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Three breakthroughs in building an all strong unit at the Artillery Brigade 204

The Artillery Brigade 204 (under the Artillery Corps) is a strategic substitution rocket artillery unit of the Ministry of National Defence being tasked with training, maintaining combat readiness and other ad hoc duties. During its task performance, besides advantages, the brigade faces a number of difficulties due to the large number and diversity of its materiel, and the high intensity and requirements of training, etc., while the level, capability and practical experience of its staff are, to some extend, inadequate. This has badly affected the result of its task performance.

Facing the situation, the brigade has been implementing “Three breakthroughs” in a drastic manner to build the unit all strong and improve its overall quality, combat strength, meeting the requirements of building the Corps and Fatherland protection in the new situation.

A live-firing drill of the brigade

First, the brigade focuses on improving the leadership capability, combat strength of party organisations at all levels. Its party committee has implemented a number of measures to facilitate the building of strong and pure party organisations associated with the building of all strong units. Emphasis has been placed on the improvement of leadership capability of party committees, party cells; strengthening the management and training of its cadres and party members. The brigade’s party committee has screened and supplemented working and leading regulations for party committees; insisted on the measures for overcoming the shortcomings; strengthened the renewal of procedure and enhanced the ability to grasp and implement the resolutions at all levels. In addition, the brigade has also paid attention to nurturing the contingent of cadres and party members, especially members of party committees, commandants, political commissars to make them truly become nuclei of leadership and solidarity in their units; actively grasped and controlled troop’s thinking to prevent the signs of degradation in political ideology, morality and lifestyle of cadres, party members, and “self-evolution”, “self-transformation” in the units and party. In 2019, the brigade’s party committee conducted the checking of 1 party organisation, supervision of 1 party organisation; the inspectorate of the brigade’s party committee supervised 2 party organisations and 4 presiding cadres; the subsidiary party committees conducted checking of 4 party cells and 9 members of party committees; supervised 4 party cells and 8 presiding cadres. As a result, malpractices have been opportunely detected and corrected. 100% of the party organisations were rated as successful task accomplishment. The brigade’s party committee was rated as a distinguished one in 2019 by the Corps’ Party Committee.

Second, strengthening breakthrough in training. Grasping and implementing the Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission, and the Resolution  No. 395-NQ/ĐU of the Corps’ Party Committee on “Enhancing the training quality in the 2013 – 2020 period and beyond”, the Order on military and defence work of the Chief of General Staff, the Order on combat training of the Commander of the Corps, and other instructions of superior organs, the brigade’s party committee and commandants have decreed the breakthrough in training for the year of 2019 as: “Fundamental training, mastering the materiel, especially modern one; attaching importance to training in accordance with plans, area of operation, adversary; considering tactical training as the centre, technical training as the basis and personnel training as the key”. Implementing this breakthrough, the brigade has focused on enhancing the efficacy and effectiveness of leadership and direction of party committees and commandants at all levels over the task of training; renewing the managerial and operational regimes for training; and carrying out decentralisation in training.

To make it highly effective, the brigade directed its junior organs and units to seriously adhere to the approved training plans; maintain regularity and regimes through lesson plans; combine closely training with combat readiness. At the same time, it has fostered renewals in the organisation and method of training to make it relevant to each level, major, and content toward to practical and effective direction. Besides, it has also strengthened checking, revision in training; regularly held contests and festivals at different levels. As a result, the brigade’s level of training and combat readiness has seen significant progress. Its troops have mastered their tactics, technique, and materiel. Their mobility and combat readiness have been improved to a high level. In 2019, 4 of its companies and 1 battalion were rated as “Excellent training unit” and the brigade itself was awarded with the “Excellent training unit” Flag by the Ministry of National Defence.

Third, strengthening management and training of disciplines and the building of regularity to make solid changes in the observance of disciplines and laws. Implementing this breakthrough, the brigade focus on education to raise the awareness and responsibility of cadres for building regularity, discipline training. Its units have strengthened political education and ideological management to avoid unexpected issues. At the same time, they have informed their troops about directives and instructions of upper levels and internal regulations to make uniformity in the awareness and observance of the disciplines. Besides, the brigade has also compiled and circulated contents of traffic culture, the Penal Code, regulations of law observance, etc. Thereby, its cadres and troops have been equipped with necessary legal knowledge, contributing to preventing possible violations. In addition, the brigade has directed its organs and units to grasp the conditions and social relations of their officers and troops, especially the new recruits and those of miserable conditions.

Notably, facing the rising trend of breaches, the brigade’s party committee has issued a specialised resolution on leading the task of building regularity and discipline training throughout the units. In particular, it has required its cadres to be truly exemplary and pioneering in the training of morality, lifestyle and observance of State’s laws, Military’s disciplines; regularly coordinated with local party committee and authority and troop’s families to enhance the management and education of troops.

Moreover, the brigade has proactively promoted its internal strength to improve troops’ living standard. Annually, it spends hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong to renovate its campus to build a bright, green, clean and scenic environment. In 2019, there was no serious case of violation. Common breaches decreased to below 0.2%. The brigade was awarded with the Emulation flag of the Government.

With effort and strong determination and practical measures in the implementation of the three breakthroughs, the Artillery Brigade 204 has made positive achievements in the building of an all strong unit, hence enhancing its aggregated strength, and making solid basis for the successful accomplishment its assigned tasks.

Colonel Nguyen Dinh Du, Commander of the brigade

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