party committees at all levels to strictly implement the process of selection, promotion, and appointment of cadres in the direction of expanding democracy and promoting activeness from the grassroots while promoting the advisory role of the functional agencies to create a firm development of cadres and ensure the continuity and continuous development. Ineffective staff who fail to complete their assigned tasks or those who are incompetent, poor in virtue, or have low credibility have been resolutely screened, dismissed, and replaced regardless of term of office or working age .

Thirdly, paying attention to improving the quality of party cell meetings with breakthrough into renewing the process of resolution development and implementation; combining democracy promotion with self-criticism and criticism. The Provincial Military Party Committee has directed the Party committees at all levels to attach special importance to the renewal of the leadership method in the spirit of the 6th Plenum Resolution of Party Central Committee (10th tenure) and the Directive No.10-CT/TW issued the Party Secretariat (11th tenure) on "Improving the Quality of Party cell meeting" and the Resolution No.395-NQ/ĐU issued by the Standing Commission of Party Committee of the 9th Military Region on "Improving the leadership capacity and fighting power of party organizations and the quality of cadres and party members of the Region’s Party Committee in the new period”. At the same time, it has adhered to the functions, tasks, and regulations as promulgated and strictly observed Regulation No.104-QĐ/QU issued by the Central Military Commission on "Fundamentals of implementing the principle of democratic centralism of party organizations in the Vietnam People's Army" and the Guideline No.497/HD-CT issued by the General Political Department on "Contents of Party meetings in the Military Party Committee". The Party committees at all levels have reviewed, supplemented, and strictly implemented the working and leadership regulations on key tasks, renovated working methods and style, seriously maintained high quality of meeting regimes, improved the quality of leadership resolutions, and organized  implementation of resolutions and self-criticism and criticism activities as well as strictly complied with the principles of democratic centralism. Through self-criticism and criticism, inappropriate manifestations of violation of the Party and Army disciplines, and State law have promptly been detected, prevented, and corrected, especially those of ideological, political, ethical, and lifestyle recession, internal "self-evolution" and "self-transformation".

Finally, improving the quality of inspection and supervision of the party committees and party cells. The Party Committee has requested the party committees at all levels to strengthen the leadership and direction, put the inspection and supervision work into regular tasks in the activities of the party committees and organizations. At the same time, it has taken initiative in adjusting and supplementing inspection and supervision programs and plans with importance attached to the inspection and supervision of the correction of shortcomings and weaknesses pointed out through self-criticism and criticism in accordance with  the 4th  Plenum Resolution of  the Party Central Committee (12th tenure), especially that of ideological, political, ethical, and lifestyle recession among cadres and party members on the basis of adhering to the principle of democratic centralism and Rules of prohibited deeds for party members. The Party discipline has been maintained, and the work of inspecting, examining, considering, concluding, and definitely handling disciplinary breaches, outstanding and incurred complaints, especially serious, complicated, prolonged cases causing troubles in agencies and units has been implemented.

Promoting the achievements, in the coming time, Tien Giang provincial Military Party Committee will continue to lead the Party building work in accordance with 4th  Plenum Resolution of  the Party Central Committee (12th tenure) with high political responsibility and determination. This will be  the basis for building the strong provincial Military Party Committee in terms of politics, ideology, organization, and ethics to lead the armed forces of the province to successfully accomplish military and defense tasks in the area.

Senior Colonel Cao Van Mia, member of the Provincial Party Committee, Political Commissar of the Provincial Military Command

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